Can you engrave the symbol of storms onto your hand?


I'll keep this quick. Symbol of storms, have it on your hand, set the condition to have people look at it, cover the symbol up, when you're ready to whip it out, show it to your opponents who unless blind will likely see it, and basically turn into the center of a hurricane.

Have this coupled with some sort of fly speed with perfect manuverability like wind oracles wings of air and have wind flyer so said hurricane also increases your fly speed.

Can this work?

I don't know. The spell does not mention that it can be used that way, so I'm inclined to say no.

However, I do know that there are spells that can be placed on creatures. Typically, the spell wears off in a month though.


I suppose you could have it as a tattoo instead though. Those things last.

The permanency spell can render certain spells permanent. The cost is usually 2500 gp per spell level. It also requires a caster level of at least 8 + spell level. 0th level spells count as level 1 spells for this effect. Many symbol spells are listed as examples.

I suppose the surface could be a piece of paper, stone tablet, or something else. Buy it a cover and you're set. That way you don't need to wear a glove all the time.

Luckily this is Advice, not Rules, but OmniMage has the right of it in that symbols can't be used offensively. While the interpretation is up for debate, I would hesitant to allow someone to basically direct it at others. Even if it were on the surface of a covered shield (more reasonably than someone's palm).

If someone is pointing it at another when they uncover it, I'd declare that offensive and probably give the viewers in the area at least 1 round of leeway. Whether they can identify or comprehend the potential threat in that time and avert their gaze is up to them and their skills.

I would have no problem with the symbol being on a covered shield in a corner or over an arch and then the cover being removed. Just like I wouldn't have a problem with it being a wall and doing that, I think the issue comes from where the 'user' can direct it, aiming it in a direction as it's intended to trigger.


You can’t use a symbol of death offensively; for instance, a touch-triggered symbol of death remains untriggered if an item bearing the symbol of death is used to touch a creature. Likewise, a symbol of death cannot be placed on a weapon and set to activate when the weapon strikes a foe.

The rule is not clear, but I think it is intended to restrict people from using it offensively, otherwise someone can just cast many symbols on a barrel and kick it to opponents.

You know what, you guys are right. Balance wise you shouldn't get to use the symbol spells offensively.

Since my last post, I was thinking that it this was going to be an awfully convenient spell. Its cheap; cheaper than its equivalent magic item. It would have a better spell DC than a magic item. And it wouldn't need an item creation feat; just the spell itself and the spell permanency.

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Does it need to be on your hand, why not just put it on a stick and then hold the stick, in order to make sure it is legal.

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sorry, that was already said.

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