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PaizoCon 2014!

Megan's Curse of the Crimson Throne

Game Master Megan Robertson

Paizo's Curse of the Crimson Throne AP, running under the Pathfinder ruleset.

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Human Crossbow Weapon Master 4 / Sniper Rogue 2 / Hunter 1

I checked his alts, to see if he's posted anywhere else. But I don't think he's been on.

Male Human Paladin 6 / Bard 1 | AC 24{28 "29"} [se: 28{32 “33”}] T 12 [se: 15] FF 23{27 "28"} [se: 27{31 “32”}] | HP 57/57 | F +12 R +11 W +14{+15ench} | Init +1{+2} | Perc +6{+7}
Common Skills:
Bluff +5, Diplomacy +10(+11K), Heal +15, Kno {Religion} +10, Perform {Sing} +8, Sense Motive +6, Spellcraft +5

Yeah his last post on any alias was with us on September 3rd, 2011.

I hope he's ok... sometimes events happen IRL that take one's total attention.

Male Human Ranger 1
Varrel wrote:
Varrel wrote:

Varrel is happy for Ashe to have the fullplate.

He willgraciously accept his share of the loot and poisonmoney but none of the drug money.

Rough Count for me sharing in the above is 643.

If we sell the +1 Leather add 116gp
for 759.

I'll sell my masterwork Scimitar 157gp, 5sp (1/2value) taking my money to 916gp , 5sp.

Then buy a Cold Iron, Masterwork Scimitar for 330gp. Also add magic missile, Ill Omen and Weaponwand to my spellbook for 80gp. Purchased the scrolls from Academae for 25gp each, magic missile borrowed Hytogg's spellbook. 10gp each to put in my spellbook.
Also sell my bow for 15gp and buy a Compound
Shortbow with a +3draw for 330.
Leaves me with
191gp, 5sp
Given the size of Korvosa, shouldn't be a drama. That cool with you Megs?

I'm happy to roleplay this out.

Char sheet updated. Also bought a scroll of Grease and Bought/added a spell of Infernal Healing (see SRD or ISWG)to my spellbook.

Infernal Healing:

You anoint a wounded creature with devil’s blood or unholy water, giving it fast healing 1. This ability cannot repair damage caused by silver weapons, good-aligned weapons, or spells or effects with the good descriptor. The target detects as an evil creature for the duration of the spell and can sense the evil of the magic, though this has no long-term effect on the target’s alignment.

Male Human Paladin 6 / Bard 1 | AC 24{28 "29"} [se: 28{32 “33”}] T 12 [se: 15] FF 23{27 "28"} [se: 27{31 “32”}] | HP 57/57 | F +12 R +11 W +14{+15ench} | Init +1{+2} | Perc +6{+7}
Common Skills:
Bluff +5, Diplomacy +10(+11K), Heal +15, Kno {Religion} +10, Perform {Sing} +8, Sense Motive +6, Spellcraft +5

Oh, and Varrel... Ashe would have suggested that you have a Alchemical Silver or Mithril Weapon... not necessarily a Cold Iron one.

Though cold Iron is not a bad choice its just more useful against Demons... Cold Iron breaches their otherworldly resilience.

Here in Korvosa its Devils that are more common... and it is Silver that is best effective against them.

Anyplace that is frequented by Demons is usually not fit for mortal habitation for they tend to run amok attacking a slaying destroying at random... devils have more self-control they seek to corrupt the soul to the ways of evil... not spread...per se' pain and suffering.

Ashe himself carries a cold Iron Warhammer and a Alchemical Silver Shortsword. Varrel could purchase a Alchemical Silver Shortsword as well for [30gp]. They are fairly common here in Korvosa, also because of the Lycanthropes that plague the sewers of the city.

Male Elf Magus 7 AC 23/13/21, HP65/65, F8/R5/W5, Init +4, Perception +13+2 Alertness,
Perception +13, HP 29/29, AC 24/15/21, Saves F5/R9/W7, Bite Attack +8, 1d3-2 damage, doesn't provoke when charging

Had demons on the brain. Let's say he bought a Alchemical Silver Cestus as well to cover all bases. Money adjusted. Gear updated.

Male Human Paladin 6 / Bard 1 | AC 24{28 "29"} [se: 28{32 “33”}] T 12 [se: 15] FF 23{27 "28"} [se: 27{31 “32”}] | HP 57/57 | F +12 R +11 W +14{+15ench} | Init +1{+2} | Perc +6{+7}
Common Skills:
Bluff +5, Diplomacy +10(+11K), Heal +15, Kno {Religion} +10, Perform {Sing} +8, Sense Motive +6, Spellcraft +5

All Good... just did not want to you run across a Devil {likely a wing of Imps scouring the city for mischief} and expect to be well-armed only to find yourself... disappointed. :)

BY THE WAY Varrel... I think I ninja'd your last post... placing it just before you posted. You may want to read it! :)

Meggan, on the matter of Majenko. Can I add him to my sheet as a companion? To keep track of his capabilities?

Pseudo-Dragons are COOL!

