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If I'm comfortable with going out specifically to kill people and take their stuff in order to get better at killing people and taking their stuff like the average adventurer, I'm not going to bat an eye at eating something just because I had a conversation with it.

The casual relationship with violence and killing is really the much greater departure from my peaceful existence in modern society.

As it is inert, the vampire can't really kill it as it isn't truly alive, and IIRC the text says that making it into a vampire or vampire spawn requires killing it.

Going away from RAW, I'd be inclined to say that they could potentially make vampire spawn without a soul to corrupt, but making a fully fledged vampire out of an inert clone would require some kind of shenanigans, like how carving off soul fragments is necessary to make Soulbound Dolls and Soulboun Mannequins or the Enlightened Construct template's artificial soul.

So he currently has a 35% reduction in crafting cost from 2x 5% and 1x 25%?

As for 25% reduction in time to craft, what I do is multiply the base price by .75 in order to determine the target amount of crafting progress in gp they need in order to complete it.

I don't recall the specific way you should determine it being specified in the rules, though it works out to be the same mathematically if you keep the target the same and multiply the progress made per day by 1.25x, IIRC.

*or other character with the Cooperative Crafting feat.

There is a sort of airlock mechanism I've run into talk of before. The basic idea is that, first you make your permanent prison demiplane but don't make it dead magic or inescapable just yet. Then you make another, temporary demiplane and make a permanent portal linking the two. After that, you can make the permanent plane become dead magic, etc.

Once you have that set up, you can extend the lifespan of the temporary demiplane as-needed and even get rid of it quickly with disjunction in a pinch, IIRC.

Of course, you still need to get them onto the demiplane in the first place, prevent them from getting into the temporary one, etc.

Alternatively, I believe there's also a way to make it so that something sacrifices itself to enter the prison demiplane alongside the target without any plans for escaping themselves.

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Have you ever heard of Zagig or Castle Greyhawk?

FV wrote:

Holy Hell !

I was searching for silver and I stumbled on a golden post !

There's so much info on constructs here ! (my favorite subject)

Thanks y'all !

You're very welcome. Were you looking specifically as an alchemist or for another class or particular purpose in mind?

Second Darkness now never happened, right? So that's one AP where there are definitively no effects that you would have to concern yourself with.

Where are you getting this limit of only being able to create 6 undead at a time from?

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Having multiple planar layers to a demiplane would be a huge game changer, I think. Some would definitely be on the smaller side while others would still be sizeable but probably never on the level of continental or making my own world.

And there would definitely be some with hidden, semi-obtuse entry conditions that I'd make purely as puzzles or to reward exploration or just be a kooky old wizard.

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Neriathale wrote:
How big would it need to be to have a functioning ecosystem of temperate woodlands/meadows where the apex predators were two domestic cats? That plus an acre or so for a cottage, garden and chicken run.

Google says up to about 6 kilometers squared or about 20 city blocks. Depends on exactly what you want to import for the kitties to terrorize, though.

I'd probably always have multiple if at all possible, just because there are some times where I'd want to be able to write off the entire plane as a loss if an experiment goes wrong, and that's easier if I lose a laboratory and some constructs and simulacra than if I lose an entire nascent species that I've created/uplifted.

Similarly, there's just something cozy about a demiplane that's *just* a home away from home rather than the citadel of my power as I develop an entire economy to automate certain things so that they don't eat up my daily spellcasting or that of one of my direct minions.

Especially once different time traits can come into play.

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Another thing to note is that it never defines just what an "elemental spirit" actually is.

So it's not necessarily anything that would have had personhood before it was bound.

A nice country estate to start with, so a manor home + surroundings. Need space to store at least some of my minions, after all.

I'd probably putter around that size for a while before expanding to about the size of a small state. Not sure if I'd go with Rhode Island or Luxembourg or one of the larger river kingdoms offhand and without double checking the sizes thereof. Especially if/when my pet project species finally starts reproducing on their own.

