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First defence and last stand (Inactive)

Game Master Big OM

Manning the defences of Castle Firrine and surrounding lands in North-western Lastwall.

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I need to bow out as well

So, we lost the rogue and wizard? I can do a Wizard that multi-classes Rogue or the other way around.

First level... rogue?

If I'm reading right we have paladin, cavalier, barbarian, druid, bard and you whatever you make Hassan. I'm the paladin and I'm gonna specialize in laying on hands. Between that, the druid and the bard we should have healing covered. Do a summoner with an eidolon who can deal with traps :P Or a rogue. Whatever... traps and swarms look to be our biggest weak spots right now.


actually sounds like an arcane trickster is what we need

The Exchange

This bard doesn't heal that much, unfortunately. Comprehend Languages to deal with people he can't speak to, and Vanish to get out of a tight spot.

And yes, AT is exactly what this party needs.

Well he can use a wand of cure light. Once we can get access to one of those we should be okay until we start running into things with ability drain. Then we're gonna be sorely missing a cleric/oracle.


quote logen "I'll just kill em first" lol. actually since i'm going oracle/rage prophet, i'll have some minor divine. won't have the big-gun spells we might need, but a little later on

The Exchange

I love the Rage Prophet class. Its such cool flavor. If you're an Oracle of Life, then you'll be really hard to kill, since you can heal in battle and such. What levels will you take? Oracle 2 Barb 4? Or an even 3/3? Heavy on the Oracle side and go Oracle 4 barb 2?

Jelani, are you going to take an archetype for that?


Yes it is very cool, and yes I will be quite the *#&!# to kill. probably barb 4/oracle 2, he's definitely more barbarian. plus that way i can get 2 rage powers. oh and for the record, i'm going to go with healing magic, don't think Gorum cares, but if i need to hurt something i'll just hit it

Archetype for what? I'm a hospitaler.

The Exchange

Thats what I meant.

Allright, I am closing recruitment and will be back in 1-2 days.

So the final submissions are:

Logen Baccus

Sir Gerard Paschal


Vaslo Garethka

Sir Voldniq

I am intending to give Hassan a day to finish a submission before taking the final decission. Thanks for your interest and I will get back once Hassan has decided if and what he wants to submit.

All right I have heard from Hassan and he won't be able to submit so you're all in the game.

Head over to the discussion thread if you have any questions. I'll get the gameplaythread up later to day.

Due some unfortunate events in real life one of the players had to leave and I am therefore looking for a replacement.

The group currently consists of a paladin, a bard, a druid and a barbarian. So there is no special requirement on what role to construct.

For character creation rules and introduction please see the first post and head over to the gameplay thread if you want to see how the game goes.

As I stated in the initial post this is my first time as a gm in a pbp so there might be some hiccups along the way.

There is a Tiefling Ranger build I've been kicking around for a while. Alt racial trait from the ARG gives tieflings two claw attacks or a bite attack. Basic idea is a natural weapon style ranger (maybe shapeshifter or infiltrator archetype, haven't decided yet). I'd be taking Feral Combat Training and using various unarmed strike feats with my natural weapons. If you're worried about the tiefling power balance, I'd be willing to give up one of my traits to balance it out some.

Should I assume Evil Outsiders and Orcs would make good Favored Enemies or are you choosing to not say?

I would be fine with me from a game mechanics point of view but from a role playing point of view the tiefling would give you some problems with the crusaders that you're part of/working with. They are faithful servants of Iomedae and not terribly fond of demon spawn. You would have to be willing to accept severe discrimination from npcs even those who are your allies.

Your best bet for favoured enemies would be orcs and undead I haven't decided on other enemies but the terrain is hills, plains, rivers and swamps perhaps mountains later on so take a look in the monster book to get some inspiration.

@ Big OM If you happen to need another, I would enjoy a knightly venture.

I promised the four that are currently in the group that they would have a saying in who would join so feel free to pitch a concept, but I can't guaranty who will be chosen. What I can say is that the decision wont happen for at least a couple of days, so feel free to think about it and get back to me.

Just got a pointer from one of the current players, some more magic would be appreciated wizard, witch or cleric was the suggestion.

I would like to pitch in one of the following 2 concepts - either a potential thief going to the path of Arcane trickster, with focus on ranged touch/sneak attack spells, or a universalists wizard focused mainly on buffing/utalitarian/all-around-a-bit-of-everything spells.

