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<sigh> I miss Mikaze. He was awesome.

Anyway, funnily enough I'm GM'ing CotCT again and the party will be getting to Scarwall in a few weeks and of course encounter Laori again. Can't wait to spring the orc tusk necklaces on them. :D

Name: Paran Falkenmond
Race: Human
Class: Cavalier 5 / Hell Knight 7 (Order of the Torrent)
Location: Temple of Asmodeus, main hall
Cause of Death: Evocation magic, lots of it

The party returned on the second day of the ritual (which was prolonged to six days with a successful sabotage action) and cleared the right side of the temple pretty easily. However, they were seen and Barzillai got the Gardener and Zdella Zidlii, as well as five priests of Asmodeus, together to hunt them down. They finally were spotted passing by the north-eastern entrance to the anteroom of Alucedas sleeping area. While the party was busy dealing with Alucedas two vampire guards, Barzillai and his troupe closed the distance and catched up with the party. A pretty hefty fight ensued, which saw Zella go down to a phantasmal killer of the party Mesmerist before she could even act, but still a ton of fireballs, cone of colds and flame strikes impacted the party in quick succession. Paran went down hard as well as the parties Mystic Theurge, although that character still had two hero points to stave off death.

The Gardener then also went down to another phantasmal killer from the Mesmerist, but a withdraw was obviously necessary, with Barzillai already getting very close with his flaming mace. The Shadowdancer of the party used his shadow jump ability to get Paran out of the temple and the Slayer picked up the unconscious Mysthic Theurge, running with him to the front doors, which the Mesmerist got open and the party managed to beat a hasty retreat through the front doors. Barzillai still got a few good hits in on the Slayer, but chose to not pursue outside of the temple, fearing an ambush.

The party used a scroll of ressurection found earlier on Paran and restored the negative level with a restoration. Hopefully for them, the third day will go without a dead party member, since they are running out of consumables to ressurect more dead friends.

Name: Feanor
Race: Human
Class: Arcanist 12
Adventure: A History of Ashes
Location: Flameford Assault
Catalyst: Cinnabars last kill

After finishing the trials, the party was waiting for the return of the Sun Shaman from the Kallow Mounds and got hit with the combinaed assault of the Red Mantis, the Ashwing Gargoyles and the Cinderlander. Feanor took out quite a lot of the Gargoyles with two consecutive chain lightnings, but not before they had taken down all of his mirror images. Meanwhile, the Red Mantis had gotten close to the party under the effects of Vanish and Invisibility spells and Feanor got sandwiched between one normal assasin and Cinnabar. He already had gotten hit a few times and Cinnabar critting him twice in a row and a last time for good measure after he had already fallen took him well beyond death.

Ironically, Cinnabar was brought well into her "redemption range" right after, due to getting hit to very close to death by the grieving Investigator and dropped her weapons, begged for a mercy kill and instead was clobbered over the head into unconciousness.

After the fight, she explained her situation and it was left up to Feanor if he wanted to have her killed. He showed his good qualities and let her live, with her being plane shifted to Axis by the Sun Shaman to receive a just trial for her life (and have a chance to escape the Red Mantis retribution).

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Name: The'Sslar
Race: Vishkanya
Class: Slayer 12
Location: Temple of Asmodeus, Hall of Nine Infernos
Cause of Death: Weird spell from a trap

The party is currently storming the temple of Asmodeus. Searching for the infernal engines, they entered the Hall of Nine Infernos and the Shadowdancer failed to spot the trap. Nobody died to the Weird spell, but the party tarried and got sandwiched between a gang of five priests of Asmodeus who came storming up the stairs and several bone devils coming through the library, all of whom were activated by Aluceda Zhol. The party took some time beating that double threat down and afterwards nobody thought of the trap... which reset after a minute, this time hitting the entire party and killing The'Sslar. He was brought back immediately with one of the scrolls of Raise Dead which were given out as loot earlier in the campaign and brought up back to almost top shape with another scroll of Restoration. The entire top floor has now been cleared (Barzillai is somewhere about in the temple... his guard "dog" Hellgouille gave a surprisingly hard fight to the party) and the party has retired from the temple to rest, giving everybody there a chance to get as prepared as possible.

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I presume nothing has been heard back from Kyle about importing the last first edition AP modules into the application?

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CorvusMask wrote:
Academic circles needing reform is likely also off topic, I want to avoid summoning academics who are going to be like "well actually, we do have reason for it, you see-" and so on

Too late. :p Also, modern activism has no place in the objective accounting of history. The interpretation of history is of course another topic and it's there where viewing history through a modern lense makes more sense.