At some point I'd set some contraption or other in motion to make a continually expanding demiplane, though, or at least one that made it up to the size of a small continent.

Is it an intelligent golem or a mindless one?

One thing I've thought about was instead of multiclassing after level 20, to start partially gestalting, so that one side is level 20, the other is level 1, and then once that catches up so both are 20, then move on to taking actual levels or Mythic ranks or epic ranks.

Partially inspired by E6, I'd also have bonus feats every so often in XP or gestalted levels to prevent over-incentivizing Fighter or other bonus feat granting classes.

Never got far enough into it to decide the leveling rate or math out what that would look like in terms of sessions.

Seems pretty neat.

Shame I missed this the first two go-arounds (goes around?).

Te'Shen wrote:
The premise being somewhere in the neighborhood of 'given the commonality of horses and that persons themselves level, how can we have a fair cost for level adjusted and setting appropriate horses' or that's how I am understanding it.

I can't say why, but after reading that, I'm just imagining a mount NPC class for animals that just serves to up their hp and defenses. Maybe armor proficiency proper for barding and an increased ability to move their full speed in heavier armor.

Or a pack animal NPC class just for increased carrying capacity and resistance to being made into lunch.

Neriathale wrote:
Then there is the fact that from a system viewpoint the game needs some low-level unequivocally bad monsters for the PCs to fight in a game that at it’s heart is about killing monsters. Given you can’t fight goblins any more without getting told off because they are really lovely charismatic people, undead are the safest go-to bad guys.

Indeed, a major reason why Zombies and Skeletons went from Neutral in D&D 3.0 and the olden days of AD&D to Evil in D&D 3.5 and onward was to have more low level enemies for Paladins to Smite.

Java Man wrote:

Point of clarity: if we are discussing whether or not the creation of undead is evil the fact that all of the undead that can be created with spells are evil is relevant. The examples of non evil undead are not ones that could be created with RAW spells.

If we have moved on to a broader "morality of undeath" discussion then the fact that a few undead of a few types can sometimes buck the evil label is a valid point.

It gets a little bit muddier when taking into account that there used to be ways to make non-evil undead and then the rules were changed, either overtime as in the case of PF1E's roots in D&D or with whatever happened with Oracles and Juju Zombies.

Senko wrote:
I think I wasn't clear, if multiple people want something and neither has an obvious need e.g. its a +4 ring and one player has a +1 while other has a +3. That's a dice roll higher on the 20th gets it. What I was thinking about was the fun items if a player wants them. I'm going with if you want it, you get it and keep an eye to ensure they actually do want it and have plans aren't just grabbing items to sell for their own benefit.

So far, that hasn't been an issue, both because the way we divvy out loot shares takes into account the value of items and because no one's ever really wanted to try to hoard wealth to get a leg up on the rest of the party.

The closest we've had was a minor surcharge on magic item crafting, and even then we agreed to have that go towards collective purchases/creation/action. Like upgrading strongholds, buying more wands of CLW or similar healing items for the party stockpile, carpets of flying or folding boats or other vehicles, etc.

And, honestly, if that ever did become an issue, I'd prefer to just address it directly OOC instead of trying to address it indirectly via how we divvy up loot, either IC or OOC.

Boomerang Nebula wrote:
TOZ wrote:
There's no reason undead are evil except that is how people want it to be.

Are you kidding me?

If I don’t volunteer to be an organ donor you can’t use my body for anything. Period. Going against my wishes for my body is evil. You are basically turning my body into your own personal slave.

There is no moral case for a person’s body to become the property of the first necromancer to happen by.

And the much more useful Tiger body that's otherwise just going to go to waste after a jerk druid manipulated it into trying to kill an adventuring party?

Does it have a sacred right to not have its body used for any purpose?

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Yqatuba wrote:
You'd think there'd be a limit like with resurrection spells, both due to the limits of mortal magic and because after thousands of years you'd think Pharasma would have judged them and sent them to their afterlife location.

