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Reviving Netherfall (Inactive)

Game Master Herkymr the Silly

Ashfall occurred 100 years ago when a volcano erupted from the middle of the . The resulting steam and ashfall caused the sun to be "washed out" for 75 years.

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I am going to run a pbp.

I am not an inexperienced DM. I have DM'd for many years now with many systems from shadow run to earthdawn to D&D 3.) & 3.5 and now pathfinder.I am flexible and work with my players to achieve what they and I want in a satisfying gameplay situation. I also am a writer and an avid reader myself thus have a understanding of story elements and story telling.
I also have played for years and am currentl playing 2 play by posts under the alias' Tamimay M'oskyto and Tobiaal Ald Kheled'Askech. I would encourage you to look at my playing as well.

I will post minimum of 1 a week sometimes more than that. I will require that those chosen to play commit to posting once a week.
Looking for between 4 and 8 players with 6 optimal.
I will be creating maps using Dundjnni program (just for your info)

Recruitment will be open until Sept 7th Pacific time. I will have those playing posted by Sept 14th

I do have a new kid coming in the end of Sept so expect a brief break (probably 1 week) during that adjustment period.


Character Creation:

  • Paizo pathfinder books are the only source material we will be using.
  • 20 point buy
  • base races-featured races-and uncommon races from hero lab all approved no advanced races creations allowed yet
  • All dice will be done on on line. This includes Hit dice.
  • First dice is maxed for hp all others rolled. Dice are fickle so I will not be doing re-rolls or adjustments, what you roll is what you get.
  • Starting gold will be 1200. No poisons unless preapproved,no magic items other than potions. Potions cost 25 gp more per level than listed price (level 1 potion would be 75 gp, level 2 would be 325 etc.
  • NO evil alignments

World Facts:

  • Society creates good or evil not race. Some races tend towards more evil societies but no race IS evil in and of itself. This refers to all races not classified as devil (or the like) or angel( or the like0
  • Civilization and settlements are few and far apart.
  • World was devastated by mage wars several centuries ago and is now just recovering. Magic is not so common and those who use it are treated with caution or mistrust.
  • There is only one God but different races worship and interpret this God in different ways.
  • Firearms are common place but their are no advanced firearms.
  • [b]This is a living world...meaning you may stomp somethings and others may stomp you. It is up to you to decide your best options.I will not intentionally kill a character or intentionally save one.

Is it me, or is the "World Facts"-Spoiler maybe empty? I am not able to open it.

Nevertheless your guidelines sound reasonable and one post a week seems pretty easy to handle.

If you tell something of the world, I´d like to create a basic character concept for it. Maybe a bard or a ranger. Would a paladin also be okay?

Well, I can open it. Here is what is listed:

World Facts:

•Society creates good or evil not race. Some races tend towards more evil societies but no race IS evil in and of itself. This refers to all races not classified as devil (or the like) or angel( or the like0
•Civilization and settlements are few and far apart.
•World was devastated by mage wars several centuries ago and is now just recovering. Magic is not so common and those who use it are treated with caution or mistrust.
•There is only one God but different races worship and interpret this God in different ways.
•Firearms are common place but their are no advanced firearms.
•This is a living world...meaning you may stomp somethings and others may stomp you. It is up to you to decide your best options.I will not intentionally kill a character or intentionally save one.

And for that matter, I am interested...

Here is Ghorum Kraak, a dwarf ranger (guide). He is a bit older, approaching middle age, drifting from region to region. He will typically hire himself out as a guide once he gets to know a region well enough. A skilled fighter, his prized possession is his clans Waraxe, aptly named Barathaz Burk, which translates to "Bloody Axe".

Having seen plenty of bloodshed in his years, he has become somewhat jaded to violence, even to the point that he does not fear his own death. Not suicidal by any means, he may still charge in to battle, though it depends on if he had enough sleep the night before.

The Exchange

Could you explain what you mean by "all dice will be done online"?

I'd be interested in a PbP campaign. I can post frequently on weekdays but will be less available on weekends depending on internet access. I've never done a PbP, and haven't even played that much Pathfinder, but I have a good feel for most of the rules.

I'd like to submit a whip-master half-elf fighter for consideration. I'll stat him up & backstory him if I get the green light.

I haven't done an online campaign but I'd post frequently. Since it looks like everyone is leaning fighter I think I'd go cleric. Been a while since I've played a cleric.

Also excited to see a whip-master in action, one of those things I've always glanced at but have never tried.