I was thinking of buying him a leather bandoleer made to his size with Weapon Blanche - Alchemical Silver and Cold Iron so his stinger dipped and fire treated could effect the imps/devils and any other demonic adversaries he might run across.

Ashe's little sister Cynthia would be absolutely delighted to have a Pseudo-Dragon guest at their estate while Ashe is off Adventuring for the Pathfinder Society... unless Majenko went with him.


Female Depemds on the game system (human in the real world)

I'm sure Majenko would be delighted to become your companion, Ashe... especially as you seen very good at scratching him in all the right places!

Male Human Paladin 6 / Bard 1 | AC 24{28 "29"} [se: 28{32 “33”}] T 12 [se: 15] FF 23{27 "28"} [se: 27{31 “32”}] | HP 57/57 | F +12 R +11 W +14{+15ench} | Init +1{+2} | Perc +6{+7}
Common Skills:
Bluff +5, Diplomacy +10(+11K), Heal +15, Kno {Religion} +10, Perform {Sing} +8, Sense Motive +6, Spellcraft +5

Ok Meggan Thx! :)

I'm spending 69gp, 6 cp on Majenko's gear...

He is not proficient in light armor so I will only put on him leather barding... barding as he is 'effectively' a quadruped... but with hands!

But that helps as a Tiny creature...being a quadruped allows him to carry more than normal tiny creatures.

Sense Majenko has 60'ft of blindsense... my 'standard task' for him will be to look for invisible creatures anywhere near me or the party members and inform us telepathically of their presence. The 'gear' I bought him he wears as a bandoleer with powders for reveling the location of invisible foes, weapons blanch-silver for those pesky imps to apply to his stinger. To do that he needs a small fire... so the candles and the tindertwigs. The Smoke pellet is for his safety... if he is attacked by something he cannot escape from the smoke pellet allows him to use the smoke to break line of sight with him so he can use his phenomenal stealth to escape. Only in the most mundane encounters will I have him fly about providing flank bonus occasionally... but protecting him from harm is far more important... he is not a combat companion!


Male Human Paladin 6 / Bard 1 | AC 24{28 "29"} [se: 28{32 “33”}] T 12 [se: 15] FF 23{27 "28"} [se: 27{31 “32”}] | HP 57/57 | F +12 R +11 W +14{+15ench} | Init +1{+2} | Perc +6{+7}
Common Skills:
Bluff +5, Diplomacy +10(+11K), Heal +15, Kno {Religion} +10, Perform {Sing} +8, Sense Motive +6, Spellcraft +5


This is the Treasury as it stands current...

[Devargo's Possessions (on person)]
7x Vials – {5x Black, 2x Clear ‘Blue Cork & Red Cork’}
- potion of cure moderate wounds, potion of invisibility, 5x spider venom (DC 12, 1d4 Str/1d4 Str)
2x Keys - one opened his chest, the other the brig in which Varrel was held.

[Lab – C8]
7 Vials - Six of these contain a dose of shiver (worth 25 gp apiece), while the seventh contains a dose of dream spider venom.
(Think Una gave a vial of shiver to FM Croft, yes?)

[Devargo’s Chest – C14]
Scroll – Blur
Elixer of Love
2x Pouches - Dust of Appearance

I'd like to know if the posions and drugs were actually sold or if some of the poisons were kept. I don't need to know who has them... just know that they have been dealt with so I can remove them from the list.

Also it would be nice to know who is carrying the remaining magic items... who is carrying the potion of cure moderate wounds, the scroll of blur, etc...


Male Human {Black American} Monk 1 / Paladin 2 / Bard 1

Is there anybody listening?

Male Human Wizard (Illusionist) 2 / Cleric2
Sunphoenix72 wrote:
Is there anybody listening?

Since nobody else is speaking up. Hytogg will take the potion of invisibility.

Male Human Ranger 1

I'm here like 10 times a day. Didn't need any gear though...

Male Human Paladin 6 / Bard 1 | AC 24{28 "29"} [se: 28{32 “33”}] T 12 [se: 15] FF 23{27 "28"} [se: 27{31 “32”}] | HP 57/57 | F +12 R +11 W +14{+15ench} | Init +1{+2} | Perc +6{+7}
Common Skills:
Bluff +5, Diplomacy +10(+11K), Heal +15, Kno {Religion} +10, Perform {Sing} +8, Sense Motive +6, Spellcraft +5

Ok, Hytogg... I'll remove it from the list of treasure as it has now been claimed by someone. Make sure you add it to your sheet.

Until someone else speaks up... I'll just assume Ashe is carrying the rest... {sans the poisons & drugs}.

Human Crossbow Weapon Master 4 / Sniper Rogue 2 / Hunter 1

Since Una has no intention of going into the drug manufacturing business, at least not yet, and it seems we've gotten rid of at least two major suppliers, Una recommends destroying the spider venom if it hasn't been taken by the authorities.