I imagine that ultimately, it's part of why you can cast Reincarnate (away from the body so that it isn't consumed by the spell) in order to bring someone back to life and then make whatever undead you feel like out of the body.

Or do the same thing with the body left behind by someone whose soul has transmigrated into their clone from the Clone spell.

That reminds me of how I've wanted to come up with some kind of plot where a villain's evil scheme actually takes advantage of this or hinges upon it in some way for a good while now. Sadly, I still got nothing, beyond it being a bit of trivia or backstory.

(I suppose "Dave and the Negas" could always be some kind of macabre Bard band.)

Coidzor wrote:
Melkiador wrote:
You may also think of it not as souls but soul fragments. Just a tiny sliver of the original soul, more like soul residue. With undead like the crawling hand, you could actually make multiple undead creatures from a single body.

If you're around for killing them, you can make a Soulbound Mannequin or Soulbound Doll construct with soul fragments, 2 crawling claws, 2 isitoq eyeball undead, and a beheaded.

I don't believe you can make a headless skeleton or zombie, though I may be mistaken. I remember some kind of custom headless Ogre undead in Rise of the Runelords, so there might be something somewhere.

Oh, right, a Dullahan. Silly me. Though that requires Create Undead (but then so do the Crawling Claws), and isn't under the command of the creator.

So that's 1 construct and 6 undead that can be created from a single creature's death while still having them walking around alive in a new body. Before going into homebrew monsters, like animated entrails or skin or what have you.

Usually, it doesn't come up that two players want the same item and it's not needed by at least one of them, just because of different ideas about what kinds of kooky magic items are cool or fun or just plain neat.

When it has come up, we've had a few different ways of handling it.

Either we roll for it, if it's just two people who want a single item, or if there are multiple people with multiple items in conflict, then we basically adhoc a bidding system based upon how much money is in the party pot, how much money their characters have, the value of the items, and then either roll for it to determine the order in which people make bids or decide in some other manner, such as whose character has the fewest magic items or fewest non-essential magic items.

OTOH, a lot of the wackier items tend to just stay collective property of the group, even if one or two characters may use it the most or be the default carrier(s). In some cases, it's because people want it in the group but don't want it enough to reduce their share of the party pot when we reach a point where individual shares are divvied up. Especially when it comes to magic items with ridiculously inflated price tags.

Melkiador wrote:
You may also think of it not as souls but soul fragments. Just a tiny sliver of the original soul, more like soul residue. With undead like the crawling hand, you could actually make multiple undead creatures from a single body.

If you're around for killing them, you can make a Soulbound Mannequin or Soulbound Doll construct with soul fragments, 2 crawling claws, 2 isitoq eyeball undead, and a beheaded.

I don't believe you can make a headless skeleton or zombie, though I may be mistaken. I remember some kind of custom headless Ogre undead in Rise of the Runelords, so there might be something somewhere.

Warped Savant wrote:

Awhile ago I made it so that the items that "everyone needs" can get a second enchantment / can be put onto another item that takes up the same slot without adding on 50% of the new enchantment. (Or that you could essentially wear one of the main items and another item in the same slot without one of them being cancelled out and we would just pretend that the two items got combined... no one worried about the specifics 'cause they liked the idea of being able to use a cloak of elvenkind while still having a cloak of resistance)

Cloak of Resistance + any other cloak = Cost of both items
Headband of [Mental Stat(s)] + any other headband = Cost of both items
Belts of [Physical Stat(s)] + any other belt = get the point
Ring of Protection + any other ring
Amulet of Natural Armor + any other amulet

That way all of the other cloaks, belts, amulets, etc that the group found and would be useful were actually used instead of "sell it 'cause my cloak of resistance is too important"

That reminds me of the old Magic Item Compendium rules from 3.5 for stacking common effects.

Only things you're missing compared to that are energy resistance and making a body slot item have an armor bonus like the Robe of the Archmagi.

