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The book's now finally out for general sale, and we've got our proper introduction to Pathfinder's Asia-inspired continent in 2e! With 30 regions covered (to say nothing of the rest of the book), it's quite a feast for all the lore fans. I wanna know what jumps out to YOU!

On a first skim, I've really fallen for Songbai (formerly Shokuro). I'd complained in the past that 1e's take on Tian Xia had "three Japans," with Shokuro as one of them, but the work done here to reinterpret what was already true is fascinating. The way ethnic and national divides are so realistically messy in the war's aftermath, and just how fragile, fraught, and fundamentally compromised the current peace is... all of it comes together into a surprisingly grounded palette for war- and politics-heavy campaigns with primarily-Human casts. I also quite like that even the most salt-of-the-earth Songbainese peasant isn't getting away clean, as it's all stolen Kitsune land. Complex, compelling stuff!

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The art I've been seeing from previews is absolutely amazing. I'm loving the love for this book as I gather my list of resources I may want to pick up for when I get to run Season of Ghosts... gonna wait for PC2 at least, but at least one of my players has expressed interest in 'furry magical girls' so may need to wait for the Starlit Sentinel, too.

I hadn't really done too much research into Tian Xia before, but over the last month I've been getting increasingly hype for the World Guide as I browse existing lore and look forward to what new depths and developments await!

I've been slowly picking through the deities.

It's interesting that Hei Feng has this unique sanctification: "can choose unholy, can choose holy if you are a tengu." I found a few people losing their minds in an entertaining way over this on a Discord, but I like it.

Jin Li, the golden carp, the god of hard work and perseverence, covers a multitude of sins. Test prep grinds have their man!

Lady Nanbyo's bio: "repeatedly betrayed by greedy and selfish lovers, she became more and more bitter and helpful." Me: "I can fix her." I also like that your edicts involve making natural disasters worse, but anathema is not to leave any survivors. Just like my ex-wife. Hey-yo!

I've been a fan of Lao Shu Po in PF1 and Starfinder, and the PF2 write up is my favorite yet: "After all, Lao Shu Po doesn’t want destruction, or chaos, or apocalypse. She just wants to survive and thrive." She's just like me fr.

Mugura and Nrithu, the voiceless dancers from opposite sides of the tracks, bound together in godhood who went from love to rivalry/hatred is an exceptionally cool write up. Their symbol is inspired.

I like Nalinivati as a combined sorcery (9 cleric spells like Nethys) and fertility goddess. No more nerds studying alone in a cell, get to work making magical babies by mixing in useful bloodlines.

Phi Deva seems like a Tian Xia form of Milani in a way, just with a focus on defense of the defenseless rather than affirmatively overthrowing tyranny, and respect for consensus rather than defending individual rights. More reactive community cop than proactive crusader.

Srikalis, Sritaming, and Sribaril: "Give me Besmara, but make it fashion."

Yaezhing, Minister of Blood, concerned with harsh punishment, murder, and assassination, who in PF1 lore lived in Hell and advised archdevils on torture techniques, now allows holy sanctification. Murderhobos, Ragathiel and Vildeis aren't your only options if you want a "by any means necessary" spiritual backer to go after fiends. I quite like his write up.

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Sun Wukong really seems like he'd be best buds with Cayden.

Radiant Oath

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He's also bros with Radovan Virholt as of Master of Devils!

Was frankly a little surprised the Quain section barely touched on Burning Cloud Devil's disastrous attempts at gaming the Celestial Dragon's previous system considering it's what caused the current government of Grandmasters and the office of Grandmaster Emeritus to form in the first place.

Xenocrat wrote:

I've been slowly picking through the deities.

It's interesting that Hei Feng has this unique sanctification: "can choose unholy, can choose holy if you are a tengu." I found a few people losing their minds in an entertaining way over this on a Discord, but I like it.

It's certainly an interesting choice. My interpretation of a deity's divine sanctification options up until now was a representation of how the deity themselves views the war. So "can choose (un)holy" means the deity's goals align with the side they can sanctify but they aren't active participants in the war, while "must choose (un)holy" means they are participating and expect their followers to enlist on their side.

So Hei Feng's sanctification means that he doesn't agree with the holies but will support his favorite people supporting them, or it has something to do with a worshipper's perception of their deity and not just the deity's opinions themselves.

Quain's introductory paragraphs. Highlander, Asian style - there can (and must) be only 1,000. Can't wait until we get the player companion (and maybe mythic rules) to support the stuff dropped here.


Everyone wants to be a hero, but only a thousand can ascend to true mastery. These martial artists are known as grandmasters, and the tales surrounding them are legendary. A mysterious, magical force known as the Balance keeps the number of true masters at exactly one thousand, ensuring fierce competition and constant innovation. When grandmasters clash, the earth splits, tides heave, and the skies explode with mythic force. When one grandmaster falls, another one rises to keep the Balance intact. Ascension—the process of becoming a grandmaster—is long and dangerous, and there’s no sure path. When a cultivator ascends, they

undergo an intense transformation that alienates them from commoners and lower-ranking martial artists.

The art next to this is gorgeous. Girl, you can make my tides heave anytime.

Taken from a paragraph in page 177 of Lost omens Tian Xia World Guide.

"However, even the COMMONFOLK of Quain are skilled practioners of martial arts.
Farmers Blitz down rows under heavy yokes, tilling the earth in EXPLOSIONS of dirt,
outstripping their owned astomished oxen. Fishers catch squid, crabs, and carp BY HAND,
harvesting more efficiently than than purse seines. Woodcutters sharpen axes AGAINST THEIR OWN ARMS,
gritting their skin with qi to become excellent whetstones. A single cook works SEVEN different stations at one,
balancing pots on knees, juggling knives, and slicing ingredients in midair."

Are these Mythic FEATS which will be shown in the Tian Xia character Guide? In addition to what is stated on the post above?

I don't think the character guide will include mythic feats if it's coming out months before we get the mythic rulebook. There might be human ancestry feats?

Liberty's Edge

Or archetype feats that anyone can take.

Though the idea of the Mythic Commoner sounds charming.

And I now demand the Exceptional Nobody Mythic Destiny. Likely aligned with what was previously known as True Neutral.

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