Male Human Paladin 6 / Bard 1 | AC 24{28 "29"} [se: 28{32 “33”}] T 12 [se: 15] FF 23{27 "28"} [se: 27{31 “32”}] | HP 57/57 | F +12 R +11 W +14{+15ench} | Init +1{+2} | Perc +6{+7}
Common Skills:
Bluff +5, Diplomacy +10(+11K), Heal +15, Kno {Religion} +10, Perform {Sing} +8, Sense Motive +6, Spellcraft +5

Hey Megan I was going to ask you if you had perhaps a picture of Trina or Zellara you could post to show us... but I mentioned it to a friend of mine who goggled Trina's name and came up with these pics.

Trina Sabor Pic 1


Trin Sabor - Pic 1

Hope you don't mind I was just curious about if they actually made a picture of the NPC's.

VAVA-VOOM! what a hottie! lol!

Which brings me to my second part of this... being the romantic type I am personally... I think I'm going to have young Ashe fall for the lovely Miss Sabor... you know... 'love at first sight'. I know, most don't believe in such anymore... but I do {It happened to me in High School... lol!}. Even if she is guilty of the assassination it will be interesting to RP Ashe's divided heart over the matter. Unrequited love and angst are also {to a certain point} fun to RP!


Female Depemds on the game system (human in the real world)

Love at first sight does happen... nearly 30 years later, and he's sitting upstairs at his computer whilst I'm curled up here talking to you lot :)

There are pictures in the AP of most of the NPCs, but it's quite a lot of work to extract them... and a bit dodgy, copyright-wise, too. I regard maps as fair use, because you quite often need a map to work out who is going where and hitting what.

Human Crossbow Weapon Master 4 / Sniper Rogue 2 / Hunter 1

Here You Go

Human Crossbow Weapon Master 4 / Sniper Rogue 2 / Hunter 1

I forgot my level 4 ability increase... :P

+1 Dexterity score.


Female Depemds on the game system (human in the real world)

That ought to help... if you are taking up parkour, that is! You are in the right place for it :)

Male Human Paladin 6 / Bard 1 | AC 24{28 "29"} [se: 28{32 “33”}] T 12 [se: 15] FF 23{27 "28"} [se: 27{31 “32”}] | HP 57/57 | F +12 R +11 W +14{+15ench} | Init +1{+2} | Perc +6{+7}
Common Skills:
Bluff +5, Diplomacy +10(+11K), Heal +15, Kno {Religion} +10, Perform {Sing} +8, Sense Motive +6, Spellcraft +5

Hey Megan, is there a E-mail address I can e-mail to you directly? I've been to your site at RPG Resource... but I don't use Outlook Express and my computer refuses to configure it. I only have Outlook 2007... and I haven't used it for years. I do have a yahoo account at I'd like to chat with you about your book {The Way of the Witch} among other things! Hope I hear from you! :)

{ Oh... and if I didn't say so before I'm very happy to congratulate you and your beloved husband on your 'Love at First Sight' happy marriage... May you have many more years of fulfilling bliss! :) }


Female Depemds on the game system (human in the real world)

Of course, Ashe!

Megan's e-mail:

Apologies for neglecting everyone yeserday. Went to the pantomime with the primary school of which I am a governor (sort of, school board member, but with close links to ONE school rather than a whole distric!). 200-odd youngers all thoroughly enjoying the show, with 3 other schools as well. The noise was tremendous, and the smiling faces a true delight.

Human Crossbow Weapon Master 4 / Sniper Rogue 2 / Hunter 1

Megan, Una is very seriously contemplating going Chaotic Evil. I never would have thought she would go that way, but apparently it's not too difficult to push someone over the edge. Hmmm, pushing him over the edge. Well, unless his irresistable force posts are accurate, we should still be on a roof.


Female Depemds on the game system (human in the real world)

I know that I can trust you all to ensure that any disputes remain IN CHARACTER and do not spill over into real, or even virtual, life...

But do please consider what you are doing and proposing very carefully, as decisions may have campaign - and GAME - affecting results.

I don't want to lose any of you, or have to stop DMing this game because my players have vanished.

Human Crossbow Weapon Master 4 / Sniper Rogue 2 / Hunter 1

Just because the character's vanished, doesn't mean the player has. I like this game, and this character. What I don't like is Ashe and his behavior. So Una has retreated to a safe distance to get her head back on straight. Doesn't mean she's out of the picture. Yet.

Human Crossbow Weapon Master 4 / Sniper Rogue 2 / Hunter 1

A Course In Tactics From Una, Part One.


Survey. Understand the architecture of the battlefield. Are there multiple levels? Surrounding buildings? Underground rooms or tunnels? Clear roads or alleys nearby?

Entrances. Know where the main and most frequently used entrances are. Which entrances would most likely be used by a large military force? Which entrances would be used by a tactical team? Which entrances are used by nobility, servants, and animals?

EXits. Think outside what was architecturally intended. Windows, chimneys, thin walls that can be broken through, climb to the roof. Use ropes, clothing lines, banners, balconies, platforms, canopies.

You. Determine what your abilities are, and plan a course of movement and assault based on your knowledge of the previous three topics. See yourself in the big picture.

These are all generally done before action is taken. The next part is to understand potential enemies.

Loyalties. Determine who those present (enemies or allies) are loyal to. If they are not loyal to any particular group or individual, what ideals are they loyal to?

