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Full Name

James Ricardo Seeker


Human Rogue 6 | HP: 35/51 | AC: 23, T: 16, FF: 18 | Fort: +5, Ref: +11, Will: +4 |


Melee: +6/+9, Ranged: +9 | CMB: +6, CMD: 21 | Init: +7, Perception: +10/+2 vs surprise/+3 vs traps <trap spotter> | MF [x] | SP 2/9 | Speed: 30ft






English, Spanish, Arabic, sign language, Lip-Reading

Strength 14
Dexterity 20
Constitution 14
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 12
Charisma 10

About Jim Seeker

James Ricardo Seeker, former soldier, present-day thief
Male human Rogue (unchained,
canny scoundrel, talent thief)
CN medium humanoid (human)
Template: Fighter
Init +7; Senses Perception +10 <trap spotter>

AC 23, touch 16, flatfooted 18 (+5 Dex, +6+1 armor, +1 deflection)
HP 51 (6d8 + 6x2 con +6 FC)
Fort +5, Ref +11, Will +4 [2 class, 2 Con; 5 class, 5 Dex; 2 class, 1 Wis; +1 resistance]

Speed 30 ft.
- [dice=Unarmed]1d20+9[/dice], [dice=Damage]1d4+5[/dice]
- [+1] [dice=Gun Kata Unarmed]1d20+9+1[/dice],
- [dice=Dagger]1d20+9[/dice], [dice=Damage]1d4+2+2[/dice]
Ranged +1 PBS, +[dice=sneak]3d6[/dice]
- [dice=+1 Light Pistol]1d20+9+1+1+1[/dice], [dice=Damage]2d4+1+1[/dice] 30ft
- [dice=MW Light Pistol]1d20+9+1+1+1[/dice], [dice=Damage]2d4+1[/dice] 30ft
- [dice=MW Assault Rifle]1d20+9+1+1[/dice], [dice=Damage]2d8+1[/dice] 70ft,
autofire 60ft cone -4, burst


Str 14 10+4, Dex 20 17+2+1, Con 14, Int 16 14+2, Wis 12, Cha 10
Base Attack +4; CMB +6; CMD 21
Feats Gunsmithing, Extra Talent:dual wielding, Extra Talent:sniper; Extra Rogue Talent:Shadow Duplicate; Extra Talent:barrage(vigilant sharpshooter)
Traits Business Associate, Reactionary, Gift for Magic (light)
Drawbacks Vain
Skills Acrobatics +12 (4), Appraise +7 (1), Bluff +6 (3), Climb +6 (1), Craft:firearms +8 (2), Diplomacy +4 (1), Disable Device +15/+18 (5), Disguise +4 (1), Drive +6 (1), Escape Artist +12 (4), Handle Animal +1 (1), Heal +5 (1), Intimidate +4 (1), Knowledge:arcana +7 (1), Knowledge:computers +6 (3), Knowledge:dungeoneering +5 (2), Knowledge:engineering +4 (1), Knowledge:geography +6 (3), Knowledge:history +5 (2), Knowledge:local +10 (4), Knowledge:nature +4 (1), Knowledge:nobility +5 (2), Knowledge:planes +4 (1), Knowledge:religion +5 (2), Linguistics +8 (2), Perception +10/+13 (6), Perform:gun tricks +4 (4), Profession: mercenary +6 (2), Sense Motive +8 (4), Sleight of Hand +16 (6), Spellcraft +9 (3), Stealth +16 (6), Survival +5/+9 (4), Swim +6 (1), Use Magic Device +5 (2)
Languages English, Spanish, Arabic, sign language, lip-reading
Gear Darkleaf Tactical Vest, Dagger x2, Masterwork Assault Rifle, Masterwork Light Pistol x2, Suppressor x2, 100 rounds pistol, 60 rounds rifle, Masterwork Lockpicks, Endless Bandolier, Hip Holster x2, Concealed Holster x2, Night Vision Goggles, First Aid Kit (10), Potion CLW x2, Alchemist's Fire
Money $600

Heart of the Slums: +2 to Sleight of Hand & Stealth; +4 to Survival in urban/underground; may roll twice for saves vs disease
Armor Training (Ex): +1 to max dex & -1 to armor check for all armor; can move at full speed in medium armor
Weapon Training (Ex): +1 to attack and damage rolls with firearms
Bonus Combat Feat: Quick-Draw converted to Equipment Fast Draw talent
Bonus Combat Feat: Weapon Focus(light pistol)