The Purity of Violence wrote:
Boomerang Nebula wrote:
It might not be canon, but surely rule of cool applies. Interesting twist making Irma Vep an actual vampire.
Thank you. I did have a (very weird) 'real' Parisian vampire - Addhema - present as well, though the PCs never went near her. Irma is just the type of person who would seek out rumors of 'vampires' and come a cropper.

But did you have any Werewolves of London?

If Norgorber doesn't already have you on his radar, he's definitely going to sniff around to make sure you haven't tried to steal his 4 Halflings in a trenchcoat shtick.

Does Reign of Winter or anything else focused on Irrisen discuss where exactly Baba Yaga has gotten her daughters from?

Because if any of them were also from Earth, that raises the odds that something about it would filter through to the 3rd and 4th generations of that Jadwiga line and not be culled along with the particular queen and her direct progeny.

Even though she's hidden her death and powerful to the point where it would take a team of demigods or possibly even multiple teams of demigods, Baba Yaga herself seems unlikely to have told anyone about coming from Earth. On the other hand, Reign of Winter has to happen somehow.

I keep trying to understand Minscapes but keep bouncing off of them. What I do remember does suggest that you're right about their potential.

Doesn't Illusory Wall, unlike most illusions, stay clearly visible even after you know it's an illusion?

Is there any way to make a straight up illusion quasi-real like the Shadow Conjuration line of spells?

Have we covered a reliable way to get access to Endure Elements?

Have you discussed Draconic Ally and possibly making it Permanent either through Permanency or researching a higher level version of the spell?

thejeff wrote:

Can Detect Evil fail to ping if the (evil) target is actively planning something Good?

Can I use that to fool the paladins?

If someone really wants to figure out your alignment, See Alignment exists and, IIRC, has none of the issues that Detect Evil, et al. would have with false positives. Sure, they might need to cast it 9 times to rule out all possibilities, but that's not such a huge issue to someone who wants to do some serious spading.

There are also other spells that can be used, in a roundabout way, to determine someone's alignment. The abilities that can stymie the spells that deal damage based upon a target's alignment are rarer than the ones that can merely make someone's alignment undetectable, though you naturally can't use the painful whammy spells on your average level 1 commoner, either.

Of course, if you're able to do that kind of extensive testing, you've probably already neutralized them as a threat anyway.

Just so we're clear, what is the objection to using the demiplane's magic to feed people but not magic items that cast spells to feed them?

The Flask of Endless Sake likely also bears mentioning among the other items that have already come up.

Some more about custom magic items:

Coidzor wrote:

A 1/week custom item of Fabricate that creates a week's worth of Halfling Wandermeal is about 258 gp, plus 3.5 gp per every 3 people's worth of food it would create. Or 258 + 50 * 1/3 of the cost of food for X people for a day * 7 for something more nutritious and/or tastier.

You can do something similar with either Fabricate or Enhance Water to simulate a rum ration or some form of periodic luxury.

Fabricate to make 7 days of good meals for 16 people 1/week would be 1191.33 gp (258 (base) + 933.33 (material component), or 569.11 gp if you still want them to have to cook it themselves. To make that 1 day's worth of good meals from a 1/day item would be 18,000 (base) + 133.33 (material component), and having them still have to cook it themselves would only reduce the material component cost to 44.44 gp.

Whereas 1 day's worth of Banquets would be 18,000 (base) + 2,666.66 (material component) [or 888.88 gp if you want the raw materials to make banquets for 16 people]. Compare that to a CL 8 casting of Bountiful Banquet to feed 16 people for 24 hours, and would cost 12,800 gp as a 1/day item.

Tears to Wine is 2000 gp for a basic 1 CL version, at-will. 1/day that would be 400. Even bumping it to CL 2, that would be 4000 gp for at-will and 800 for the 1/day version. 1 cubic foot of mead or wine would be about 8 gallons. That's a half-gallon for each of the 16 people. And the at-will version would be useful to make them better at keeping watch, etc. If you go with it turning back into whatever liquid it was originally rather than merely losing the ability to confer the buff, then you'd want Enhance Water or Rotgut for permanent booze.