Intelligence. Determine how intelligent those present (enemies or allies) are. What is their typical everyday behavior? What is their high alert behavior?

Vision. Determine how those present (enemies or allies) will see their enemies. Are there regular obstructions to sight? Pillars, smoke, different levels of height, banners or clothing hanging out to dry? Are there places where you can go where others cannot see you but you can see them?

Intimidation. Who would be most likely to be intimidated, cajoled, or bribed? What other psychological issues are at work?

ANother Way Out. Determine how best to use psychological knowledge obtained to plan an alternative escape if something should go wrong. Or, if necessary, base the entire plan of attack on Intimidation and Another Way Out philosophy.

Go! Move swiftly once the assault is planned.

So we are finally executing the assault! Now some other things to be generally aware of.

Inspection. As you move, take a careful look at your physical surroundings. Try to remember details. The smallest item can have the greatest significance.

Situations. Also be aware of what situations may arise. Things, and people, are moving as you move. Some situations should be avoided, and others manipulated. Some can be used to your advantage and be encouraged with the right force at the right time.

The last part is how to incorporate others in your plan, both as you move, and as you prepare to move.

Friendly. Friends and allies can be crucial. Know how to ask them for what you need. Avoid those that cannot be negotiated with or who insist upon only doing things their way.

Useful. Allies have abilities and knowledge as well. Take these into account both before and as the assault takes place. It is possible to plan the assault entirely with the special gifts and abilities of others.

Network. People do not live in a vacuum. Most form societies, classes, and networks. Be aware of how to move and relate to those within each level of society. Adopt speech and mannerisms normal for those with whom you are working or regularly communicating.

Stay tuned for the next installment, where I'll be discussing the 10 most frequent Situations that arise.


Female Depemds on the game system (human in the real world)


I do hope that differences in approach can be resolved: I like both characters! (Indeed, you are all a pleasure to have around this virtual table...)

Male Human Paladin 6 / Bard 1 | AC 24{28 "29"} [se: 28{32 “33”}] T 12 [se: 15] FF 23{27 "28"} [se: 27{31 “32”}] | HP 57/57 | F +12 R +11 W +14{+15ench} | Init +1{+2} | Perc +6{+7}
Common Skills:
Bluff +5, Diplomacy +10(+11K), Heal +15, Kno {Religion} +10, Perform {Sing} +8, Sense Motive +6, Spellcraft +5

Ashe set off on a course of action and only one character objected... had there been more than one to speak up... Ashe likely would have gone with the majority of the party opinion. As he has gotten use to Una's argumentativeness and since NO ONE spoke up in support... {until much of the disagreement was over and both characters had made their actions} - Ashe continued on in what he knew as the wisest course of action.

Some details on the results of Ashe and Una's current course of actions would resolve this and allow us to move on with the rest of the scenario.

Actions have been taken ...what's the result?

Ashe is more than ready to deal with any Korvosan Guardsman or Hellknight that confronts him and his charge, Trina - if she is even recognized at all.

I'm sorry that some of the party are seemingly prejudiced against warriors that wear Heavy Armor... but Ashe will not be changing his armor type. Our total wealth based upon our level is fairly low for our level and as soon as Ashe has the gold to actually purchase a magic item... I'll buy a set of Boots of Striding and Springing and the issue will not be an issue anymore.

Ashe was originally a Organized Play Pathfinder Character - at this level in PFS he had waaay more resources and mitigated a lot of his Armor's limitations with additional items.

I am NOT trying to be disruptive to the game if players want other actions taken that is fine - but they need to speak up and make their wishes known. Ashe is already of the opinion that Una is just hostile to be hostile so... sorry, her opinion - though taken into account, does not hold as much weight with him {As she seems to be simply being unreasonable and needlessly insulting in her objections}. Want Ashe to listen to her more fully... stop being insulting and actually present some clear reasons for a change in a course of action. I believe Ashe gave SEVERAL reasons for the course of action he proceeded upon... none of which Una ACTUALLY rebutted with facts or observations. However, Ashe will ALWAYS go with the party majority opinion {As long as it does not violate the Good - first and the Law very closely second}.

Want Ashe to STOP listening? Keep being verbally insulting. Fastest way to make him tune you out. Ashe may disagree with people but he NEVER resorts to insults, its beneath him.

I know it may seem that Ashe has swept into the party and taken over... but Ashe has only listened to what was presented and offered a plan of action {he is a decisive person}. When no one presents a different course of action - he proceeds.

In EVERY situation Ashe has been involved with it was HIS planning that has held sway... not because he demands it that way... but because no one else presents something better or different. 'All the World's Meat', the Covert 'Meeting with the Spider King', and the 'Assault on the Spider King'... all of those were Ashe's plans. Indeed, Ashe took into account others suggestions and included most of them in the plan... but every time it was Ashe that presented a course of action... that NO ONE objected to.

My point being if people do not want the Paladin leading by the simple force of his personality {which is what I see as the issue}... then someone else needs to start putting forth courses of action for EVERYONE to consider - just like Ashe ALWAYS does! Ashe will continue to do things his way unless we get some more opinions on the table.

