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Would the Promethean Alchemist‘s crafted constructs receive the bonus from the Alchemy class feature?

“...When using Craft (alchemy) to create an alchemical item, an alchemist gains a competence bonus equal to his class level on the Craft (alchemy) check…”

Promethean Disciple:
“ An alchemist with this discovery learns how to craft constructs by way of alchemical research rather than arcane magic. The alchemist gains Craft Construct as a bonus feat without needing to meet its requirements. The alchemist substitutes his number of ranks in Craft (alchemy) for his total caster level and must use Craft (alchemy) to create the construct. The DC to create the construct still increases for any necessary spells that the alchemist does not have access to. However, the alchemist can use extracts in place of spells as spell prerequisites.”

I’m guessing no… but it seems like it could be RAI.


Since you can take 10 on the check, and crafters fortune is on your extract list, what dc are you needing to hit?

No particular DC. Just looking at getting my Craft(Alchemy) as high as possible for faster construct crafting. The +1 per level would be sweet.

I say yes, but only for alchemical constructs.

miknick55 wrote:
No particular DC. Just looking at getting my Craft(Alchemy) as high as possible for faster construct crafting. The +1 per level would be sweet.

Other than the +5 dc to do an extra 1kgp of work per day how are you crafting faster?

Bonus advice (worth the price you paid): tumor familiar with the valet archetype will increase your crafting speed nicely.

Ah yes… I’m thinking of mundane crafting rules aren’t I? Sorry and thanks anyway! Yeah I’m totally with the Valet familiar though!

As this is a gestalt character, I will also have:

Wizard Discovery - Arcane Builder:
You have an exceptional understanding of the theory behind creating magical items. Select one type of magic item (potions, wondrous items, and so on). You create items of this type 25% faster than normal, and gain a +4 bonus on Spellcraft checks (or other checks, as appropriate) to craft items of this type. You may select this discovery multiple times; its effects do not stack. Each time you select this discovery, it applies to a different type of magic item.

Dwarf Favored class option:
Select one item creation feat known by the wizard. Whenever he crafts an item using that feat, the amount of progress he makes in an 8-hour period increases by 200 gp (50 gp if crafting while adventuring). This does not reduce the cost of the item; it just increases the rate at which the item is crafted.

You generally shouldn't have to worry too much about hitting the DC for crafting constructs that are within your price range. The only real exception to that is if you want to add Commando Construct or Enlightened Construct as templates.

I believe there's only really the one base form construct that has a DC out of reach for a non-gestalt Promethean Alchemist, and it's a golem of dubious usefulness and desirability. The number of spells required for it just adds up. With Wizard in the mix that should be much less of an issue, though, if you really want one of them.

You'll generally be looking at hitting DCs of 20 + your level, and that's before taking into account whatever the other side of your gestalt offers. Which, given you're a wizard, Arcane Reinforcement is right there and will add your level to your craft check result again.

I didn't go back and organize it and I learned some things as I went, but I did put down some thoughts on the subject of constructs that a Promethean Alchemist can make and how easily they can make them which you may find of use. I didn't take gold cost into account at all, though, so that's one area where you'll need to take things with a grain of salt.

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