Do fermented potions count as alcoholic drinks for the purpose of the Bacchanal skalds abilities?


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So one of the builds i've set up revolves around the bacchanal skald and the use of the spell ferment, which from what i understand basically turns any potion you drink into an alcoholic beverage.

This would allow the bacchanal to not only gain the benefits of the potion, but also get drunk allowing them to use their abilities as well as the various drunken rage powers the skald has access to, however I've been told that the spell doesn't technically turn potions into alcoholic beverages so it doesn't work like that and ferment is pretty much the key spells to making this work, so without it the whole build falls apart.

Can anyone chime in and clarify this?

For background on the classes, I'll list 3;
Alchemist Fermenter archetype mentions greater manufacture of tinctures and resistance to drunkenness via "alcoholic beverages".
Bacchanal Skald archetype contians phrases like "acts like a serving of an alcoholic beverage", "alcoholic drink", "a serving of alcohol".
Drunken Master Monk archetype{the classic} phrase "drink a tankard of ale or strong alcohol", Firewater Breath says "take a drink" but isn't explicit that it is alcoholic. The opening flavor text says intoxicants and excess. This is the more open wording of the three archetypes here.

Drunkenness rules

like so many things there's Real World stuff and Game stuff.

Potions are not alcoholic as their description does not include this term. Brew Potion feat doesn't mention alcohol.

Oils, unguents, and creams by their name/nature aren't alcoholic.

Philters(Tinctures on AoN) and Absolutes are (ethyl) alcohol based BUT again the game doesn't mention that so there is no mechanical benefit or effect in that department. There are TWO exceptions; Artistic Ale(has a pint of Ale), Brawler's Brew (similar but no mention of drunk chart).

The common assumption is that your character buys "alcoholic beverages" and drinks it to gain bonuses.

onto MAGIC -
Ferment:T1 spell. Amusingly the spell says "intoxicant" not (ethyl) alcohol AND that the imbiber has to roll verses a Poison... sadly this spell got generic in its description - - BUT - - The short description has you covered, "Ferment: Affected liquid becomes alcoholic". Thus YES, it can be used to fuel your abilities by RAW. How many servings in an effected potion? One. The DC may vary from the standard but I'd wager GMs will stick with this.

My comment is that trading a first level spell for ONE round of raging song (not ANY performance) is inefficient and a power sink.

to add up what Azothath said, beside the "pay a spell to get one round" cost there is also a chance that the spell would just fail when trying to use it on potions, netting one without the spell or the alcoholic drink.
" The caster must succeed at a caster level check in order to affect magic liquids and poisons (DC = 10 + item level for magic liquids, DC equal to the poison’s save DC for a poison); otherwise, the spell fails."

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