Living Bonfire in combat?

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The living Bonfire Kineticist feat - *You conjure a bonfire in an unoccupied 10' space within 30'.*

How does that work in combat? There's no rules in the feat itself - and the rules for fire just look like it's difficult terrain and 1d6 of fire damage with a Reflex DC 15.

I don't intend to milk this feat for more than it's worth - I'm just trying to understand how much of a deterrent to passing through a 10' patch of *bonfire* is going to be for allies and enemies - all the bonfires I've ever been to are about twice as tall as they are wide but this doesn't say anything about that.

I imagine that it's something that's highly dependent on your GM - but I figured I could be missing out on some secret metatag info somewhere .

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"The bonfire burns for 10 hours, providing all the benefits of a normal campfire." As there is no stats for a campfire, it's up to the DM if it gives anything other than heat/light.

The main benefit, IMO, is having a wood ranged Elemental Blast come from the bonfire instead of you: it gives you extra fire damage for the blast and you can do things like add 30' to a blasts range or fire around cover.

The closest I can find is this hazard
Town hall fire

So maybe whatever the bonus damage is (xd6) if they end their turn in fire.

But yea. Mostly for added range.

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