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Rysky wrote:
Mellored wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Not really interested in a feat tax to enable/disable a basic feature we have right now.
so you do not like synthesis?


Synthesist is a completely different situation than what we were discussing :3

And I’d like it to be a class path, not just a feat.

Synthesis is a different type of "summoning". So is split HP. It appears to different types of people and different fantasy's.

That said, i agree that having 3 different class paths (shared, synthesis, and split) would be better way to do it than feats.

I can't think of any good names for them though.

Rysky wrote:
Not really interested in a feat tax to enable/disable a basic feature we have right now.

so you do not like synthesis?

Another way to split it...

Split HP (or some better name) level 1 feat.
Reduce the number of hit points you get from the Summoner class to 5+your constitution modifier. When you summon your Eidilon it has hit points equal to 5 * it's level instead of sharing it with you.
If it is reduced to 0 HP, it unmanifest and you cannot manifest it again until it regains at least 1 hit points. It regains all it's hit points durring your daily preparation. You gain the heal Eidilon spell.

Heal Eidilon. 1 action
Your Eidilon regains 8 hit points. If this would take it over it's maximum, it gains temporary hit points equal to the remainder which last for 1 minute.
Heightened (+1): increase the hit points gained by 8.

Just to repeat what I said in the other thread.

We can easily have both shared and not shared HP. Just 1 feat is all the is needed.

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Capn Cupcake wrote:
Brew Bird wrote:

Shared HP just feels like a more elegant way to do life link. My only issue right now (I've yet to actually engage in playtesting, since real life has gotten in the way) is that it feels weird for the Summoner to care about Con while the Eidolon can nearly ignore it.

That's a valid criticism I feel. I'm not sure how you'd fix that though. I feel like taking the higher of the two is too powerful but I'm not sure how else to tackle that.

summoner gets 6 hit points + your con + eidolon con per level.

Or maybe 8 hit points per level, and you gain eidolon's Con * level temporary hit points when it manifest.

Or something like that.

Darksol the Painbringer wrote:

Clearly, there is a difference. But the two also aren't mutually exclusive. You can not like shareable HP and also believe that it doesn't make sense for those two to have it.

it does not just the believe that is not mutually exclusive. There is 0 reason why the mechanics can also work for both. In the same class. The same way Synthesis lets you summon in a different manmer.

Litterally, it takes 1 feat to solve this in a way that everyone can play as they want.

PossibleCabbage wrote:
What if we kept the shared health pool, but we gave the Summoner a defensive reaction to "the Eidolon would take damage" that completely negates that damage at the cost of unsummoning the Eidolon and being unable to resummon it without taking a 10 minute rest.

Yea, i suggested similar as a focus spell.

Quick Unsummon. Free action. Focus 1
Trigger: Your Eidilon is about to take damage.
You unsummon your Eidilon. You take not damage.

Rysky wrote:
Verzen wrote:
Sedoriku wrote:
I'm not arguing that the summoner could/couldn't use a boost, but it seems many people are arguing that it should balance around martial characters (with a shared HP pool). I'm arguing that an eidolon balanced around martial characters with separate hit point pools would possibly overshadow the characters it shares a power level with. Sorry if that has been unclear.
I personally want a strong Eidolon and a weak summoner that just stands around. Its what I played in 1e.
That sounds horrible honestly, and would be a nightmare to balance I'd wager.

not really.

A add a way to sacrifice spell slots to boost the summon. Along with the already existing cantrip to eat up your actions.

Something like.

Manifest Magic.
When you manifest your eidilon, you can expend a spell slot to give it temporary hit points equal to 1d6+4 times the slots level.

And just let you use both boost and resilient cantrips.

WatersLethe wrote:

I personally felt the shared hit point pool didn't really clash with the summon aspect of the class because I am imagining it as the Summoner using their very lifeforce to help power the spell that's brought a fragment of a much greater entity into this world.

That "fragment of a greater being" solves a lot of problems, like dragons not being able to fly (you haven't trained enough to be able to bring through its magical abilities that assist flight).

It also is *more* like a summon than normal summoning spells which just generate a generic copy of the entity you're summoning that has no memory or persistence outside of the summon.

or... Just let the player decide how they want to do it.

Shared HP (default)
Shares body (synchronise feat)
Separate HP (another feat)

Then everyone can play the way they want.