Finesse Training (Ex): Unarmed Weapon Finesse Finesse Weapon as bonus feat talent; may use Dex mod in place of Str for damage with Unarmed Strikes
Sneak Attack (Ex): 3d6 Bonus precision damage vs flat-footed or flanked opponent within 30ft
Martial Tradition: Combat Gunner Firearm Proficiency, Gun Kata, Open Hand sphere, Barrage sphere
Keen Blades/Eyes/Wits: gain Scoundrel, Scout, and Equipment:Finesse Fighting
Evasion (Ex): while wearing light/no armor, on reflex for half damage, no damage taken
Rogue Talent: Trap Spotter (Ex): immediate Perception check when within 10ft of a trap.
Danger Sense (Ex): +2 to AC/Reflex vs traps, and Perception vs surprise by foes
Rogue Talent: Shadow Duplicate (Sp): 2/day, when hit, immediate action to create shadow clone as per mirror image; roll for miss with triggering attack; persists LVL rounds
Uncanny Dodge (Ex): never flat-footed, nor denied Dex to AC vs invisible
Shadow Theft (Su): on critical hit with sneak attack, may forgo sneak damage to steal shadow for 1 temp SP per sneak die; do not stack, expire after CL rounds; can't be used on summoned creatures, "-" Int creatures, or same target within 24 hrs
Rogue Talent: hedgewitch secret - Tinker +1/2 lvl to Perception & Disable Device vs traps; can disarm magical traps


(DC 15; BAB +4)
Barrage +1 to ranged attacks within 30ft (PBS)
..barrage (special attack action, make ranged attack & 1 extra attack at -2 to all; at 6 BAB & every 5 after, may add extra attack for additional -2 to all)
..close combat specialist (MF : do not provoke AoOs with ranged attacks; may flank with ranged weapons)
..vigilant sharpshooter x2 (MF : threaten 10ft & don't provoke from ranged AoOs)

Dual Wielding
..dual attack (attack action with light/one-handed weapon, make off-hand attack for -2 to both; cannot be made with same weapon; 1/2 Str bonus to off-hand attack; additional -2 to each if off-hand weapon not light)
....impossible reload (can reload without free hand; treat one-handed ranged weapons as light for dual attack purpose)
....perfect set-up (MF : use attack action vs touch AC, dealing only weapon damage dice; next off-hand attack before end of next turn is vs flat-footed AC, ignores cover/concealment, and gains +2 dmg +2/4 BAB)

..finesse weapon (Use Dex vs Str for light/finesse weapon attack rolls; add +1/2 BAB to damage rolls when adding Str to finesse attack dmg)
..firearm proficiency (proficient with all firearms, gain gunsmithing feat)
....fast draw (draw weapon as part of action to attack with it; draw hidden weapon as move action)
....gun kata (can make unarmed strike with hand holding gun, gaining gun's enhancement bonus; doesn't provoke; on hit, swift action to make ranged attack at -2 vs same target; doesn't provoke)

Open Hand unarmed @ 1d4
..sweep (move action to trip @ -2; doesn't provoke; can't use manufactured weapon to perform)

Scoundrel +5 ranks Sleight of Hand
..swift hands (use Dex vs Str & sleight of hand ranks vs BAB for Dirty Trick & Steal; add any unarmed strike enhancement bonus)
..marked target (swift, touch attack to batter opponent & -1 to percep 1 round, -1/4 ranks sleight of hand)

Scout +5 ranks Stealth
..scout (swift action, Kno or Percep -5 vs 10 + CR to identify target's weaknesses & resistances; valid 24 hrs)

Sniper no -4 penalty for shooting into melee
..snipe (special attack, single shot, may spend Martial Focus to add +1d10/+1d6 v touch)
..focusing reload (when reloading as move action, regain Martial Focus; may slow down reload to do so)


SP 9 (DC 14; CL 3rd/+2 Light; Concentration +9)
Illusion disappearance
..trick (1min/CL or dismiss)
..illusion (1 SP & concentrate, up to 1min/CL)
....invisibility (trick : +1/2 CL bonus to Sleight of Hand for palming small objects or concealing light weapons; illusion : hide object or creature vs Perception; DC = 10 + object size mod + CL, or Stealth + CL; can use stealth observed/without cover; +2 to attacks vs sighted targets & vs flat-footed AC; attacks against have 50% miss chance; hides aura from detect X spells or equivalent spheres)
....lingering illusion (illusions remain for 2 rnds after end concentration; 1 SP for 1min/CL w/o concentration)

Light lens focus
..lens (concentration or 1 SP & 1hr/CL)
....aiming scope (+1 to ranged attacks, & count all targets as 1 range increment closer, +1 more at CL 10)
....chameleon (+Int mod to Stealth, may use while being observed; must move at half speed or less; can hide object with DC = 10 + object size mod + Int mod)
....obscure (1/rnd, when attacked but before roll, may cause attacker to roll twice & take worse; +1/rnd/10 CL)