[I am going to work now and will not be able to respond until 4:30 PM EST. I was hoping Megan would have posted results of actions by now, but apparently she was too busy yesterday.]


I apologize for overreacting, Ashe. But surprisingly, it felt good to be in character for that argument. I would never have such an argument in real life, so it did have my blood pumping for a little bit. :P

Here are my main two problems that I have with your style of playing, and I hope that either we or I or you can do something about this.

1) It doesn't seem like you're incorporating the other players in your decision making process. You're not using the characters to their best advantage. Twice now, you've told Una to take basically scouting positions. Her perception is not that good. :P While she doesn't mind doing that from time to time, its a little stressful when she's been asked to do it twice. I realize that the last time you made plans, I wasn't able to post due to work, so everyone else was fine with your planning, except myself but I unfortunately wasn't able to do anything about that at the time. This I think placed me on a one way track to b+#$$ville.

2) You post stuff happening way too quickly. (I remember we talked about this before.) You seem to assume that either nothing will happen or that everyone (including NPCs) is going along with whatever you think they should be doing. Now, I've seen some DMs do this from time to time to keep the pace of the story up, but its sometimes frustrating for me as a player when a player does it. You see, I am more likely to post one action at a time, and give plenty of time for others to do something, whether they be player characters, NPCs, or surprise challenges from the DM. I never assume that a particular adventure will be a cakewalk. If you look at most of my posts, they do not usually involve three or more paragraphs. Yours sometimes do, and they're not all talking either. If you were to break down your actions into more sizable chunks, and allow others to respond, act alongside you, I would feel a lot better.

Okay, I got that off my chest. Sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings. I get too much inside my character's head sometimes and get lost in the roleplay. I know that Una has some character flaws, and being a bitter, insensitive, terrifying, caustic heroine is one of them, but usually she's at least likable. :P

Human Crossbow Weapon Master 4 / Sniper Rogue 2 / Hunter 1

A Course in Tactics from Una, Part 2

Top 10 Situations That Arise

Actually, its 8 situations, and 2 correlaries. But still enough for a good talk. In alphabetical order.

Religion and spirituality have a place of significance in most large communities. Recognizing potential religious activities in tactical movement can allow you to use (or misuse if the situation requires it) a church or templar arrangement. For example, knowing certain feast days and holy days can help you both when planning and when engaging in a tactical assault. It might be easy to slip in with a group of worshipers or monks, or to travel unhindered through emptied churches.

People have a tendency to make things, and in cities it is no less the case. New or unfinished constructions can be delicate, or have a surprising sturdiness. The actual activity of construction can involve a number of people, as well as sticky or messy building materials on occasion. Construction can be a mess, but even messes can be used to your advantage. A construction site can be a great buffer zone against prey and predator alike.

The flow of traffic in a city can be changed by the smallest thing. An overturned cart three blocks away can block up movement or force detours for most used to traveling a certain way. A parade or religious ceremony can also change traffic, or bring it to a standstill. A savvy tactician will know how to both continue moving when this happens, or use the changes to advantage.

Sudden, destructive events have a tendency to draw attention from just about everyone, both in the vicinity and beyond it. An escaped dangerous animal, a collapsing or burning building, and even natural disasters like flooding or earthquakes will grab the attention of most.

Flashy colors, loud music, distinctive fragrances, a busy marketplace with loud hawkers and tantalizing foods provide enough sensory distraction to enable you to use them to your advantage. A boisterous tavern or brothel can be your best hiding place, not because it is any safer than a fortress or castle, but because it is filled to the brim with sensory distractions.

Those who frequently and regularly break the laws of the community do so at their own peril. But there's no reason why their peril couldn't be used to your advantage.

Correlary: Intersection
Sometimes situations can intersect one another, creating a unique zone or situation where more than one event can be used to your advantage.

Sometimes in the course of strategic travel, one comes upon an obstruction. There are few options when that happens, but they're all strategically interesting. 1) Go under. 2) Go over. 3) Go around. 4) Go back. 5) Go through. Being aware of your distinctive abilities will allow you to make a choice that hopefully cannot be duplicated by any pursuers.

Correlary: Reaction
For every situation that arises, there will likely be a reaction that follows. It is also possible that there will be reactions to prior events, based on psychological delay.

The business world is an active part of any growing community. Merchants and customers can be your best friends, sometimes unknowingly. In a busy marketplace, throwing coins in the air can create a huge distraction or crowding effect. Some merchants can quickly be bribed for access to back rooms (and back windows), when necessary.


Male Human {Black American} Monk 1 / Paladin 2 / Bard 1

AH! Good. Valid reasonable well thought-out and expressed criticism. THIS I can work with.

1) Ok. I see your point on this... MY BAD. I did not realize that Una did not have a very good perception... I sort of assumed that as a Rogue ...perception being a class skill she would be good at it. I should pay more attention to the posted characters.

Perhaps this is something Una should bring up to Ashe in RP?

The second part... THATS ALL MY FAULT! I am perhaps too eager to see the story develop... and when posts are long in comming and the long stretches of silence...I'm incorrectly assuming no one else has ideas they wish to add to the subject. I'll be more inclusive in my future posts. My apologies on that.