The first one would be my preffered character concept, but it may take a bit too long to setup, with 2 levels of thief, followed by wizard and Arcane trickster levels. I can provide you guys with more details if needed. Cheers

Can I dot for a level 1 cleric then.

Never tried a witch I'll look at knocking one up... Er in the character building sense that is :S

I'd like to proffer Arduino the Lesser, human sorcerer (fey) specializing in Enchantment spells. And yes I find it amusing that I'd previously chosen the same profile pic as Darius.

Meet Mirela, Kip84's Witch.


Hello all, I'm the orc barbarian in the party right now. Just so you all know, I'm taking the route into rage prophet, so eventually I'll have a little divine magic/healing. Not much, but a little. Just in case that influences anybodies character ideas

Hey, everyone. Darius the bard hear. Just poping in to say I like it so far. I don't have any plans on going into a Prestige class for now, but the Duelist is a deffinate possibility.

Made a couple of changes, my spells known were in the spoiler for my familiar. I moved them to their own spoiler. I changed my feat to 'Extra Hex' and took the Slumber hex.

dot for giggles...will mull something over and get back to you assuming the thread is still open :)

It should be, so thanks for the dottitude.

We're looking for an Arcane Caster or a Healer, but that doesn't mean that you have to choose them. You could be a Holy Vindicator and fit in really well with this group. We have 2 nobleman party members, and 2 wilds party members. Any thing you do will match.

As Darius wrote, feel free to submit the spot is still open. I like what I have seen so far and we'll close on Friday the 16th and decide over the weekend.

I had a day off work today and I've spent it reading through the gameplay thread. Its quite an entertaining read, well done. Some great in character discussions and it's so nice to see a party that actually cares for the townsfolk. I'm looking forward to playing with you if I'm selected.

can't think of anything so I am gonna bow out, have fun whoever is accepted :)

Right, I think I'm going to throw my hat into the ring here. I'm thinking of going Oracle, likely casting focused, so maybe dual cursed for misfortune... I'll try to knock something up tomorrow.

I would like to propose this character though I think he would need a little adjusting. He is a wizard though so it meets the casting requirement.

Thanks for the submissions as I wrote earlier the recruitment isn't closed yet so there is still time to submit. I like what I have seen so far.

Is Arcil's alignment going to be a problem? With a paladin in the group I would suspect so but I'm all for inner party conflict.

I might be but so could your necromancy specialization. To be perfectly honest I don't see why he would join the crusade in Lastwall. So at the very least a change in his story would bee needed perhaps also in alignment. Remember it's not one my opinion that counts as the players are involved in the decision process.

Not a problem. I'll change him up a little and get him resubmitted probably tomorrow as I don't have internet access at home but don't have herolab at the library lol.


LE might be a rough choice, between LG party members and CN ones, you'll be pretty isolated. However there's been some crazy backstories i've seen, so keep brainstorming lol

Grand Lodge

How about an Boreal or elemental water sorceror? Or a tengu rogue blademaster?

I won't be giving my vote to a Tengu. I irrationally hate them.

I'm also going to say no to the tengu.

Grand Lodge

Wow why all the tengu hate

My personal opinion are that they are cheesy, ugly and ridiculous. Dunno why, as I said, it's irrational. Not sure why the DM outright ban sticked it though.

Personally, I like them. The idea of bird people intregues me. I don't know why they're master swordsman, I don't know why OM doesn't like them, but the important part is that only 1 party member can CAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCAW!!!

I'm a bit set in my idea of what a fantasy setting should be and it doesn't include tengu, guns and few other things. I'm not terribly fond of games where the party is non human in a world with a human majority. I usually play a male human myself.

I also sort of feel that way about Vishkanya and Samsarans. Maybe in an eastern themed game, but a lot of the eastern races just feel horribly out of place to me, and thus cheesy. Guns I like, but they're not for everyone.

I have played a bit and updated Thosar to be as per your creation rules. Elven wizard, with (not to big) focus on Conjuration, and a plan to expand mainly into battlefield control/party buff areas (hey, summoned creatures are still one of main ways to control battlefield). You can see the spell selection, and I am open to ideas/suggestions if chosen.

Character is still "work in progress" in regards to equipment, background and various minor stuff.

Grand Lodge

Oh okay was just wondering, because this is like the third game that said no to the tengu, before i even made one. I will work on the Boreal/Water Elementalist crossblooded Sorcerer and a kensai magus

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