Enhance Water at CL 1 does 1 pint and is 2000 gp for the at-will version. A 1/day CL 8 version so that they each get a ration of 1 cup per day would be 3200 gp, and a CL 4 version of such would be 1600 gp. It also doesn't have to be ale, beer, mead, or wine, it's just usually those alcoholic beverages. So it could potentially be a source of nutritional supplement, such as if reduced to using emergency stores of Wandermeal due to the main food source being taken out. Kumis, for example, is alcoholic milk, and "rumboozle" is the Golarion version of eggnog. Smallbeer is even more of a foodstuff than a means of inebriation and would probably be within the means of the spell. Higher concentrations of alcohol, such as through liquors would also probably be possible, allowing for potential fuel for fires or fire traps with the at-will version.

Rotgut at minimum CL of 3 does 3 gallons, and includes hard liquor as an explicitly listed option, so it could also double as a way to produce a lot of flammable alcohol on relatively short notice. At-will, minimum CL would cost 12,000 gp, while 1/day at-will would be 2400 and still allow potential stockpiling. Would need to be paired with Prestidigitation to make it enjoyable to drink, though.

A 1/week custom item of Fabricate that creates a week's worth of Halfling Wandermeal is about 258 gp, plus 3.5 gp per every 3 people's worth of food it would create. Or 258 + 50 * 1/3 of the cost of food for X people for a day * 7 for something more nutritious and/or tastier.

You can do something similar with either Fabricate or Enhance Water to simulate a rum ration or some form of periodic luxury.

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This Reddit Thread about the viabilty of setting up manorial estates inside of demiplanes is of interest for discussing what you could do with a demiplane, especially if it were a level 20 caster plopping them down. (But doesn't go into things like a Coven massively boosting CL.) A Widened, CL-boosted Greater Create Demiplane can produce an area that can be made to fit 368 Gardens Rooms from Downtime. Round that down to 365 for a bonus divisible by 10 and that +2920 to Goods checks means that they're able to produce 293 Goods capital per day, which would then be worth 5860 gp worth of raw materials for crafting food. (It'd require a bit more math to determine how much Goods it can produce if some fraction of the gold cost of said Goods capital has to be covered by the Gardens, too. I may do that later tonight, though.)

This older thread about building an ecology underground is also likely to be relevant to your interests.

If you just want efficiency, one option would be an item of at-will or X times per day Allfood and a way to generate matter that is then turned into Allfood, such as Expeditious Construction, this time used to create rocks that are then turned into food. It would not be good for long term morale for that to be the only food source, though, but it would definitely be handy for things like sieges or having to feed way more people than usual.

On a similar note, there is the Decompose Corpse > Restore Corpse > Purify Food and Drink loop where you get the body of some tasty meat animal and butcher it while preserving the skeleton. Then Decompose Corpse to remove any remaining bits that aren't of interest before casting Restore Corpse and repeating the process, with plenty of Purify Food and Drink to deal with the rot element.

If space is the issue, that's one thing.

But being at the bottom of the sea? Whatever you had to do to make it habitable for ordinarily surface-dwelling folk would probably also include something that gave enough light and warmth to be able to grow something.

Likewise, there should be ways to make it warm enough to at least be able to grow things inside of a greenhouse in a more frigid environment.

Mysterious Stranger wrote:

If there is a keep even a small one there is no reason they cannot grow a garden. Spells can be used to create and enhance a suitable environment. A resident druid would be incredibly useful for this.

Soften Earth and Stone can be used to turn natural stone into dirt. Plant Growth can be used to increase the output of the garden. You could also grow mushrooms and other edible fungus. It would also be fairly easy to setup an area to raise small animals like chickens. Underground streams may provide some fish as well.