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TwilightKnight wrote:
magnuskn wrote:
Just that societies at large didn't view it that way until pretty late in history.
Perhaps, but there is also some [arguable] evidence to indicate that a wide majority of society disapproved of slavery in many areas including the US, but for a number of reasons allowed it to continue anyway.

Sure and the US is a nation which began its lifetime during the Enlightment. As such, the start of modern values were a part of the foundation of that nation.

But the US is not the only location where slavery happened throughout history. It was everywhere.

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keftiu wrote:
magnuskn wrote:
I mean... if we go that way, we will have to say that every government of Earth was Evil-aligned before at least the Enlightment and presumably thereafter as well for a long time. Applying modern moral codes (especially when they are evolving so quickly as they are now) to historical governments is not the best idea, IMO.
Slavery has always been cruel and heinous. We have everyone from Moses to John Brown to show us that some people of their times knew what it was, to say nothing of the fact that I’m certain just about any slave would probably tell you if they could be asked.

Not disputing in any way that it was always cruel and heinous. Just that societies at large didn't view it that way until pretty late in history.

Retrospectively labeling all past societies as evil because they didn't adhere to modern concepts ignores the concept that modern moral codes evolved over time and in the past many of those concepts didn't even exist. I know that is a difficult concept to wrap ones head around (took me a while to get used to it during my time at college studying history).

If there was a time machine and a modern person would travel back to the middle ages to talk to an average person of that age, both sides would probably think they'd be talking to an alien (outside of language barriers and such).

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I mean... if we go that way, we will have to say that every government of Earth was Evil-aligned before at least the Enlightment and presumably thereafter as well for a long time. Applying modern moral codes (especially when they are evolving so quickly as they are now) to historical governments is not the best idea, IMO.

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Kobold Catgirl wrote:

I'm just gonna say, "all these social movements happening around the continent at the same time"? Kind of just how social movements tend to work.

They move.

Hm, comparing a world so connected via the internet that news pass the entire globe in a minute to a quasi-medieval world seems a bit weird. Unless we have Magicbook and Magictwitter and so on which we never heard about.

Feudalism, which presumably will not be abolished on Golarion, is a function of such insufficient ways of communication that a centralized government isn't possible and as such absolute power in a region has to be delegated to local lords. As such, I have to presume that even the presence of magic doesn't make Golarion as interconnected as our modern world.

Now, I can totally see that moral codes on Golarion have evolved to a point where slavery was seen as so immoral that it should be abolished everywhere, which is what happened historically on Earth as well. But that took many decades and much strife to be implemented everywhere. And on Golarion it again runs into the problem of plainly evil nations, which wouldn't care much about what other nations do.

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I feel that complaints that Paizo abolishing slavery on Golarion through storylines, instead of just zapping it away without an explanation, is a bad thing seem a bit, um, overwrought. Slavery is an historical fact throughout the entire world and there is probably no region on Earth which didn't have this institution at some point. It can't be owned by any particular group of people as their collective trauma, because it happened everywhere at some point in history.

I find it unrealistic to the point of suspension of disbelief that we get abolitionist movements throughout the entire wrold of Golarion at the same time (especially in places like Cheliax, because why would they care what other nations do?), but if Paizo wants to go that way, then they should have the right to at least explain it in a way which makes sense in the world.

Now, mechanics like "buying slaves to use them as soldiers in an abolitionist movement" seem tasteless, although I've never read the module, so I can't say if that is exactly how it was written down. So, yeah, some sensitivity in that area probably should have been applied.

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We got 2G (Geimpft, genesen, i.e. vaccinated, recovered from COVID) rules in cinemas, with as of this week the added caveat that we still have to wear masks even when in our seats. I'll still be watching Spider-Man: No Way Home and Matrix 4, but I'm already not watching two other movies due to that. As someone with glasses, wearing a mask during a movie ain't that much fun.

Cases in Germany are exploding and we are reaching the stage where hospitals will have to do triage, so it's even possible that cinemas will be completely shut down when Spider-Man hits on December 16th.

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The best show I've watched in years and most definitely the best western animation of all time, beating out my former favorite The Legend of Korra. I can't recommend this show highly enough.

Uh, let me look for that... yes, there it is! Many thanks!

Thanks, although that just greys out posts, which is not the same as the old blocking script.

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TriOmegaZero wrote:
Well, you can’t see his constant references to his job when you have him blocked, so fair enough.