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Ruzza wrote:
Mellored wrote:

Oh, actually. A much simpler way.

Quick Dismiss, Free Action, Focus Spell 1.
Trigger: your elidion is about to take damage
You dismiss your elidion, avoiding the damage.
You can also cast this spell on your turn.

There you go. You can throw it into a death trap.

Slap that on a feat, I'm sure it'll go far. I know people that would love it and others that would avoid it, but it seems fine to me.

Right, as a level 2 feat.

So people who want a disposable/tank Eidolon can have it, while still keeping the simpler shared hit points a base mechanic. Build around manifesting it more often.

To toss out another idea...

Independent Manifest: Feat 1
When you manifest your Eidolon, you can choose to make it more independent by weakening your connection to it. It gains the Minion trait, getting 2 actions and needs to be commanded the same as any other minion, though you can do so mentally. It gains it's own hit points equal to its 3+it's Con per level and you take irreducible damage equal to half of that. It cannot benefit from any Tandem feats or shared damage or healing while manifest in this way. It still benefits from any Item bonus. If you unmanifest it while in this form, you regain hit points equal to half of its current hit points.

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Oh, actually. A much simpler way.

Quick Dismiss, Free Action, Focus Spell 1.
Trigger: your elidion is about to take damage
You dismiss your elidion, avoiding the damage.
You can also cast this spell on your turn.

There you go. Keep the shared HP and you can throw it into a death trap.

An idea to support both sides.

When you summon your eidilon, you lose half your current hit points, and it gains that many as it's maximum hit points.
When you end the summon, you gain any remaining hit point it has.

That way, it can be used as a sacrifice, but also "hurt" you when it happens. Healing between battles is still simple as well.

Kalaam wrote:
Making it 3 actions makes its use very complicated until you have access to Haste. Plus it's so... bland. It's not even a Spell Strike, it's just casting then Striking. Cool you avoid MAP if the spell had an attack roll, but that's really a very, very, very minor benefit not worth a whole feat.

You think +5 to hit is not worth a feat?

It's basically Double Slice.

Just make SpellStrike a free metamagic that makes you replace the somatic component of an attack spell by a Strike, and use that single roll for the results. It's simpler to understand, more streamlined and it won't slow down the table as much.

So save an action AND +5 to hit both? Too much IMO.

Or do you mean using Str/Dex in place of Int? That would be fine.

Striking Spell, Free action, Metamagic.
If the next action you do is cast a spell with an attack roll, you can instead use your weapon roll instead.

And to replace the one useful function Striking Spell had.

Striking Spell: 3 actions Level 1 Magus feat
Cast a Spell a spell that has an attack roll and takes 1 or 2 actions to cast. Then make a Strike. You can also Strike first and then Cast.
Each using your current multiple attack penalty, and then counts as 2 attacks as normal.
If both attacks are against the same target, this does not trigger reactions from them, such as Attack of Opportunity.

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It's still WAY to complicated for just avoiding MAP.

Striking Spell: 3 actions Level 1 Magus feat
Cast a Spell a spell that has an attack roll and takes 1 or 2 actions to cast. Then make a Strike. Each using your current multiple attack penalty. You can also Strike first and then Cast.

Also, i really do not like striking spell. It's just does not work with most spells and it's too swing. It can also get around incapacitation. Meaning you can win against a boss, or waste a lot of resources based on too few die rolls.

Thus, my suggestion as a replacement.

Spell Combat: 1 action. Flourish.
Make a melee Strike. As long as you do not critically miss, the target takes a -2 circumstance penalty to saves and AC against the next spell you cast before the end of your next turn.
In addition, they cannot use reactions that trigger when you cast the spell, such as Attack of Opportunity.

This helps make up for needing both Str and Int. While also letting you cast in melee. And to adjust the sub-classes

Shooting Star: You can use Spell Combat with ranged attacks.

Slide Casting: Free action. Metamagic
Frequency, once per round
If the next action you use is to Cast a Spell you can Step or Stride as part of that action. You can do this before or after the spell is cast.

Sustaining Steel: Free action: Metamagic
Frequency, once per round.
If the next action you use is to Cast a Spell
You gain temporary Hit Points equal to either the twice spell’s level if you used a spell slot, or it's level if your spell didn’t use a spell slot (such as a cantrip or focus spell). These temporary HP lasts until the end of your next turn.

