Destroyed weapons / shields = Destroyed Runes?

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Has the Remaster provided any clarity on whether runes become broken or destroyed when their respective gear is broken or destroyed, respectively?

This is going to matter far more often, now that the Remaster provides us with shield runes so I thought the topic worth revisiting.

I'm not sure how Broken ever caused problems with runes. When an item loses enough HP to become broken, it just gets the Broken condition. I don't see how that would affect runes.

I'm not seeing anything new about whether you can salvage a rune from a destroyed item. That looks like it is still up to GM discretion.

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Since the runes are written on the item, not something you just hang there like a talisman, i would say if the item is destroyed so is the rune.

Runes wrote:

Runes must be physically engraved on items through a special process to convey their effects.

He wants to know if you go further then broken, do the runes still apply if you fix the item?

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Well, going further than Broken means it is Destroyed, which makes it to where nothing is salvageable except maybe Talismans.

Otherwise, if the item is merely Broken, they should; the runes are part of the item, so repairing the item would include fixing the runes as well.

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If I went with "what sounds better to run the game with" rather than a strict RAW interpretation, I would say that runes ought to be recoverable from destroyed items, for the purposes of not making destruction be essentailly worse than character death. You can roll a new character if your old one died and not be horribly behind in WBL, but if a player invested a ton into an item that then is destroyed then they're so far behind in WBL that they might as well kill off the character and roll a new one. The counterpoint to this would be "well then just make sure they get more treasure to compensate" but then why not just have the runes be salvageable in the first place to avoid the plot contrivances? Old sword got melted, go buy a new one and put the magic into it.

Runes are magic, they can function however we need them to function to make the game fun. They got introduced for the same reason, to make it so players could theoerically use whatever weapon or armor or shield or whatever they wish like a family heirloom and have it grow with them.

For the purposes of destroying evil Macguffins, requiring rituals to actually destroy them (and the magic in their runes) is in keeping with popular fiction and requires enough intent that either the players are doing it to an NPC or hte GM is really out to ruin a PC's day.

Buying a new base item still isn't cheap and you're still unable to use the item until you reach a settlement where you can buy a new one. It also normalizes the cost when running with Automatic Bonus Progression, there's not as wide a gap between ABP and vanilla games for when an item gets destroyed.

ElementalofCuteness wrote:
He wants to know if you go further then broken, do the runes still apply if you fix the item?

If you mean 'further than broken' meaning HP lower than the broken threshold but not as far as 0 HP and destroyed, then you could repair the item and the rune would be unharmed.

If the item becomes destroyed, you can't repair a destroyed item. Whether the rune on a destroyed item can be transferred to a different item or not is up to the GM. The rules don't say one way or the other as far as I know.

Helmic wrote:
Runes are magic, they can function however we need them to function to make the game fun.

Excellent point. So both are pretty ok: either precisely the bits of broken items with runes survive or magic is recoverable even though runes aren't whole (bits magnet together and merge for example).

Still don't throw your swords into a volcano.

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