In a fantasy world setting up a sustainable food supply is not that difficult. A 5th level druid should be able to get it started and maintain it fairly well.

A level 1 Wizard or Druid (or, heck, a variant Sloth Rune Guardian) can provide soil with Expeditious Construction's earth walls that can then be broken apart the old-fashioned way.

AFAIK, fertilizing that soil magically would require either the Bag of Everlasting Dung or the Beanstalk spell, which ultimately creates permanent compost. Animals in the area can also be a source of manure.

Pro100Andr wrote:
Coidzor wrote:

Sounds like he should have no illusions about where his soul is going to end up after he dies.

So, what's his plan to avoid being just another chump? Is he seeking to become a fiend without dying first? Looking for immortality and enough contingencies that he'll never permanently die?

Immortality or something like that is not his current goal. His goal is power and authority to become the Hurricane King, and then carry out reforms to create laws. Absolute laws

IIRC, there is a spell that makes someone see what their afterlife would be if they died right then. Arranging for him to get exposed to the business end of that spell should be possible and would allow for a potential hook.

Power and the chance to cut ahead of the line would be more appealing then, most likely. He doesn't sound like someone who would rethink his actions and consider repenting at any rate.

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CorvusMask wrote:
Sidenote, I think I need to elaborate on the paranoia thing

I am reminded of a certain saying, something sbout once being unfortunate, twice being a coincidence, and three times being enemy action.

Sounds like he should have no illusions about where his soul is going to end up after he dies.

So, what's his plan to avoid being just another chump? Is he seeking to become a fiend without dying first? Looking for immortality and enough contingencies that he'll never permanently die?

zza ni wrote:

the Paladin found out the town's butcher pinged as evil. after investigating he learned the man was a ruthless (chicken) killer (he also slathered lambs and such) but never hurt any humanoid out of fear of the law. so he vented his evil tendencies to where the public wouldn't mind.

needless to say the paladin couldn't really kill him for doing his job , no matter how happy he was while doing it.

An excellent example of how important of a factor it is just who is sitting in the GM's chair and their view of the chicken or the egg question, among others.

Does someone get assigned an evil alignment and then want to do evil things to satisfy it? Does someone get an evil alignment as a result of their actions? The extra spicy secret third option?

Diego Rossi wrote:

Hemp and other plant fiber products were used in Europe to make paper at least from the XII century. It was still costly but it was available in large quantities.

Golarion is more or less equivalent to our world XVI century, so paper and the printing press are available in the more advanced areas.

Yet another use for all that extra hemp fiber floating around made by the Robe of Infinte Twine.

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There are some items of interest here as well as the spells.

Rod of Mortared Walls - Can make some mortared stone walls or provide mortar for making such walls by hand.

Gloves of Shaping - Reshape stone and softer stuff like it's made of clay.

Mallet of Building - Up to 100 fence posts, nails, etc. per day.

Boulder Bag - An infinite source of stone.

There are also some constructs that would be useful here. A variant Rune Guardian construct with Expeditious Construction would be creating 3x3x10 stone structures at-will. A Kikituk construct could also be made with both at-will Expeditious Construction and at-will Stone Shape to be able to create the stone and then fuse it together and further shape the structure.

Melkiador wrote:
I'd say the Iron Stake only does that kind of damage as part of the spell attack. After the spell, it's just a regular cold-iron stake, which should do 1d4 damage if it's comparable to the wooden stake.

Yeah, as much as I'm that guy who reminds people about Instantaneous Duration Conjuration (Creation) spells, I think the most broken thing you can do with it is generate ~50 gp of trade goods (~1 lb of Cold Iron) using a 3rd level spell slot, which is still way less than you'd get by selling that 3rd level spell slot as part of spellcasting services, even selling those spellcasting services at half price.