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All other classes have scaling unarmed proficiency equal to their weapon proficiency. Even wizards.

So I imagine it is just a mistake and would play as if they had it. No feat needed.

Teleport Strike. 2 actions. Focus 3.
Teleport up to your speed and make a Strike. The enemy is caught off guard by the sudden movement and is flat footed against the attack.
You can then spend a 3rd action to teleport back to your original location. This happens quick enough that you do not start falling if you teleported into mid air.

Spell Blast.
You make an attack while you have a spell imbuned into your weapon. Instead of releasing the spell, you can choose to transform the spells energy into a cone instead. If the spell is a cantrip, the creature is a 20' cone make a basic reflex save for 1d4 damage per spell level. If the spell is a focus spell, the damage increases to 1d8 and the cone to 30'. If it is a spell slot, the damage increases to 1d12 and the cone to 40'.
The damage type depending on the school of the spell you just cast.
Abjuration force damage
Conjuration or Transmutation the same type as the weapon
Divination, Enchantment, or Illusion mental damage
Evocation a type the spell dealt, or force damage if the spell didn't deal damage
Necromancy negative damage

Imbune Magic (Weapon Specialization).
When you have a spell that deals damage imbuned into your Weapon, you can change the bonus damage from weapon Specialization and Greater Weapon Specialization in to the damage type is the same as the spell deals. If the spell deals multiple damage types, choose one of them.
In addition, you can store the spell in your weapon for up to 1 minute.

I would have the damage scale based on spell level. 1d6 is too good for a cantrip, but not good enough for a 9th level slots.

Gain bonus damage equal to spell level for cantrip and focus spells. Or twice spell level if you spent a slot.

Then remove weapon specialization. Which will roughly cover the damage added. But now you get to choose the damage type and spend an action.

Quick Imbune, free action
Trigger you roll initiative
You can use imbune weapon.

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IMO the biggest issue with Striking Spell is that it is actually a trap option for most spells.

Sure, there are a few spells which benifit, like Ray of Frost to avoid MAP. But for most of them you are much better off doing 2 actions to cast Electric Arc/Fireball as normal, hitting 2+ targets. And then just Strike as normal.

But also, the whole, "get a bonus when you crit" also kinda feels wonky and way too swingy. You just crit, you don't need to double crit.

Thus, my suggestion.

Striking Spell: 1 action. Flourish.
Make a melee Strike. The target takes a -2 circumstance penalty to saves and AC against the next spell you cast before the end of your next turn.
In addition, they cannot use reactions that trigger when you cast the spell, such as Attack of Opportunity.

Shooting Star: You can use Striking Spell with ranged attacks.

Slide Casting: Free action:
Trigger: You made a melee attack and cast a spell this turn. You have 1 hand free.
You can Stride or Step.

Sustaining Steel: Free action:
Trigger: You made a melee attack and cast a spell this turn. You are wielding a 2 handed weapon.
You gain temporary Hit Points equal to either the twice spell’s level if you used a spell slot, or it's level if your spell didn’t use a spell slot (such as a cantrip or focus spell). These temporary
HP lasts until the end of your next turn.

beowulf99 wrote:

If that's not enough of your spellcasting resources, use a level appropriate Spellstrike Arrow for these shenanigans. Then you could in theory Poison the ammo.

If that's still not enough, get yourself an Alchemical Crossbow and slot in an appropriate bomb for that extra d6.

Don't forget a talisman.

Moppy wrote:
True Strike needs verbal, which will cause the assassinate's "target must be unaware" constraint to fail unless target is deaf. You would need Silent Spell feat which is an action.

Yea, bespell is also until the end of the current turn, I miss read that. But this works with Power Strike.

Turn 1: Striking Spell (2 actions) + School Shroud (?) + Poison Weapon (1 action)
Turn 2: Turn 3: True Strike + Bespell + Power Strike

Turn 2: Eldritch Shot (Eldrich Archer) = 2 spells + 1 arrow + 1d6.

Not overpowered or anything since it took a whole turn to setup, but still seems like it wins for biggest single attack.

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CaffeinatedNinja wrote:

Thanks. Playing Magus I also don't understand the potency spell. First you barely have the action economy to use it. Second, it is redundant most of the time.

