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DM Caleth's Bronze Age: An Inheritance of Dragons (Inactive)

Game Master Saint Caleth

In an ancient world, a group of recently freed slaves join the fight against the tyrannical Dragon God, possibly to end his reign forever...

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Male Human Soulbolt 4

Hmmm.... I'm not set yet, and this is also entirely dependent on your answer to the following question, but would you consider letting me multiclass into Aegis from Psionics Expanded, Unlimited Possibilities? If you need info on the class, email me at

I don't fancy posting actual rules for things on messageboards. Suffice it to say, Aegis would be another manifestation of Quodak's peculiar ability to shape ectoplasm, augmenting his body in strange ways with a coating of Astral Goop.

If allowed, I might ask you about a PrC, the Metaforge, a combination of soulknife and aegis, which they are issuing an errata to to allow soulbolt, last I checked. Either that or errataing Mind Bolt from soulbolt to count as Mind Blade for pre-req purposes.

I assume that Aegis allows you to create armor much as the Soulbolt allows you to create weapons. In that case, Aegis is ok, but let me take a look at the PrC.

Male Human Soulbolt 4

Aegis lets you make armor, yes, but it's a little more complicated than that. They get points to spend on enhancements to it, kind of like an evolution pool, but different options.

The Metaforge PrC advances Enhance Mind Blade from the soulknife side and Customization points and DR from the Aegis side. If you'd like more info, I can email it to you if you don't have the books.

Male Human Soulbolt 4

This game is still going on, right?

Yes, it's just hard to find Internet access in Laos.

Male Human Soulbolt 4

Not a problem, just hadn't heard anything in a few days.

Male Human Soulbolt 4

Caleth, are you still in Laos/traveling?

I am in Thailand now and in between fighting off my monumental hangovers I will try my best to advance the game. I will be home in about a week in any case.

Now that you are encountering Dwarven culture, here is some relevant background that some party members would know. When you encounter other cultures, the appropriate party members will likewise get the background info.

The Dwarves of the Known World, while they all have Scandanavian names are heavily based on Tibetan and Chinese culture in terms of their art, architecture, food and religion.
The most important part of Dwarven culture are the Ancestors, who are worthy of respect due to the fact that they are responsible for having lead the Dwarven people to where they are today. While all Dwarves who have died are considered to be ancestors and are enshrined in their clan's temple, many are forgotten after a few generations and some Dwarves who have accomplished great things are remembered for longer and venerated by more than merely their own descendants.

Each Clan has an Ancestral Temple with a plaque for each ancestor of the Clan, inscribed with a name (the Dwarves have a writing system but only use it for religious purposes and recording history). The most ancient of these temples (including the legendary one commemorating the first Dwarves) can be huge, crammed full of thousands of names. Temples also contain historical records stretching back millennia, and written in archaic language known only to priests of the ancestors.

The Dwarves also know how to work metals other than Bronze, although the smelting process and even it's existence cannot be revealed to outsiders on pain of death. The only barrier to the mass-production of iron items for sale is the extreme rarity of iron ore in the south.

The main split between the Dwarves is between the Mountain-Dwelling and Cave-Dwelling Dwarves. While the Mountain dwarves recognize that the Cave Dwarves share the same ancestors, they regard them as outsiders since at this point they have very different customs and legends and a virtually incomprehensible language. Most Dwarves are nomadic herders on the plateaus of the South, but some clans are more settled, living near mines like the one you are at.

Krathok and Orion:
The mines of the Dwarves are well-known among the Human and Orc tribes of this part of the world, as the only source of superior iron weapons for your people is indentured work mining for the Dwarves. Typically an entire tribe will spend months to a year working in exchange for a few iron items for the Chief, which then become priceless heirlooms. For this reason, access to Dwarven mines is a resource which is often fought over. Recently, Ramlor has been exhorting his followers to make pilgrimages to the mines in groups to earn their own arms instead of working only for the betterment of their leaders.

Male Dwarf Rogue (scout) 4

I assume these are Mountain-Dwelling Dwarves then?

Yes, these are mountain dwarves.

Half-Orc Barbarian 1

Just a quick FYI - I'll be out of town and away from the internet for about 48 hours from the time of this post. Disappearing into the suburbs for the weekend.

Please take any DMPC actions required to keep things moving along.

Krathok's first action would be to augment a natural healing, then twin it through the collective for a net 12 healing to whoever wants it.

Half-Orc Barbarian 1

Since Moredrel comes first in the initiative chain, I'll wait on his action before throwing up Krathok's...

Ok, I'm really sorry for disappearing on you guys for so long, especially since we have gotten so far with this game. I am still here, but I have had some unexpected health problems to deal with. I still have really cool stuff planned for you and I will get things rolling again in a few days once I finish sorting everything out.

Half-Orc Barbarian 1

Caleth - understood, it's always important to get yourself sorted before you start thinking about us again :)

Hope you get better soon.

No worries. Real life comes first.

Male Human Soulbolt 4

No problems. Real life is more important, as has been stated previously.

Male Human Soulbolt 4

Also, a few people are wondering if your immortals game will be continuing, myself included.

Ok, I'm back finally. Lets get this show on the road.