So far it looks like a good group.

all dice will be done online meaning we will use the dice roller that is in the posts here.

whip fighter sounds fun -- I just built one to see what it would be like. I dual classed him as barbarian and fighter

cleric is cool --what aspect of the God?

Paladins are fine. You may even do a lawful neutral if you have a strong code of ethics.

BTW I can't open my own world facts but when i edit it, its all there :)

One more point of interest
A natural 20 doesn't mean automatic success neither does a natural one mean immediate failure. They mean that you get to add 10 or subtract 10 from the total. This allows for skill training to actually mean something instead of just luck.
However with that said...a natural 1 does mean something not expected and usually detrimental to the team happens. IE: i get to have fun and be mischievous!!!!

I will reward skill points,extra traits, and or an item or feat based on background. IE the dwarf talked about having the clan war axe so that might be an item he would receive free. and other things like that for the different characters according to the story background.

A side note...I have a somewhat selfish reason as well for running this...I am collectively picking your brains for my personal story writing.

I will have more up on the world later. I have already had the basics of this one written up and designed for quiet some time.

I have a few things in mind for the aspect of a god I worship. I'm going to toss a few out there and see what sticks. Let me know if they work with the world or not.

The Order of the Tower: Tower clerics believe that the mage wars were a sign of an even greater devastation, magic representing a mortal arrogance that will inevitably be punished. They believe that some day God will unleash a holy cleansing upon the world and only righteous will be spared. Priests of the Tower channel elements of this cleansing by means of the Destruction domain, imparting a small bit of what is to come upon the unholy. They also make use of the Protection domain, representing the tower where the worthy will be spared. Other domains include Law, Fire perhaps.

The idea that 'God' is everywhere: Instead of a personification of God, this cleric would go under the assumption that everything has a divine spark. There may be a larger divine spark that acts as a God, but every living creature has the potential channel their own divine energy, and thus are responsible for the reformation of society on an injured earth. This is view is unpopular at best and heresy at it's worst. Clerics of this notion tend to have their own word for it, and are usually chaotic. Domains that come to mind are Liberation, Chaos, Luck, perhaps others.

Church Mode: I wouldn't mind playing a pretty standard goodly priest either. With all the options of cleric I don't see a lot of "God is good and so am I" clerics running around. Clerics like this could strive for an ideal, maybe take the Law and Good domains and roll with it.

Also how would you like to do my deitys weapon? Base it off of the order?

Ghorum, I hope you don't mind but I pretty much stole your formatting to make my character easier to read alongside yours. And because it was very thorough. Etc.

For Herkymr, I present to you Jim Seeker, treasure hunter. I included a prelude to my intent to multiclass into a gunslinger as well. Have a looksy, and if you should deem his story worthy of a bonus feat/trait/item, here is my wish list:
Weapon Focus (whip) OR Whip Mastery (making my whipping much more viable)
Arcane talent (seems suitable for a half-elf who roams mysterious haunted jungle ruins)
Quick Draw (seems appropriate for an adventurer used to having trouble pop out of nowhere)
Dodge, or any traits with bonuses to initiative, reflex saves, acrobatics, or even dodge-based AC would also seem appropriate.

Im in sounds fun

I like what I am seeing. And GM get a concept together...I have actually been following some of your "the drow" it has been well done. I think the intrigue elements will appear in some degree in our game. I am excited to have you if your story works out

Jim looks good so far.

Cockroach :) I think any of them will work wonderfully. You may need a bit of tailoring to the specific world but that is easy to do with the concepts you have proposed. I like them for a cleric/

I will try get more up on the wold today. I need to dig out some of my old writings.

Grand Lodge

Been looking for a pbp this sounds interesting. Have been playing rpgs for about 36 years. Have not done pbp.

My concept is a Dhampir rogue who will dual class with sorcerer. Will probably go into a prestige class. Is CN due to discrimination. Tends to be somewhat a loner even in a group. Tends to look at teamwork in how it benefits him.

I hope you can get my basic concept. Any questions or clarification please ask.

I think of a strix rogue with the bandit archetype.

His name would be Avelin. He was a quite successful highwayman and ambushed human caravans. One unlucky day, he and his flock got betrayed and all of them except for Avelin died.

Now he is looking for the one responsible for the betrayal. He is a no-nonsense type of guy and thinks, that any disadvantage in pure power can be evened with cunning, ruthlessness and some dirty tricks. Nevertheless, he knows, who his friends are and would go to great lengths to protect them. (Alignment True Neutral).