At lvl 1 it is a +1, fair enough.
Redundant at lvl 2, you have a +1 rune.
At lvl 5 it heightens to giving you a striking rune. But you have that already, a full level earlier.
At lvl 7 you get +2 striking (so +1 over the rune you have) Decent, until you get a +2 striking rune at lvl 10.
At lvl 13 it gives you +3 greater striking! Except you have the greater striking, and you get the +3 in a couple levels.

Basically this spell gives you +1 to hit at lvl 1, 7,8,9,13,14,15. Every other level it has no use. It doesn't save you money on runes as some have suggested, because the runes come online levels earlier, you would be a fool not to buy them, they are vital.

Besides having little space in magus poor action economy, this spell is mostly useless. Why not just make it a +1 stacking to hit bonus or something? At least that would be useful all game.

That assumes you have a weapon at the correct time. And did not have it stolen or something.

Also, you can apply it to a second weapon. Need bludgeoning instead of piercing? Swap to a maul.

Or use the extra focus point for something else. Like Spell Counter

I'm not saying it's great, but may of the free focus spells are kinda meh.

Turn 1: Mark of Death

Turn 2: Striking Spell (2 actions) + Bespell (free) + Poison Weapon (1 action) all work until the end of your next turn.

Turn 3: True Strike + Assassinate.

Decent chance you will crit, which will also improve the spell.

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I agree with Kennethray

shroudb wrote:

i find it weak to be used on scaling offensive things like intimidation. The bonus is level+stat, but it lacks the inherent +2/+4/+6/+8 of proficiency and lacks the item bonuses that you are "expected" by level based DCs at certain levels and up.

That makes it extremely hard to, as an example, use them as intimidation machines after like level 7 or so.

Lores are nice because they are usually at -2 DC for appropriate recall knowledges, so that makes it like it's pseudo-trained in them, Static DCs are also fine, but as soon as you go to level based ones, it starts to fall off.

it has 3 nice advantages for demoralize.

First, it is 1 action to intimidate 2 people (or "free" if your using independent).
Second, It is from a different source. So both you and the familiar can do it without the 10 minute cool down.
Third, It can use Int in place of Cha. Which could be +6 for an investigator.

But yea, a single feat or 2 will not be as good as a bard. But it is still a cheap way to be reasonable good at lots of stuff.

Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:
The Lucky Halfling wrote:
Mellored - Where is that from? I'm having trouble tracking down where the familiar gets to have a different trained lore each day.

It's not an automatic thing, it's just another ability you can give your familiar for the day---and it's in the APG not the CRB.

APG page 146 wrote:
Skilled: Choose a skill other than Acrobatics or Stealth. Your familiar's modifier for that skill is equal to your level plus your key spellcasting ability modifier, rather than just your level. You can select this ability repeatedly, choosing a different skill each time.
Mellored is quite right that random Lore skills are eligible for it, though I bet they weren't thinking of that when they wrote it. Make sure you give it Speech and/or Touch Telepathy too so it can convey what it knows....

It also works nicely for deception, diplomacy, intimidation, and performance. And can cover most other non-combat parts of other skills.

They do not get any of the skill feats, but that is still a lot of utility, assuming you know in advance what you need.

You can also have them be a monkey.

As mentioned, casting a spell repeatedly for perception would fatigue you. repeats a spell

But if you expect a battle within a minute or 2, it works.

For most thing that uses recall knowledge, it is an easy +1. Your not going to be recalling knowledge for 10 minutes straight.

XKCD says not all walls are vertical.

Rock Wall

Familiar (witch or familiar master)
Each day, you can choose a different lore skills for it it be "trained" in.

Leomund "Leo" Velinznrarikovich wrote:

Pointing to "wall" is a legitimate technical argument. Also in many of the texts of the spells they use words like "tall" and "high" which do reference a point due to gravity. It is a very technical argument which is the spirit of the rules discussion forum

Does my height change if I lay down?

thenobledrake wrote:

TL;DR: even in 3D space, wall go up.

what if you cast wall of force on the international space station (or a fantasy equivelent)?

Which way is "up" on the astral plane?

What if you are in a castle that rolls like a ball?

Or are effected by the reverse gravity spell?

Many planes have unusual gravity

thenobledrake wrote:

"a spot you designate" "20-foot burst" and "range 500 feet" all actually mean 3-dimension space because the game doesn't redifine them from their usual definitions.

Right. "Range 30 feet" is 3 dimensional.