2) Sigh... Unfortunately I have to agree with you on this point as well. I think this goes back to my wanting the action to move along more quickly than the slow pace that is the hallmark of PbP games. I usually play site-down games and the action is far more rapid. I Will Try VERY Hard to stop doing this... but I'm sure I'll slip again.

Please be patient with me... I've wanted to play this Adventure Path for a long time and I really have no idea how long it will take to finish the first module... but it 'seems' to be taking forever.

So... in the future, please if I push the action too fast... just make a 'OOC' comment... "Hey slow down there Tex... leave some for the rest of us...". :) I'll try to be mindful of this.

Again my apologies on these valid flaws in my PbP decorum. I will truly endeavor to make changes in my posting style to accommodate.


Being more of a laid back player, I actually enjoy the slow process of PBP games. There's time to enjoy the story, the environment, and to really let imagination and creative juices start flowing (like reading a good fantasy novel). I have read tons of fantasy novels in my time, and I have to say that going back and reading some of my fantasy gaming PBPs is a lot more exciting and engaging sometimes. So, if it helps, don't think of it as a board or table game that we've imposed on a bulletin board. This is cooperative story telling with dice. :P

You are right though, in that I should use more OOC comments to express criticism, but Una is such a critic herself that I can't help express it through her. :P I'll try not to though, cause I know she can be caustic at times. And she definitely doesn't like anyone ordering her around either... :P That is one of her radical trademarks. Anyway, I think I got both those points through during the "argument".

Now if I can just get Ashe to stop pronouncing the gods' names and titles as though they were the foundations of reality or something, I will be happier. I have a paladin character on one of my PBPs, a Paladin of Arazni (a Member of the Order of the Phoenix, dedicated to her resurrection and divine restoration). So, I don't mind lawful good characters. I do, unfortunately, mind lawful anal ones. (as my sister calls them), or those paladins that are too 'in your face' with their superiority complex. Now, I'm not telling you how to run your paladin, but I would suggest finding a code of honor that you can live with, make several bullet points, and from time to time use one of those bullet points when it really is a sacrifice to do so. This is just what I've done with my paladin character, and I've enjoyed it so far.

My paladin believes in Self Sacrifice. So he often ensures the safety of everyone else in the group before leaving or moving on, and when they are pursued he makes sure that others escape before he does.

My paladin believes in Humility. So although he is prideful of certain things, and can give speeches that sometimes makes the chaotic members of the party glance askew at him, he would never force those opinions on others, and will gracefully step back from the conversation and simply let others do what needs to be done, or say what needs to be said.

There are a few others, but I haven't played him in a while, so it's hard to remember. I think, if I had to describe him, I would say he is supergood with lawful tendencies, rather than superlawful with good tendencies. :P So maybe prioritizing in that way might be helpful to you too.

All in all. I guess I'm just offering suggestions for how you can enjoy the slow pace of PBP. There is tons of room for character development, description, inner searching, and thinking aloud that don't require the action to proceed faster than the other gamers are willing to go. :P


Male Human {Black American} Monk 1 / Paladin 2 / Bard 1

LOL. Well... I {if you have not already noticed} am a very assertive 'take-Action' player... the world does not happen to me... I HAPPEN to the WORLD! :) Yeah fully a Type "A" personality... same way in real life as well. Nothing is impossible to me until I have tried my best and proven... not that its impossible... but merely beyond my abilities. LOL!

Ashe does not resent Una's dedication to freedom he understands it and himself is a staunch opposer of tyranny. His political Faction affiliation at this point is Andoran. It is only later than the Andoran methods of assassination and spreading of mistruths sours his opinion of them and inspires him to leave the Faction and Join the Silver Crusade.

Ashe is aware of Arazni... and would dearly love to Crusade into Geb and free her from the Ghost King's control... perhaps restore her to her living and divine status. That would be a cool high level Adventure... I hope the Paizo writers make at some point.

I don't really view Ashe as 'lawful-anal' he ignores petty trespasses against the written law... trying to keep an open mind that to Assume ALL laws are perfect and perfectly applicable universally ALL the TIME... is ignorant and NOT JUST. The world is not perfect and neither are those who write laws. So ALL LAWS must be seen in the light of the circumstances in which they are applied.

But Ashe does dig in his heels when it is a life and death matter! Like summarily killing a man that only circumstantial evidence is pointing to wrong-doing on his part. "Its a Terrible thing to kill a man... in one moment you take away all he has... and all he'll ever have...".
{That's one Ashe has yet to use... but I'm sure its coming! lol!}

LIFE is VERY important to Ashe. He views it as the most precious possession and freely given possession a person has... and it sickens him to take it away - on a whim... or needlessly!

I know that Ashe makes comments - parables or sayings all the time its his way of teaching without getting into people's face all preachy. He leaves it for them to decide for themselves as to how they wish to act... but feels it is his duty to at least to speak up and point to the path of goodness. There are many times Shakhan, in his barbarian's mind set, has said things Ashe is definitely NOT in agreement with... but Ashe has seen no need to brow-beat him for his heart's beliefs. Instead Ashe tries by action to show the proper and good way to live... with the occasional saying or parable of good and lawful direction. All in All Ashe really likes Shakhan, especially when he agreed to stay his hand and show mercy to Devargo... when his natural inclination would be to slay. That was a BIG personal victory for Ashe!