If that is approved in general, I´ll start working on the crunch and more details.

they both sound interesting could both be assets to the party...but need more give some yummies you might include in background so I have a bit more to consider.

also unfortunately it will probably be tomorrow or late pacific time Thursday before I get more campaign details up.

world map basics this is the basic of the world map

The Exchange

That appears to be a facebook link to which access permissions are not public.

Netherfall details
By Spencer Moncur in Pathfinder (Files) · Edit Doc · Delete

Here are some more specifics to this world.

I will be writing in this world and so ask permission to base characters in my writing on your characters in the game.

Also if you want to name specific towns etc according to the areas you grew up, please let me know I should be able to accommodate.

A few details about the world of Netherfall.

  • Societies tend towards Neutral alignments.

  • Races are not inherently evil. Meaning all people are a product of their society whether for the good or the bad.
  • Half breeds are common
  • Elves are extremely rare and few survived the Ashfell era.
  • Dwarves are uncommon and majority of them reside in the Mithril Mountains.
  • Mithril Mountains are the only place where Mithril is available thus all Mithril Items cost 3x listed prices.
  • Clerics represent causes not Gods. Example : Cleric of Chaos, Cleric of Fire, Cleric of Nature
  • No racial enmities ie: no elves hating orcs and vice versa. Racial hatred racial abilities can be replaced using a +1 to any 2 skills or a +2 on any one skill or the acquisition of an additional trait
  • Magic is still generally misunderstood and not trusted by the general populace.
  • Fire arms are just emerging and thus very rare. Costs are 2 x listed price
  • No kingdoms have been formed although many city states are common much like ancient Greece.
  • If you chose to be from the Rune fated Forests or the spires, we will need to talk individually due to some special considerations in these regions.
  • All creatures learned to eat or be eaten during the Ashfall.
  • Photosynthetic plants began to emerge once again in the Year of Ashfall X. They have rapidly spread in the rich ash loam of the "new" world.
  • Black "dots" are major/main cities or towns in this world.

Background history:

Ashfall occurred 100 years ago when a volcano erupted from the middle of the . The resulting steam and ashfall caused the sun to be "washed out" for 75 years. Calendars are now dated according to this Year of Ashfall 1 , Year of Ashfall II, etc.

Slowly the world returned to normal as the steam and ashes settled from the skies allowing the sun and stars to give light again.

During the years of the Ashfall, races formed alliances with other races in their immediate area in order to survive. These alliances did away with racial hatreds as each race fought for survival alongside their neighbors.

The first group to "emerge" from the Ashfall and begin to plant crops and attempt to reconnect with other groups was the group at Haddon's Reach. They escaped the Ashfall by connecting natural tunnels and caves in nearby; these became collectively known as Haddon's Well. Upon emerging, they used the rock that had been excavated in the creation of Haddon's Well to create a city. This city remains the largest and most civilized of the current world and was established in Year of Ashfall VII.

Sarenell was the second city to emerge into civilization. Races who sought to avoid the dangers of Ashfall by building Delve's, or cities in the rock and coral beneath the waves, returned to the surface and built Saranell as an outpost to the Landlings or those who remained above the water during the Ashfall. This city has continued to grow and flourish both above and beneath the Mie'r Sea.

No other cities have emerged to rival Haddon's reach or Saranell although there are rumors that the Dwarves constructed a citadel with in the Mithril mountains to survive the Ashfall. No one can or will substantiate this rumor due to the Dwarves secretive and almost hostile control of these mountains.

Non-dwarves are never admitted with in 100 miles of the Mithril Mountains. Dwarven patrols mounted on Rocs or on Grungers--large 4 legged carnivores resembling huge hounds covered in coarse stone like bristles--roam the lands around the mountains. They administer "justice" and enforcement of the "no outsiders allowed policy."

Grand Lodge

I drop my interest I don't see how these extensive back stories bring anything to role playing. Sorry I wasted your time.

So with that in mind...please design backgrounds around this.

The more specifics you can give me that allow me to play in and fill in the back story some the more fun it will be for all of us.

This is the same world that I currently run a RL campaign in so you and they might run into each other :)

Tell me if you see something I missed or if something is unclear or even if you have ideas or hints on how to help flesh the back history.