Which is what wall of force has.

Squiggit wrote:
breithauptclan wrote:
I can see the rules-lawyering that makes this possible. But I think it also falls into the 'too good to be true' category.

Even if it works exactly as Mellored wants it to, it's two actions and a reaction and four class feats to add +10 damage to a single attack, while suffering -1 to AC and Saves. The earliest it comes online is level 8.

That's slightly more damage than power attack for twice as many feats, losing your reaction and hurting your defenses... for two levels until PA picks up a second die.

So less 'too good to be true' and more 'not worth the effort.'

You would not be suffering the penalty if you are not fatigued.

And a bigger effect would be refreshing the temporary hit points.

But mostly i want to use it with Share Rage. To make a barbarian "healer". Powerful or not, I enjoy turning mechanics on their head.

Second wind

You can enter a second rage, but afterward you need to catch your breath. You can Rage without waiting for 1 minute after the previous Rage (or 1 round, with quick rage), but when you end this second Rage, you’re fatigued until you rest for 10 minutes.

Never Tire

As long as you have an audience, you can continue to perform. Indeed, you must—you have an obligation to your fans! You delay the effects of the fatigued condition for 1 minute or until you are no longer observed by the required creatures, whichever comes first. If the fatigued condition has a duration, the duration begins to elapse only after the delay. You can't further delay or prevent the fatigued condition after this ability ends.

Tireless Worker

You suppress your choice of one of the following conditions that’s affecting the target: clumsy, encumbered, enfeebled, or fatigued. If you don’t remove the effect that caused the condition, the condition returns after the spell’s duration expires.

Furious Finish

Desperate to finish the fight, you pour all your rage into one final blow. Make a Strike. If it hits, you gain a circumstance bonus to damage equal to the number of rounds remaining in your Rage (maximum 10). After this Strike, your Rage immediately ends, and you are fatigued until you rest for at least 10 minutes.

So could you rage, use Furious Finish, supress fatigue, rage again with second wind, use Furious Finish, supres fatuge....

^ that. Twin Feint is it's own thing.

It does not get any of the bonuses (such as Scoundrel) or limitations (such as Mental) as regular Feint.

Your not doing anything at all that has to do with Charmiasa, or Deception. Just using one weapon to clear the way for the second weapon.

IMO, the big thing they are trying to avoid is summoning an unsupported physical wall as a weapon. Dropping a wall of stone from 500' is way too potent, even if it is just a DC 15 save.

But beyond that, I don't see an issue making bridges or ceilings out of stuff. Or using wind wall mid-air outside a tower window to prevent flying creatures from getting in.

Many use google docs, and just post a link. Then you can edit it as you work on it.

If you looking to sell it... not sure.

thenobledrake wrote:

Gortle wrote:
Walls in fantasy can be placed in 3 dimensions. You are bringing in a limit which is not explicit in the language or the spell.
No, you're bringing in an ability which is not explicit in the language of the spell.

so your saying fireball can't be shot in 3 dimensions since it does not explicity say you can?

Dragorine wrote:
I agree with thenobledrake's interpretation of RAW. However I find it weird that the Wall of Force seems to be the only wall that doesn't say if it can or can't be place horizontally.

House of illusory walls also does not specify the orientation. But also says you can climb on it.

Yes. Nothing says it need a to be attached to the ground or anything like that.

breithauptclan wrote:
Hmm... Not sure. Some wall spells like Wall of Wind and Wall of Thorns specifically say that they must be vertical. Wall of Stone specifically says that it can be placed in any orientation.

Which is why I think it's fine.

Spells that create walls list the depth, length, and height of the wall, also specifying how it can be positioned

There is nothing that says it must be vertical. So it does not need to be vertical.

Martialmasters wrote:
Parry wrote:

Do you want hexblades? Because this is how you get hexblades.

All kidding aside, I think a major thing missing in the discussion of the martial base/caster archetype progression is the cantrip. While you don't get a level 1 spell until 4th, cantrips are no joke. Now, all the current cantrips might not be the best (although I would argue things like shield, range trip, different damage types and touch spells are a strong addition to anyone's tool box - all auto-heightened!), but this could be a way to provide a more seamless martial base/caster progression. Add some more cantrips that make sense in terms of weapon combat. Maybe something like a slightly powered gravity weapon, or a spell that increases shield hardness for a round.

the only good attack spells for martial bases is focus powers

cantrips have the same issues as spells, poor interaction with the 3 action system as well as having a -2/-3 behind to hit/crit of a basic spell caster with no runes to offset +hit.

shield cantrip is nice though.