Even if it stays as counting as a magic weapon for bypassing DR, a basic 1d4 weapon is either a backup weapon or something for equipping minions like a necromancer's mindless undead and would be competing with repurposed Stone Discus material cannibalized into arrowheads or spearheads or sling stones.

Taja the Barbarian wrote:
Senko wrote:
I've been browsing spells and I've noticed several that specifically state they can't create cold iron but can create things like mithral or adamantine. Is there something I'm missing which means cold iron is so much more powerful than the other special metals/materials which requires it be specifically called out as not being able to be made?
It's really just a flavor thing: Cold Iron is traditionally anti-magical, so magical spells can't easily create it...

That's probably it, yeah.

Thankfully, if you really need to spam out some cold iron for whatever reason, there's Iron Stake in the mix, which can only create cold iron, and even then, probably only 1 pound at a time if it's like the iron spikes from the adventuring gear part of the equipment list.

Melkiador wrote:
So, do we want to just leave Wrath out of the question, because I feel like you could build a wrath character that can solo the rest of the APs by himself. But if you don't start in wrath, I don't think you could ever beat it without a party.

I figure coming from Wrath as your first AP is a solved problem unless someone wants to really go indepth and break it down?

I think Kingmaker may be of interest to discuss both as the initial AP and as the second one.

I'd probably be most interested in which APs are particularly interesting as the source AP, like how Kingmaker or Hell's Rebels would likely start with some form of organization under the PC to some extent or Wrath of the Righteous guarantees Mythic stuff, as well as which would actually be an interesting follow up from the soonest possible point.

Also which APs would instantly derail vs. Which ones could be adapted to the greater personal power and likely mobility.

So let's say they're level 15. They won't get XP for things that are 10 or more CR lower than their APL. Since they're fewer than 4 PCs, that means their APL is 1 lower than their level (although I could see some argument for it being 2 lower due to not even being a group), so they only get XP from CR 5+ stuff until they hit level 16.

Medium track XP means they need 255K XP to hit the 890K needed for level 16.

It's ~15 encounters of CR = APL to level up on the Medium track, right? So when the level 5 party in the AP would hit level 6, the solo level 15 PC would have gotten ~15 * 1600 = 24,000 XP. Then from level 6 to level 7, that'd be around 36,000. level 7 to 8, 48K. Level 8 to 9, 72K. Level 9 to 10, 96,000. So the level 5 to level 10 portion of the 2nd AP would take that level 15 character up a little past level 16.

It's 1.3 million XP to hit level 17 on the Medium track, and they already have 21K of the 410K XP that they need. Level 10 to 11 would give them ~144,000. Level 11 to 12 gives ~192K. Then level 12 to 13 gives 288K and gets the solo PC 645,000 versus that 410K, so that's 235K of progress towards level 18 already.

Level 18 takes 1.8 million XP, so that' 500K needed, and they're almost halfway there due to the 235K they got from the level 12 to level 13 portion of the AP. The level 13 to 14 portion should give 384K XP, bringing the solo PC up to level 18 and then 119,000 XP past it.

Level 19 requires 2.55 million XP, or 750,000 XP above level 18. So with that 119K XP, they just need another 691K in order to hit level 20. The level 14 to 15 portion of the AP would give them ~576K, so not quite enough to hit level 20.

So it would take them a third AP to reach level 20, and they would do so around the level 10 to level 11 segment of that 3rd AP.

Senko wrote:
Just something I'm curious about, my instinct say's no the action economy would get them when they reached the later books but some people do make very overpowered characters. So I'm asking those who do more optimization than I do would an adventurer who survived one adventure path be able to complete another one solo? Say one of the party who finished mummy's mask decided they'd had enough of the heat, sand and undead so they went alone to Irisen only to get dragged into the winter war AP by themselves. Could they complete it?

Do they get downtime between APs? Because while Construct crafting is generally panned, high level wealth can make some decent minions, even without Trompe l'Oeil's "I'm a better Simulacrum than Simulacrum" shtick.