Young and Poor:
”Do you know what you did wrong, son?” The sheriff leaned forward and peered through the bars to catch the boy’s gaze. His moustache was black and thin, and his face was a half-grazed pasture of uneven stubble. He smelled like hand-rolled tobacco and his brow had a tan, sweaty sheen. His eyes held more condemnation than the jail cell.
”Nothing, Padre.” The boy answered through the first traces of tears. Only bitter stubbornness kept his emotions at bay.
”I ain’t your padre, amigo.” Responded the thick southern accent. His voice lost some boldness and replaced it with hissing accusation. ”If you wanna make it in this country, you gotta learn proper English.”
”Como si pudieras hablar.” The boy hissed back, his face flushed.
The sheriff’s eyes narrowed further as his tone returned to bold and blunt. ”You’d better save your jibbering for when your mama gets here.” He said before standing up and crossing his arms.
”Mi Madre will be proud!” The boy declared defiantly.
The sheriff spit. ”Your mama raising you up to be a thief?”
”She taught me to take care of family. That is more than you do!”
The sheriff slammed his fist into the bars, their dull metal resonating with steadfast apathy. ”Your mama didn’t want me for nothin’ but her green card, boy. But she’s still squeezin’ me for checks every two weeks.” He said with a twisted snarl.
”At least she wanted you.” The boy answered dejectedly. The sheriff paused, grunted, and walked out.

A few hours later a deputy came in with a ring of keys and a stressed-looking hispanic woman, both of which went straight to the boy’s cell. The door swung open, the boy and his mother shared an embrace, and together they left without another word until the doors closed on the late-80s station wagon.
”You shouldn’t steal.” She said in a slightly broken voice before cranking the ignition. The two drove home in silence.

Army Man:
”James Ricardo Seeker, United States military.” He extended his hand to the stranger, but the other man just bowed. He pulled his hand back somewhat awkwardly and glanced around. ”So uh, my Amigo there said you might have something for me?”
The Turkish man was dressed in traditional garb, which wasn’t so rare in this establishment that it drew any attention. The patrons were mostly Turkish but had modern Western attire mixed among them like a streak of red paint through an old monochrome photo. Smoke drifted through the air, carrying all manner of smells and a few different colors with it.

”I might have a job… for the right man.” The stranger responded mysteriously before taking a hit from his water pipe.
”Well, I graduated from La Salle in New York with a 3.0 GPA. I did two tours with the army before joining the Rangers. I’ve fought Sudi bandits, Syrian militants, Russian mafiosos, and Serbian pirates. Whatever you have, I can handle.” Jim assured, leaning on one elbow and smiling confidently.
The man glanced over, clearly unimpressed. ”I do not need a soldier.”
Jim straightened up. ”Well, what do you need?” He inquired with confusion.
”I am looking for a thief.” The man spoke surprisingly bluntly, given the laws about stealing in the country.
Jim leaned back and took it in. ”Ah.” He paused for a while, stretching his shoulders. ”My buddy told you about that, huh?”
”Perhaps not the right job for the US military?” The man put his lips back on the pipe and blew smoke from his nostrils.
Jim considered, then slowly conceded, ”...former, military.” His dull green jacket looked army enough, and beneath it he wore a dark cotton shirt over an armored vest. But there was no indication of rank or corps, and his hair was a little on the shaggy side.
He looked at the Turk expectantly. The man simply smoked for a few moments, then looked Jim in the eye. ”There is a shrine, on a mountain, far from the roads. It is home to a few ascetics, and an artifact of great value. But the mystics there are jealous guards, and the legends say it can never be found unless a man knows where to look.” The man finished with a deep smile, clearly proud of his exotic information. Jim looked dubious.
”You want me to chase down some damned loca legend?” He scanned the exits, looking to leave.
The Turkish man dropped a stack of bills on the short table between them. ”Five hundred American dollars. Twice that when you bring me back the prize.” He folded his arms and puffed his pipe contentedly.
Jim hesitantly reached out for the cash, picked it up, then with a final glance to the stranger, counted it. Once he was done, he whistled. ”Five hundred bucks. Not bad.” He shrugged and pocketed the bills. ”And if I don’t find it?”
The man waved his hand dismissively. ”The money is yours. But I assure you I will make it worth your time if you do.”
The man seemed to be finished talking, so Jim stood up and went back to the bar with his friend. ”Well?” His buddy prompted.
”Well…” Jim pulled out the bills and fanned them in front of his face. ”You feel like taking a mountain hike?”

