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Kingmaker (Inactive)

Game Master Dreaming Warforged

Bold and just adventurers exploring and settling the Stolen Lands.
Now at the beginning of vol. 4 - Blood for Blood

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Male Elf Cleric 10: AC 24, Hit Points 57/57, Perception +17, Initiative +3

Since the combat ended, Everyone has gained 24 hit points, except for Kriger, who has gained 63 hit points.

I figure that's not enough so I'm going to continue my prayers for two more rounds.

I continue to pray as the others talk and organise, as long as my prayers continue you feel as if you are walking under a warming sun and your wounds gradually heal.

3rd channel to heal: 5d6 ⇒ (4, 6, 6, 3, 6) = 25
4th channel to heal: 5d6 ⇒ (2, 3, 3, 5, 5) = 18

So that is 67 hit points to everyone, except Kriger who gets 106 hit points. If that doesn't get you up to full health, please let me know.

Drawing in gasping breath as Malaswyn's graces returns consciousness to him Raveneau jerks to a sitting position and his hand goes to his blade. When bloodshot eyes find no more sight of foes yet standing he snuffs the magic causing his daggers to circulate, and the blades find their way back to the sheathes within his clothes. Finding his way back to his feet and keeping his sword in hand he croaks in a yet raw voice "The day was won?"

HP 56/67

Male Elf Cleric 10: AC 24, Hit Points 57/57, Perception +17, Initiative +3

Finishing my chant, I look at Drelev, his children and the captive. Then my gaz swings to Merten and the lady, "Maybe."

Storyteller of the Greenbelt
Merten Falstaff wrote:

Oh gods... those children...

Merten is taken aback at the ruin wrought by the combat. Why Griselle? What did you hope to accomplish with all this?

OM, did that guard who ran into the acid fog turn up when it dissipated?

Griselle's eyes seem to regain focus as Merten asks the question. She seems to think on it for a few seconds: "What indeed..!? Happiness I guess? What about you? Love lost?"

Init +10, Perception +18(+22), AC: 20/14/17, F+9, R+10, W+10, hp: 72/72

Happiness? By the All Seeing Eye... Merten snaps his mouth shut and favors Griselle with a rueful grin. You always do this, no sooner do I best you, then I spend precious time trying to explain myself to you. Well, no more. Merten squares his shoulders and moves closer to Griselle, staying out of her reach however. You've begged for your life, so start talking if you wish to keep it. Whatever you know about Drelev's plans and allies, now is the time to tell us.

Storyteller of the Greenbelt

"Merten Falstaff, you scum of this earth! You've just KILLED MY LOVER!!!" she moves up to try and slap you.

Do you let her?

With tears in her eyes she says, vitriolic: "You thin empty man! You think I'm going to let you in on his plans? You think he tells me his plans? You think I don't want you to die!"

She looks at the two slain children: "You're just the next bunch of noble murderers..."

Init +10, Perception +18(+22), AC: 20/14/17, F+9, R+10, W+10, hp: 72/72

Merten makes no move to avoid the slap, and cheek stinging, lowers his crossbow. And now you know how it feels to lose that which is precious to you. Merten shakes his head, saddened and perhaps a bit wiser. You know, he adds in a small voice, I've been looking for you for years. I wanted to know why, though I knew in my heart of hearts that the why of it didn't matter. I wanted to know if you ever had any genuine love or affection for me. If you did at one time, you clearly no longer feel that way. Merten exhales loudly, then looks on Griselle with clear eyes. If I was a murderer, you would be dead already. I should leave you as you left me, naked and penniless. But for the time being, I'll see you bound and gagged so you can't cause any mischief. Kriger, if I might have your assistance for a moment...

Male Elf Cleric 10: AC 24, Hit Points 57/57, Perception +17, Initiative +3

As Merten puts Griselle in her place, I give the children a longer look.

"Were they innocents in this?" I look to the woman, "As Sarenrae's serveant, I can give them a chance to live again. Redemption, perhaps: for them or for you..."

I bustle to my feet from my kneeling prayer, "But we have only a few short days to act. Did Drelev have any diamonds? No other gemstone will do for the spell."

Storyteller of the Greenbelt

Griselle crosses her arms across her chest, making it harder for Kriger to do as asked. Her stare cuts through the ranger as she answers Malaswyn: "Just ask the baroness... She can always sniff a diamond from a mile away, that cash hound..."

Male Human Ranger 3(Guide)
AC 18/14touch/14ff; Hp's ; Perc. +9; Fort: +8, Ref: +7, Will: +7; Int: +3

Kriger moves to aid the wizard. Rolling his eyes at the stubborn woman, "My you are a cranky one. Stop fighting me and do as your told! You're only making it worse!" He then attempts to grab her arms so someone can tie them off. "Once she stops being so stubborn, I'll hold her while one of you tie her up."

Looking around to see that only the opposition still lies bloody and broken Raveneau shrugs and instead turns his attention to stripping corpses and still breathing fallen of all of value...
Detect magic assisted looting of the fallen

Male Elf Cleric 10: AC 24, Hit Points 57/57, Perception +17, Initiative +3

"So, you're putting up barriers to me helping them by the way you answer. Is that because you want these children to die?"

"Answer directly, do you know the location of any diamonds? If not, and you believe someone else might, tell us all you can which would help me to reach that person."

Frustration peaks through my usual calm veneer, "I'm not interested in an opinion: just practical information."

Storyteller of the Greenbelt

Kriger manages to get Griselle restrained. She stares at Malaswyn with tear-stained cheeks: "I'm not the one who killed them. Don't you try deflecting your judgement on me, priest! You should know to bring diamonds to a slaughter... The baroness lives upstairs. She's the ones with the diamonds. All I had was his heart..." she finishes with a sob.

Confused as he continues looting "And why would we be returning to life ones that tried most earnestly to kill us?"

Male Elf Cleric 10: AC 24, Hit Points 57/57, Perception +17, Initiative +3

"Well, that was my first question. I am inclined to revive the man we found in the cellar though: we brought him unconscious into a battlefield."

Inclining his head "On that one could support."

Init +10, Perception +18(+22), AC: 20/14/17, F+9, R+10, W+10, hp: 72/72

Merten bows his head and avoids looking at Griselle. The boy told us where the prisoner was, and aided us in rescuing him. He also told his father of our presence, but what son would do any less? I know naught of the girl, but she raised no hand against me. If Sarenrae will bring them back from the Boneyard through your works, I will aid in whatever way I can. He shakes his head, clearly conflicted but finally looks up at Griselle. Help us to end this without further bloodshed Griselle. Please.

Kalsgrim remains quiet as Merten pleads with Griselle. His scowl makes it clear that his patience is running low with her.

He makes his way to the door leading to the balcony. He tries to look out discreetly to see if there is any movement in the courtyard below.

Init +10, Perception +18(+22), AC: 20/14/17, F+9, R+10, W+10, hp: 72/72

diplomacy: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (15) + 7 = 22
If anyone wants to aid another, it might help, and probably wouldn't hurt.

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