I am always open to feedback but am also always open to accepting it or not depending upon the logic of it to the preconcieved basics of this world.

srry about the link I will post it another way

The Exchange

So, guns went from "common but not advanced" to "very rare"?
I admit, I thought the environment was more interesting with the spread of technology (firearms) and the fall of magic.

I'll update Jim's backstory (elf heritage), but his settlement bordered a ruin-filled jungle... is there a place for that?

EDIT: Any words on adamantine? Or just mithral?

For those of you wanting to see where and what I am meaning and going with a background I wll post one from a previous player here so all may see it. It is just an example...I by no means want to stimmy anyone's creativity. Thus anything goes if it can logically and realistically make sense with in the world. Just ask we will work something out to make it work.

BTW Michael Falcon: you never waste time to ask questions. the backgorund can be as long or short as you want just basics that I can use to tie your toon in if you want that connection makes it wasier on me as dm to make the world real for the characters.

Netherfall Map

there that should work for the map. Just had to tie it to another account.

D-Kal == Guns are common but not advanced. I forgot to change that and the cost in the world info. Thanks for catching that.

Ruins are common and so just find somewhere you think would be good and we can go with that. Only exceptions are the area with in the spires and rune-fated forests specifically.

mithril and adamantine are rare others metals are still normally available.(cold iron etc.)
just a clarification for everyone. Thanks for the catch of my error D-Kal

example of background on a character:
Hero Lab® and the Hero Lab logo are Registered Trademarks of LWD Technology, Inc. Free download at
Pathfinder® and associated marks and logos are trademarks of Paizo Publishing, LLC®, and are used under license.

Drow Immunities - Sleep Spell Resistance (12)
Elven Immunities

Lawful Neutral Humanoid (Elf); Deity: Curchanus;
Height: 5' 4";
Weight: 95lb. ;
Eyes: pale blue ; Hair:
Dusky white ; Skin: Ebony "stone"
Male Drow, Noble Druid (Cave Druid) 1 (Young
Creature +0, Tortured healing +0, Fleshwarped +0) -
CL1 - CR 1


Acrobatics +5 DEX (5) -
Appraise -3 INT (-3) -
Bluff -1 CHA (-1) -
Climb -3 STR (-3) -
Craft (traps) -5 INT (-3) -
Diplomacy -1 CHA (-1) -
Disguise -1 CHA (-1) -
Escape Artist +5 DEX (5) -
Fly +7 DEX (5) -
Heal +7 WIS (7) -
Intimidate -1 CHA (-1) -
Perception +13 WIS (7) 1
Ride +5 DEX (5) -
Sense Motive +7 WIS (7) -
Stealth +14 DEX (5) 1
Survival +9 WIS (7) -
Swim -3 STR (-3) -
Feats, Traits & Flaws

Feats, Traits & Flaws
Armor Proficiency (Light)
Armor Proficiency (Medium)
Druid Weapon Proficiencies
Shield Proficiency
Tunnel Fighter

Special Abilities
Animal Companion Link (Ex)
Darklands Stalker
Darkvision (120 feet)
Fleshwarped Special Ability (????)
Light Blindness (Ex)
Low-Light Vision
Nimble Moves (Darklands Stalker)
Poison Use (Ex)
Regeneration 2
Share Spells with Companion (Ex)
Spontaneous Casting
Wild Empathy +0 (Ex)
Spell-Like Abilities
Dancing Lights (At will) (Sp)
Deeper Darkness (At will) (Sp)
Detect Magic (Constant) (Sp)
Dispel Magic (1/day) (Sp)
Divine Favor (1/day) (Sp)
Faerie Fire (At will) (Sp)
Featherfall (At will) (Sp)
Levitate (At will) (Sp)
Suggestion (1/day) (Sp)

Druidic Undercommon Elven
Spells & Powers
Druid (Cave Druid) Spell DC: 17 + spell level
0: Purify Food and Drink (DC 17),
Create Water, Mending

1: Abstemiousness, Blend, Windy

STR 15 (+2), DEX 10 (0), CON 12 (+1), INT - (0), WIS
10 (0), CHA 1 (-5); Fortitude +4, Reflex +0, Will +0

Jiv'undusus Zha'linth (Animal Companion), Female
Scorpion, Giant - CL2 - CR 2
Perception +0
Special: Darkvision (60 feet), Defend [Trick], Grab (Medium) (Ex),
Guard [Trick], Poison: Sting-injury (DC 12) (Ex), Tremorsense (30