Do something like bards and witches. Single or 2 action cantips only available to the class.

Or just feats. No reason they could not have feats that have "magical" properties.

Elemental strike, 2 action.
Once per minute.
Make a melee Strike. You deal 1d8 extra damage. Increase to 2d8...

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Ventnor wrote:
Can a character with both a multiclass spellcasting archetype and the Eldritch Archer archetype take both Basic [Multiclass] Spellcasting and Basic Eldritch Archer spellcasting, and if so how do they interact?


And they do not. They are seperate spells and spell slots.

All spell slots you gain from spellcasting archetypes have restrictions depending on the archetype; for instance, the bard archetype grants you spell slots you can use only to cast occult spells from your bard repertoire, even if you are a sorcerer with occult spells in your sorcerer repertoire.

Bard + inspire courage is a good add on for the monk. +1 to hit and damage for your shots, and helps allies as well.

If some else is giving a status bonus, you can do inspire defense instead. Or hymn of healing. And monk gets boosted occult if you want to cast anything else, and access to focus spell recharges.

Witch also has some good single action focus spells.

Furious finish is probably the best alpha strike in the game.

Go bard or some such and do true strike + rage +furious finisher.

MonkFish wrote:

> Also Wis is used in stunning fist.

The feat says: "the target must succeed at a Fortitude save against your class DC", so no WIS required (it'll be STR or DEX).

You are correct. Class DC is based on "class’s key ability score". So Dex/Str.

Though it was based on Wis.


> a regular shield+shield block+ sturdy shield would be better

That means taking the Shield Block feat though, which I'd rather avoid. Also carrying a shield around is not as cool. Gotta think of the street cred.

Then yea, the shield cantrip works well.

Shield cantrip is kinda pointless on a monk IMO. Since you always have free hands, a regular shield+shield block+ sturdy shield would be better. And you can still flurry with stumbling strike.

Unless you plan on grappling 2 creatures at once. In which case, whirling throw is a good option.

Also Wis is used in stunning fist.

Claxon wrote:
Snes wrote:
My feat still requires players to make an attack roll first, so it's not like it's entirely outside the player's hands. I decided to make it not an action so it could potentially work with any source of bludgeoning damage. I wanted to leave the option open for players to make amusing and clever plays like taking out a guard with a thrown rock.

That's my problem though, PF2 got rid of both players and the GM rolling for an action.

Spells are either attack rolls, or saves. I don't think there are any that are both, or at least they represent a minority.

Most everything in the game is a single roll by either a player or GM.

I think whatever this ability looks like should be the same, one roll. And because it's still basically an attack, it needs to be an combat maneuver roll vs Fort DC in my opinion.

stunning fist is both attack rolls and saves. Not unheard of.

Anyways, to throw my hat in the ring.

Silent takedown, level 6 (rogue, ranger, fighter).
2 actions. Expert in stealth
You attempt a to take down an enemy without alerting others. Make a stike against the target with a -5 circumstance penalty, or a -3 penalty if you make a non-leathal attack.
If you kill or knocks out the target, it silently falls to the floor before it has a chance to call out, and without raising any immediate suspicion.
Make a Stealth check against the Perception DC of all observer except target the target of your attack. If you succeed, you remain hidden from those observers and they are not aware an attack was made. Though seeing someone slump to the ground may cause others to quickly investigate.

Even without a darkwood sturdy shield, you can still use a regular darkwood shield to block a non-critical attack 1/encounter. (Assuming you have crafting to repair it).

That is still like getting an extra HP per level. That is not nothing.

Snes wrote:

How does this look?


Knock-Out Blow Feat ??

You can render a foe unconscious with a concussive blow to the head. When you critically hit with a a nonlethal attack, if your attack dealt bludgeoning damage, the target attempts a Fortitude save against your class DC with the following effects.

Critical Success The target is unaffected and is temporarily immune for 1 minute.
Failure The target is stunned 1.
Critical Failure The target falls unconscious for 1 minute.

I would make that an action.

"If your last action was a Strike with a Critical hit"... Or maybe 2 actions.

Either way, not a simple add on.

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