LOL. As for Ashe to "stop pronouncing the gods name and titles as though they were the foundations of reality", well... to Ashe they ARE the Foundations of Reality! He's very Pious, and reverent of the gods... even those he's opposed to. You will note that EVERYTIME Hytogg speaks... Ashe pays immediate attention. Perhaps it is an unfair bias of his but Divine Casters... direct servants of the GOD'S Will - their wisdom and opinions hold an INORDINATE weight on his actions! Ashe is always polite and respectful to Hytogg... even when he knows Hytogg is being perhaps overly prideful! :)

But still your advice is appreciated... I'll try to make use of it in PbP play! :)


Well, okay. But fair warning... hearing the gods names pronounced that way (it seems a very imperial tone to Una) is like hearing someone's fingernails on a chalkboard. She could punch Ashe one of these days. Not to cause permanent harm, but just to stop that horrible noise.

I suppose there is one other thing I'd suggest for you. Go to youtube and look up Two Steps From Hell or Thomas Bergerson and just start clicking around. This style of music is called Epic Score, and would be great for finding a theme for your character. Link to it (with the title if you can) in your profile. The video makers also find some remarkable fantasy epic images that go with them. These images are full of action, without moving, but what makes them epic in my opinion is the amount of detail that fills the landscape, their clothing, and other details that could just as easily have been left out.

You can also try to find images of your own. Not necessarily of the character, but just of things that are important to him. Art, symbols, architecture, and the like. If something about Ashe is unique, and most people want their character to be unique in some way, find a picture of it.


Male Human {Black American} Monk 1 / Paladin 2 / Bard 1

LOL. No problem... that's a small price. lol. Should be interesting.


Male Human {Black American} Monk 1 / Paladin 2 / Bard 1

I have to be in at work at 2AM tonight... so if Megan does not post before then... it will be late tomorrow before I can post any reply. Just a head's up.


She's usually on around 1 AM Central, sometimes later than that.


Male Human {Black American} Monk 1 / Paladin 2 / Bard 1

Ah. Ok, thanks. By the way... looked up your suggested youtube music... love it! I think {Two Steps from Hell's} - "Undying Love" is more what I think of as a song associated and appropriate for Ashe... grand, inspiring... but with a hint of inevitable sadness and a lonely if heroic end. least it feels that way to me.

I figure... few truly heroic paladins ever live to retire... but eventually find death somewhere fighting the good fight. I could see Ashe ending that way. There's not even the hope of a 'Valhalla' in Golarion... it is a somewhat 'dark' fantasy world.


It makes you feel what it makes you feel. The point is... it makes you feel. :P

I would say for Una. Two Steps From Hell "Magic of Love" is probably how she feels inside, but "Five Finger Fillet" is what she presents to the world... :P


Female Depemds on the game system (human in the real world)

Ah, good... you are talking to each other :)

My habits are normally to come by around 8-9am GMT. Occasionally other things intervene and it's later, and on Sundays it is more like 2pm GMT as I don't tend to come online before going to church.

Pacing is always difficut in online games - be they forum or e-mail - and it always seems to be that the one person everyone else is waiting on is in outer Mongolia with no net access.... (and, of course, if there's something you are burning to say, that person is YOU!).

Whilst it's appreciated that trying to keep things moving is important, and people who post entire plans of action or everything their character is going to do before Christmas in one go do help keep up the momentum, it is important to remember that you can only ever speak for one character, your own. (Plus birds, pseudodragons, etc., of course!) You can suggest that another character does something, but you cannot assume that they will.

Hugs from Megan.

Human Crossbow Weapon Master 4 / Sniper Rogue 2 / Hunter 1

Okay a few questions... Megan, would it be alright if I switched out my rogue class for ninja when we next level. Or is ninja being reserved for eastern campaigns? So far, it would just take my sniper ability away and replace it with poison use. (which I hope is not regarded as inherently evil). I was also wondering if you would allow the Crossbow Sniper feat from Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook II? If not, its understandable. Not trying to break the game, just be a cooler character.


Female Depemds on the game system (human in the real world)

How do you intend to get ninja training here in Korvosa? It's a cosmopolitan enough place that I'm sure there is the odd ninja around, but they tend to be quite hard to find, particularly if you want to learn from them rather than hire them for a bit of wetwork.

Do you have a page reference for the Crossbow Sniper? I cannot seem to find it.

Human Crossbow Weapon Master 4 / Sniper Rogue 2 / Hunter 1

Well, if necessary, I'll drop a few coins in different places. Maybe get in touch with the Cerulean Society, check with mercenaries and military trainers to see if any exotic dexterity warriors have stopped in or been spotted.

The Crossbow Sniper feat is D&D 3.5ed PHBII, page 77.