Claw x2 (Scorpion, Giant) +3 x2 , 1d4+2, x2

Sting (Scorpion, Giant) +3, 1d4+2, x2


  • Name means "Abandoned" - refuses to answer to or
    admit he has another one

  • Illiterate==**Doesn't speak Elven & Only a smattering of Undercommon

  • Born in a matriarchal society and unwanted, Aelus was given to the flesh grafters for experimentation almost from the womb. When the experiments were unable to return the expected result, he was abandoned in the Darklands near an abandoned Dwarven mine.
    A delayed side effect, and the only one that allowed Aelus to survive, of the flesh warping was his unnatural ability to heal himself. Still struggling for survival, Aelus stumbled upon an injured giant scorpion. She appeared dead but when Aelus approached--hoping for an easy meal--he
    observed her weak yet alive. Seeing the potential of a companion, Aelus provided sustenance for "Jiv'undusus Zha'linth" until she was healed. She then became not only his companion but his main means of survival in such a harsh land.
    Scraping ans scrounging a living for 20 or so years, Aelus avoided most races. Those that he approached invariably sought to make him a meal or a slave and so avoidance became the best survival tactic. He haunted the trade routes of some of the deep gnomes, troglodytes, and druegar that inhabited some of the surrounding area that he haunted.
    Drawn one time by an unrecognizable urge, Aelus followed a group of Kobold slavers almost to their warrens. When they were ambushed by deep goblins, again Aelus was guided to spirit away a dwarven slave.
    Successful in this endeavor, Aelus miraculously restored the beaten dwarf to consciousness and a semblance of fleeting health.
    Yurgan Pickfist, as the dwarf soon came to identify himself, muttered in his delirium for weeks while being healed. It was during this time that Aelus began to learn a language he had never heard prior.
    The language had a simple power the resonated with in the stones and fauna of the Darklands. Several names,repeatedly mumbled, stuck in Aelus mind...Curchanas and Desna. ..." she betrayed us all" was also a common muttering during he fevered delirium.
    Intrigued not only by the simple power behind the words, but also by Jiv'u Zha 's reaction to them, Aelus desired to learn more. A rudimentary "hearing" knowledge of the language was obtained so that upon awakening, a form of communication was achieved between Yurgan and Aelus.
    Yurgan taught Aelus the druidic language and much of his druidic lore as they learned to communicate through trial and error.

    Yurgan was a druid of the sunlands deserts. He had "sinned" against his Deity and his clan. He became a clanless dwarf -- left the sunlands and seeking to reclaim his honor and be readmitted to his clan by finding away to their ancient stronghold beneath the sun lands.

    He had followed rumor after rumor until he had finally found writing...ancient glyphs in a long forgotten dwarven dialect....telling him where the stronghold was and what guarded it.

    Young and eager to restore his rights to clan hood again, Yurgan rushed into "hiring" a group to help him reach the stronghold. He withheld the real quest and intent from the group. The only group he could assemble, was a misfitted group of vagabonds with nothing to lose.

    Mistria -- a halfling vagabond with a petulance for "story" playing and a malicious way of twisting the luck of those she detested.

    Nes - race unknown- a scaled creature bent on controlling the earth and "digestive" acids that it created.

    Davriex- a druegar monk clanless from an uncontrollable anger and drinking problem

    "Ticks" a deep gnome raised human alchemist with uncontrollable shaking hands and a steady but strong throwing arm.

    Grumbling and argument were the only thing other than gold this group had in common. But eventually even the lure of gold didn't hold them together.

  • This shows my writing ability as well as gives a very loose idea of a possible means to a background. I love detailed so I did it to the extreme. However from a DM point of view your character now "is living" I have plenty of info to tie you into the world with and so forth.

    I will note This character was for another campaign

    Hope this helps. I left enough of the stats and stuff on the character so that his abilities and his story can be compared to show why he is and has what he does in skills and so forth.

    I should have a more detailed background up in a few days. Since dwarves seem a bit isolationist, I'll have to come up with a reason that Ghorum left the confines of the Mithril Mtns. Maybe just some wanderlust...

    Jim Seeker wrote:

    Ghorum, I hope you don't mind but I pretty much stole your formatting to make my character easier to read alongside yours. And because it was very thorough. Etc.

    No worries! I took it a while back from another PbP (fizzled out), but liked the format so much I copy-pasted it to a word document on my desktop for future use. It organizes things very nicely!