About the immortals game, when I was traveling it seemed that the game had lost several players and the critical mass required to keep it rolling. I'm not sure how many people are left on board, but I could start it up again. Just let me get this game back on track first.

Male Human Soulbolt 4

No problem. I'm a bit too tired to post anything super-meaningful right now, 40-some odd hours without sleep isn't good for the brain-meat.

Half-Orc Barbarian 1

Probably an appropriate juncture to do a cross-post to all my more active PbPs about an interruption to my posting schedule that is imminent.

My wife is about 37 weeks pregnant, which basically means that the bun is fully cooked and ready to pop at any time. This means that at some point in the next 1 day to 4 weeks I will suddenly and without notice disappear completely from the interwebs. I can't say when or for how long, but it will probably knock me out for up to a week or so before my wife and I get back on our feet and I'm of somewhat sound and untired enough mind to jump back online.

So if I do vanish, please don't fret as I shall return :) I would just ask for some leeway on posting frequency for a while as we adjust to the new baby floating around.

Half-Orc Barbarian 1

Krathok back now.

Half-Orc Barbarian 1

I'm guessing with no game posts and Caleth active elsewhere on the boards the PbP is officially dead?

Yea, it did sort of peter out. Sorry about that I have had a really s@*!ty month and on top of that it is the end of the semester, so there is like five times as much work for me. I have a goal which you are heading towards at the moment, but it has become a little too much of a burden to fill in the points along the way in a way which you guys deserve for hanging in there for so long.

If you are still here in a week or so, I can probably start this back up if you want.

Male Human Soulbolt 4

I'm good to wait. I'd rather wait a while then have this completely die. Sorry I didn't post sooner, the Discussion board de-dotted for me.

Still here. I'll check back in a week.

Male Human Soulbolt 4

Just so everybody knows, Kjolmar dropped from all of his play-by-posts, so he won't be returning.

Too bad about Kjolmar. I think that I am ready to try to start this back up, so can I get a head count to see who is still on board.

Male Human Soulbolt 4

I won't give up on this til you do, so I'll always be here. :P

Half-Orc Barbarian 1

Krathok is still here.


We seem to have gotten three of five back. We can keep going with just you guys until you get to a point where it makes sense to introduce more characters.

Male Human Soulbolt 4

Sounds good to me. I sent a PM to Moredrel yesterday, but I haven't gotten a response, and he hasn't replied, so it appears he won't be returning.

No, I'm just not used to checking for PMs. I'm still around.

If we're starting up again, I'm in.

Male Human Soulbolt 4


Moredrel, you've returned! Good to have ya back.

Expect a post later today, once I take my post-work afternoon nap, like the lazy bum I am. :)

As a reminder, you are fleeing towards Anaph Pell, which is 5 days of travel away at the moment. It seems like many powers are taking a sudden interest in your destination as well, including the revered ancestors of the Dwarves and the Dragon God himself, who is reputedly mobilizing his army. You have just ascended onto a glacier on your journey.

Male Human Soulbolt 4

Sounds good to me, Caleth.

On a mostly unrelated note, naps are awesome. As an experiment, I started polyphasic sleeping, which is basically where you take a whole bunch of naps during your 24 hour cycle, instead of sleeping once at night. I was running off 2-3 hours of sleep a day for a little over a month. The only reason I couldn't sustain it was my family, who only found it pertinent to bother me when I was napping. Still, it was fun, and I can't wait to return to a polyphasic schedule once I move out.

It may not matter much, given the pace, but I'm going to be away and pretty much out of contact for most of the next week.

Moredrel isn't going to start a fight with these guys, pretty much regardless of provocation. He'll back the rest of you up if necessary. Or at least supply communal mounts if we try to flee.

Male Human Soulbolt 4

Alright. Seeya when you get back.

Male Human Soulbolt 4

Is there any chance of this going back up, Caleth? If at all possible, I would very much like to continue.

Quodak Milner wrote:
Is there any chance of this going back up, Caleth? If at all possible, I would very much like to continue.

I was just coming on to ask if the game has died?

I'm going to assume this game is dead. If that changes someone please message me to let me know.

For some reason the updates stopped showing up for me across all my campaigns, so I assumed that you guys had petered off since I dropped the ball and let go of all the momentum the game had going. We seem to have lost just about everyone as well.

We are almost at the end of what I intended as part one of the story. In game you have five more days of travel to reach Anaph Pell and then whatever happens there. If I get three of four people ready to continue I will be glad to.

Male Human Soulbolt 4

Huzzah! Like I said before, I'm always willing to play, if you're still willing to DM.

I'm here

Half-Orc Barbarian 1

Krathok still floating around as well...

Stay tuned then...

...and we're back. I am going to be traveling for another two weeks, but I will have my trusty new 7" tablet with me so I should be able to check the game at least once a day.

Male Human Soulbolt 4


Not sure. It seems like we have lost a critical mass of people. Only one or two people replied to the last few posts I made, so I'm not sure if anyone is still onboard, which is a shame, since this is the perfect time for me, PbP wise, since I am done traveling and have nothing to do until the semester starts.

If it turns out that this game ultimately cannot be recessitated maybe I'll start another.

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