Plus, having free time at high level means there's generally at least one way for you to break WBL, which has its own potential to be a force multiplier or limit the ways that bad luck could end the run prematurely.

The general rule of thumb is that we don't do serious shopping unless we're at least in a Small Town, unless we've moved on to a city as the hub of our adventures, in which case, it's gotta be another city.

If we're shopping for something in a Hamlet when low level or desperately looking for something in a Large Town at high level, something's gone wrong and we're in unique, specific situation territory to be handled on a case by case basis.

I'm a sucker for things like the Robe of Infinite Twine and Flask of Endless Sake. Even the Bag of Everlasting Dung.

Give me the ability to create stuff ex nihilo and I'll set myself to seeing how I can apply that to way more situations than anyone could want.

I don't know of any particular feats that would improve the mount itself, although if your GM is open to homebrew there's some precedent set by Torchbearer, Squire, and even Animal Ally for some form of scaling minion.

I can say that if you somehow have access to an Evil Druid or someone else who can cast Call Animal or UMD their way into using a higher CL item of it, you can use that to grab a higher HD, higher CR animal from nature more easily to then kill and convert into your undead servitor. Access to Commune With Birds could also be helpful if you need to be more proactive about hunting it down. Otherwise it's up to the luck of the draw or your GM's fancy what enemies you'll fight that would leave a suitable body.

If you can't find anything suitable, then as long as you can raise your CL to 7+, you can create a Large-sized Necrocraft and customize it to suit your fancy as a mount. Bonus points for being able to reuse the destroyed corpses of your former undead minions or enemies, too. Just goes to show how serious necromancers are about recycling.

Areelu wrote:
He manages to get Lonjiku involved with the goblin attacks and can now blackmail him. Very good. But then he decides to have a rendezvous just to murder him? That's really stupid. He can manipulate one of the most powerful men in Sandpoint and decides to kill him instead of using him for Nualia's cause?

Bear in mind why Tsuto hates Lonjiku. Lonjiku is responsible for the death of his mother. Lonjiku is responsible for Tsuto having a miserable childhood and adolescence. Each of those on their own have been reason enough for quite a number of fictional characters to decide to kill someone.

That said, Lonjiku is prone to fits of anger that are liable to provoke a response from Tsuto as well, and at this point the Runewell is active underneath Sandpoint. So having Lonjiku do something violent and stupid such that Tsuto would have to use potentially lethal violence anyway in order to keep the goblins under control is also perfectly plausible.

Senko wrote:
Coidzor wrote:

I would favor Grease over Feather Fall in a big way, because you want something to do in combat if Sleep doesn't work and weak AoE isn't relevant. Grease still isn't much at level 1, but it is fairly generally applicable.

I don't think you need to worry about Protection from Evil and mind control at level 1. Especially if you're playing with it only working on evil creatures' mind control.

Its also the bonus to saves and deflection bonus . . .

First, the subject gains a +2 deflection bonus to AC and a +2 resistance bonus on saves. Both these bonuses apply against attacks made or effects created by evil creatures.

Basically protection from evil + mage armour gives you +6 to armour class and +2 to saves against evil creatures.

Would you favour grease over unseen servant?

At level 1 you usually can't afford all that many of your spellcasting resources towards increasing your own personal AC or defense.

If construct crafting is on the table, then either a custom Rune Guardian of Greed that has Expeditious Construction or a Kikituk that has been outfitted with Expeditious Construction and Stone Shape can do a fair amount of heavy lifting with construction.

Kikituks can do a fair bit if you play around with the SLAs you give them. They do come with a built-in berserk button, though, and are fairly spendy, as constructs are wont to be.

I would favor Grease over Feather Fall in a big way, because you want something to do in combat if Sleep doesn't work and weak AoE isn't relevant. Grease still isn't much at level 1, but it is fairly generally applicable.

I don't think you need to worry about Protection from Evil and mind control at level 1. Especially if you're playing with it only working on evil creatures' mind control.

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