Crossbow Sniper
You are skilled in lining up accurate, deadly shots with your crossbow. Perhaps you add custom-made sights to your weapon, or have learned to maximize the stability and precision the weapon offers.
Proficiency with hand, heavy, or light crossbow. Weapon Focus with hand, heavy, or light crossbow, base attack bonus +1.
When using a crossbow for which you have the Weapon Focus feat, you gain a bonus on damage rolls equal to 1/2 your Dexterity bonus.
If you have a skirmish or sneak attack ability, the maximum range at which you can make such attacks increases to 60 feet when you are using a crossbow for which you have the Weapon Focus feat.
A fighter can select Crossbow Sniper as one of the fighter bonus feats.


Female Depemds on the game system (human in the real world)

Ah, got it. Thought I'd looked in the right places in my copy but somehow managed to miss it!

Yes, you may take it.

Meanwhile, go enjoy your gaudy freerunner... put him in especially for you :)

Male Human Ranger 1

Man, I gotta remember to check the discussion thread. Lot happening.

Una, soon you'll find Varrel backing your plans more. You make good points but Varrel was new to the group on Devago's boat and so said nothing. He thinks the rooftop is a good idea and may suggest you and Shaktan take the bard on the roofs while Ashe and he take the land route. He'd prefer NOT to split up. Ashe has a ring of feather fall doesn't he?

Ashe, you may suggest Varrel scout. His racial bonus helps a bit, despite the wiz penalty. Plus being in front will let him use an area blast without hitting the party.

Human Crossbow Weapon Master 4 / Sniper Rogue 2 / Hunter 1

Welcome Ranger/Varrel. Yeah, feel free to offer criticisms and suggestions for our characters (or whatever) here. Its a free for all good time here.

I'm still having difficulty wrapping my head around the idea that using poison is inherently evil. Maybe deadly poisons, I can see that. But any poison at all? I'm thinking something that does dexterity damage, or slows the target. Of course, that could be deadly in the right circumstances, but it's not what I'm intending.

Also, I would think the ninja would have an alignment restriction of evil or neutral if that were the case, since poison use is a first level class ability. Maybe good ninjas are trained in poison use so they can spot it more easily or something. :(

Anyway, can't do anything about ninja training at this very moment. We've got two groups of soldiers looking for us and our friend, and a mob someplace, so I'll wait til we have Trina taken care of before trying to find a ninja trainer.

Human Crossbow Weapon Master 4 / Sniper Rogue 2 / Hunter 1

Okay, apparently my perception is pretty high. Not sure what I was thinking back there. I think it was just the "argument", or Una not wanting to take commands or something. She is a good scout, relatively. :P But perhaps not mentally coordinated to be a good service scout, i.e. someone who can do so for others. I tend to rely on her perception more as a natural talent than a skill that has been learned over time.

So.... if you want to get Una to act as a scout, you probably have to trick her to come up with the idea herself. :P She has such a problem with authority figures (particularly men) telling her what to do.

Male Human Paladin 6 / Bard 1 | AC 24{28 "29"} [se: 28{32 “33”}] T 12 [se: 15] FF 23{27 "28"} [se: 27{31 “32”}] | HP 57/57 | F +12 R +11 W +14{+15ench} | Init +1{+2} | Perc +6{+7}
Common Skills:
Bluff +5, Diplomacy +10(+11K), Heal +15, Kno {Religion} +10, Perform {Sing} +8, Sense Motive +6, Spellcraft +5

LOL. Its cool! :)

Ashe has problems with women combatants... in a different way. Has not come up yet... but I'm sure at some point it will. Should prove interesting how Una takes this unique point of view that Ashe holds to. lol!

I'm not sure I'm... subtle enough to trick a player into something. :) Plus, it sort of smacks of 'manipulating a sentient being's will'... something the freedom championing Ashe would be opposed to... not to mention it is not a very noble or honest way to treat one comrades in arms {at least in Ashe's view of it}. Though, perhaps some subtle nudging in the right direction might be possible.

Ashe is not one for deceptions... he hates to do it - preferring to live and act with 'Spirit and Truth'.

But Ashe is a gracious looser and a good sport winner... he will not continue to complain when he has lost a order of action debate as to the parties direction... nor will he harp over past failings of others or correctness on his part for actions taken... its unseemly and lacks humility in his point of view. Results are what matter to him... not 'who won the argument over whose idea was best...'

Yes. I agree with you on the poison issue. There are many poisons that are merely debilitating and in and of themselves not lethal or harmful... you should not need to be 'evil' to use non-lethal poisons. Never liked that ruling in D&D. Its unreasonable.


Female Depemds on the game system (human in the real world)

Merry Christmas to all... I'll bob in tomorrow after church.

Oh, and I see no reason why using poison on an enemy is any more evil than sticking a sword into him, firing arrows at him or any other form of dealing out damage.

Human Crossbow Weapon Master 4 / Sniper Rogue 2 / Hunter 1

Thank you Megan. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Good to know that poison is still a mostly neutral experience. :P


Female Depemds on the game system (human in the real world)

On poison use, it might be said that doctoring someone's food or drink and taking them unawares is a bit dodgy, but putting it on blade or arrow certainly is not.

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