A Job:
”You might’ve told me there were going to be curses.” Jim said from the back of his camel as it shuffled along lazily.
”It’s a ziggurat. I thought it was obvious.” The woman replied casually, rifle gently bumping against her back as her own camel kept pace. She was tall and dark, with a shaved head and an unflappable confidence.
They’d ridden for a few miles, but even still the old stone ruin could barely be made out, a bump on the dimming horizon. Jim’s left calf was bound up in gauze and linen, and one holster sat empty. His face was caked with sand and blood, and his jacket had some new holes in it. The woman, however, hardly looked worse for wear. Yet she slumped a bit in her saddle, and her proud eyes looked tired.
”I figured there would be traps... I’m used to that.” Jim said as he futility dusted off his jacket yet again. A few moments passed in silence.
”So you can disappear?” She asked, glancing over to Jim with mild curiosity. He couldn’t tell exactly, but it seemed odd for mere polite conversation.
”Well, yeah.” He replied simply. She kept looking at him, clearly expecting more, so he continued. ”There was this one time, in Turkey, I went up on this mountain to steal something. But I got atrapado by the resident monks. They told me I could never leave, so I could either stay or die. Easy choice, ja?”
The woman nodded and waited for more.
”So, I stayed around, and they kept me pretty isolated. They spoke some Arabic but mostly had this old dialect that was hard to understand. So a lot of the time I just spent reading.” He paused to take a drink from his canteen and then resumed, ”They had all kinds of books there, Amiga. Thick tomes, long scrolls, even the walls had inscriptions. And you know what? I finally learned a thing or two.” Jim chuckled lightly at himself and the woman smiled. ”But what was interesting is that they all believe that the whole world, or at least most of it, is some kind of illusion. Over time they started to teach me their ways, and how to control your own illusion, you know? They could do some crazy stuff, let me tell you sister. And they had all these judo moves too--better than the stuff I learned in the army.”
Jim eyed the landscape out in front of them and wiped some sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand.
”So… the Simulation Hypothesis. And they taught you how to hack it.” The woman responded, looking intently at nothing.
Jim twisted his face and looked back at her. ”Wha…? Hey, if you say so, amiga. Sometimes you make less sense than they did.”
She smiled back at him. ”So they let you go, eventually?”
Jim smiled and looked down, then tossed his head back and smiled up at the sky, reveling in some memory. ”Funny story. No, they didn’t let me go exactly. The artifact I went to steal, well, I guess the grand master--” Jim made some quick generic martial arts movements to add flare to the tale, ”He used that thing, and something from a dark dimension ate his soul or something.” He shrugged. ”Eh.”
The woman’s eyes got wide. ”What??”
”That’s what it does I guess. It opens a door to some other plane, and this guy, ‘The Empty One’, he messed it up somehow and got eaten.” Jim made a chomping motion with his hands as he said it. ”They had to seal him, or whatever was left of him, on the other side. While they were busy with that, I just… took my leave.” He waved his hand away to punctuate the statement.
The woman nodded slowly, apparently digesting the information. After some thought she extended an invitation. ”If you can stomach the occasional curses, I might have some more work of such a discreet and metaphysical nature… from time to time.” Jim raised his eyebrows and looked steadily forward. ”If you’ve got the money, I’ve got the time.”
They rode in quiet agreement for several more minutes.
”...Where was that caravan supposed to be again?” Jim asked, peering around the desertscape.
”I was just thinking the same thing.” The woman said as she dismounted and unslung her rifle. ”Smells like trouble.”

Season's Greetings:
“Say Valda, remember that time in Egypt? With the well? Man, I totally had you for dead.” Jim chuckled before popping a shrimp into his mouth. He kept going even as he chewed. “Don't you still owe me one for that?” He punctuated the question with a wink. He tipped back his glass to find it empty save for a drizzle of runoff from the ice still rolling around idly. “Hey, that's no bueno.” He turned back toward the bar.

This Christmas party was a little early, and it was technically not about Christmas, but it was definitely still a party. Jim meant to stay 'til 2 or 3 and leave in a cab if he could help it. But give that he'd arrived in the same it was doubly a foregone conclusion. Trouble was, he had a personal rule of only messing around with human women, and everyone here was somewhere between obviously not and at least a little questionable. So, tragically, he focused on telling and hearing stories, drinking cider and dancing badly. Cider wasn't usually his speed either, but this definitely had something in it. Besides, a little holiday spirit never killed anybody.

A moment later, holiday spirit apparently killed somebody.

Suddenly people were asking questions and things felt pretty heavy for a party; Jim knew it was time to jet. Other people made their exits while some of the more “normal” folk, at least as they appeared now, were streaming into the party downstairs. Jim shrugged. “What's another drink?” Soon enough he was leaving in a cab with two phone numbers and some drunken a@%#%!+'s wallet. Sure, it wouldn't exactly teach him to be more respectful of women in the future, but it was Jim’s own little version of karma.