    No 3ed party book, shame would love to have had a Mindmage, psion, egoist

    Its not so much magic as mind over matter, and He would hind his powers as a matter of course.

    O will so, to races, and classes, I am thinking of a

    Race wise thinking, some thing like a Tiefling Summoner not tried this before or a kitsune Humm having a think.

    Kitsune would be fun. So would tieflings. You are allowed to use the alternative racial traits.

    The Exchange

    @Roach- with no magic items, we could really use a positive energy cleric. Otherwise we'll have to rely on pricey CLW pots all day long. Also, the magic support would be invaluable. And of course we could use your scimitar on the front lines from time to time.

    Tiefling Summoner it is then,

    1d100 ⇒ 84 You are immune to magic sleep and paralysis effects.
    1d100 ⇒ 83 Once per day, exposure to fire heals you 1d6 hit points of damage. This ability does not negate fire damage.
    1d100 ⇒ 18 You gain DR 2/bludgeoning.

    O fire heals nice and so's You gain DR 2/bludgeoning. humm have to have a think.

    Looking into making an alchemist is this a no go for this world (dont think of them as magical just sciency)

    I withdraw my submission. I wish all of you lots of fun playing.

    D-Kal wrote:
    Due to the scarcity of non-human races, as well as magic users, I am curious about monsters and magical creatures. Would you say these would be as prevalent in this world, or that most foes would be human in nature?

    The world has been under the earth away from the ashfall for several centuries to survive.As it has reemerged, everything has had to become a predator or extinct.

    Thus even the very basic plants are or can be hostile. So both magical and adaptive con-figurative defenses are prevalent.
    Many foes will be humanoid but magical monster/races or creatures abound as well.

    As for what you encounter will in part depend upon where and what Us as gamers want and say as we tell our stories.

    Thanks for the interest Tim.

    Alchemy is fine and alchemical items are used alot in this world to compensate in part for the lack of open arcane magic. I see them as magical but not mainly magical as much as the scientist...always mixing and matching.

    So go for it as long as you can tie it in to why and who your character is.

    The Exchange

    @Ghorum- How is your character creation coming?

    @Herkymr- Since it's not listed, do we not select any of our own traits?

    Would a half-orc ranger work well in the world? I'll have to give some thought to a suitable background.

    @Herkmyr I have a background on profile. If you think it would work for this world ill finish out the crunch

    @kirsteen a half orc would work. I am better with more about your possible background to help with the decision. The profile can come later if you are picked.
    Also before you buy gear...look at the starting gold and the change in potion costs.


    • Standard 2 traits
    • No two from the same category
    • regional are ok and so are campaign for any of the published Pathfinder do not have to match the region or campaign due to this being long as it fits your background in flavor and "bonus"
    • Half-breeds can pick traits from any of their parental races without complication
    • If i have questions I will ask for more information as to how it ties in with background. We will come to an agreement or I will request a trait change.

    D-Kal wrote:

    @Ghorum- How is your character creation coming?

    @Herkymr- Since it's not listed, do we not select any of our own traits?

    Its coming. I'm working 3 overnight shifts in a row, and so I don't get much computer time since I'm trying to catch up on sleep. I have one more shift tonite, so I'll be working on him tomorrow.

    no worries I understand overnights. Take care of your RL first rest will come

    Still have just over a week before I decide for sure but so far it loks like
    d-kal and you are going to be in.
    concepts seem to work well and are interesting and you are compatible with each other and show consistency

    The Exchange

    Herkymr, get a chance to check out Tess's profile?
    If you approve, that would put us at:
    2 Rangers
    1 Fighter
    1 Summoner (assuming Fuglet is still in)
    1 Alchemist
    At least for those who have shown interest.

    A right fine party, but for lack of a healer (unless Roach shows back up maybe).

    Yep here

    GM Spuglyfuglet
    Will be using this alt I think, Dropped Tiefling done that to death but never played a kitsune, so gone with that.

    Ok all done Miya is ready

    miya looks like fun - summoner

    Tesse leblanc - alchemist looks fun

    Looks like we are getting a good group together.

    I am excited for this. I think we will all have fun and enjoy it.

    I too am excited! Looks like a good group.

    Miya - it looks like your stats were purchased as a 25 point should be 20 points

    Yep thats from the last game tyid to get into with her. well spotted, will fix

    I am in like Flint! I am thinking I will do rune fated druid, dark side!, not sure on the race just yet.

    If you don't already know, Spencer, it's Matt. Kharn is my alias.

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