Blocking ain't a thing unless you have the script for it (and I lost that years ago in some forum update), but I honestly never saw him reference his job before. I'm not constantly checking his posting history and keep (and have kept) to threads of my interest throughout the years, after all. I well may have missed a prior reference or even forgot one. Not getting younger, here. ^^

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MaxAstro wrote:

Did... you really not know Gorbacz is a lawyer? Not that that is Gorbacz, of course not, but really?

Then again, you also seem to be immune to... Um huh. Okay, linguistic question - if you are being sarcastic, then you are employing sarcasm. If you are being facetious, then you are employing...? I really don't know the word here. I wanted to default to "facetism" but if you say it aloud that's something else entirely. :)

Nope, it's not as if he went advertising the fact anywhere else I had to see him in the last decade.

And if you perceive what he has been doing for those years as facetiousness... well, that's your perception problem, I'd say.

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Totally Not Gorbacz wrote:
I can confirm, what we lawyers do is destroy people whom our client asks us to destroy.

Well, this explains, like, a lot of what happened here the last decade.

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Totally Not Gorbacz wrote:
I'm wondering what will the "it's just some opinion from one former disgruntled employee, we must cherish the presumption of innocence the Western Civilization was built upon" folks say about this.

So nice of you to think of me. :)

I'm not a big fan of Sean, given that the one time I ever received a temporary ban (a week or so) it was from him personally about something gaming related. He was gone a few days later from Paizo, which of course had nothing to do with that. Like Storm Dragon said, Sean often came off pretty badly in the forums when he was still employed at Paizo.

That being said, this is very detailed account of things. And the evidence of wrongdoing is stacking up by now, with a multitude of former employees recounting their experiences. Diego posted his own small interjections at what I felt were very, let's say, strategic moments, i.e. just when things were simmering down and suddenly the outrage was inflamed by his revelations once again. So that made me more doubtful than I maybe should have been.

Now, with Sean joining in in such detail, things would have come down to an outright conspiracy against Paizo for there to be nothing to these accusations. I have to presume that there is probably a lot of veracity to at least part of the whole story, although with the reservation that there's always another side to a story and we are only hearing one of the sides here.

And the presumption of innocence still holds, only that the weight of evidence is now strongly inclined towards wrongdoing by Paizo.

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The Inheritor wrote:
I am sorry. Whilst I felt I had a concern, said concern was one out of ignorance. I jumped as to not lose my train of thought. I'm going to take the next few days to be more passive in my approach and just read and learn from the forums and try to be better when I return to posting. I should have more faith in the moderation of this forums.. but paizo is not quite in my good books yet.

Smite them for 20d6 damage. That seemed to work out well over in WotR. ;)

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TriOmegaZero wrote:
magnuskn wrote:
Alright, please link to that confirmation, because, with all due respect, that's a pretty hefty accusation.


Diego Valdez wrote:
To clarify, Tonya lobbied for and was given the Director of Customer Service and Community position. This was in effect a demotion for Sara. A few weeks later Sara was fired by Tonya. I quit when she was fired.

Alright, that's pretty dire, if true. Since it comes from a former employee, who I have to presume is very unhappy with his former place of work, I'm going to have to take it with a grain of salt, though, since Tonya can't possibly publicly defend herself against that accusation, due to professional and legal reasons (i.e. as a moderator and employee of Paizo she cannot have a public fight with Diego on the forums). The presumption of innocence is very important to me.

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Alright, please link to that confirmation, because, with all due respect, that's a pretty hefty accusation.

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Alright, from my perspective (and keep in mind that I often come to the forum here in Germany and find a lot of people upset about posts which already have been deleted while I was sleeping or at work), some people have been really needlessly aggressive towards Tonya, especially in the last few days, with a lot of what I can only call "assumptions of bad behaviour". So far that I can see, she is doing her best and working overtime with no pay for that to boot.

Calm down a bit, guys, as we can see the moderation is implementing better moderation techniques as we speak.

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MurderHobo#6226 wrote:
Young Justice is the best show on TV/streaming today.

How dare you, Arcane pretty much stole the spotlight from everything this year! <twirls not-really-existing moustache>

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Gotta agree that it's really disorienting to come to the forum and see a new string of "Can you believe all this bigotry!" posts, when all the bad stuff has already been removed. Different time zones and also work hours and all that stuff, I guess.

Yeah, I got no good solution to the phenomenon, either. But it isn't just disconcerting to forum newbies.

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All the best, Kalindlara!

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:
I miss Ashiel, too. :(

Damn, yes.

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