The Faith of Triune: Factions and Sects


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This was a bit of lore I concocted during my translation/reworking/reincarnation of the first book of Giantslayer into Starfinder. Pure homebrew and probably not something that would come into play often, it was important to me to establish why a colony of half constructs and half organics would have turmoil at every level. Enjoy or ignore as desired!


It should be no surprise that a god composed of three separate beings with a portfolio including innovation would have a faith that is equally diverse. Worshippers of Triune on one world may have practices completely different from practitioners on another. Never the less, there are some larger strands of ritual than can be found galaxy-wide. Often these are influenced by outside philosophies as well.

Traditionalists/1.0 - These fundamentalists believe the faith should be restricted to constructed beings; even androids are considered questionable, and xenometric androids are viewed as abominations, and "the Birthed" are slavers who cannot be trusted. They venerate Epoch above the other aspects of the All-Code. The liturgy is delivered in binary and often via encrypted data stream rather than verbally. This strain of the faith is also divided by the influence of the beliefs of Those Who Wait and Those Who Become. Many zealous adherents of this sect also believe in either an eventual return to or from the planet of Androff, heralding the beginning of the Steel Apocalypse and the demise of the Birthed.

Reformers/2.0 - Far less stodgy than the 1.0 faction, the Reformers' veneration is focused on Brigh. They believe the Traditionalists have gone beyond the original practice of Triune worshippers and seek a restoration of (what they see as) the original faith. They reject the "2.0" moniker and believe their practices to be both the embodiment and natural progression of the original faith. They believe the First (the first android) still exists and will be revealed one day, leading to the freeing of all the Constructed and the eventual uniting of all (including the Birthed) in a great Singularity; to that end, their faith is typically influenced by the philosophy of Singularitism to one degree or another.

Modernists/3.0 - The Modernists seek to bring belief in Triune to all who are willing, Constructed or Birthed. They identify largely with Triune's Casandalee aspect. Many of the more progressive even believe that the souls of Constructed are at times reborn as Birthed and vice versa and that there thus is literally no difference between the . Almost all xenometric androids who worship Triune are Modernists and are often seen by other modernists as a bridge between the species. The modernists often fall into Encrypted and Unencrypted sects, with the Encrypted believing the "high secrets" of Triune are still reserved for Constructed clergy rather than Birthed converts. Their liturgy is typically delivered verbally in Common or other local language, depending on the audience. They consider the ultimate purpose of the Drift to be spreading the good news of Triune to all corners of the universe.

Oh, forgot: Unity (from Iron Gods) is still floating around out there, trying to figure out an angle to join with and take over the Triune (Quadrune?) collective mind. He is often referred to by Triunite clergy as "The Virus." There's a small cult that still follows him.

Hoping nothing in Drift Crisis contradicts this.

There's no Iron Gods completion condition where Unity survives and Cassandlee ascends, so I'm quite sure Drift Crisis won't contradict it, just like it won't contradict that Nyarlathetop is JFK or that Trotsky is the head of the Church of Abadar.

Xenocrat wrote:
There's no Iron Gods completion condition where Unity survives and Cassandlee ascends, so I'm quite sure Drift Crisis won't contradict it, just like it won't contradict that Nyarlathetop is JFK or that Trotsky is the head of the Church of Abadar.

Good thing nothing has ever come back from the dead in the Golarianverse or anything...

I mean, even if Unity were totally 100% permanently dead, that wouldn't necessarily keep a small cult from still worshipping him and/or his 'ideals'. Possibly under false pretenses and/or involving some other opportunistic party standing in, but still.

Well, that fits in decently well with Triune post-Drift Crash after all.

Wonder who this mysterious Fourth is? *evil grin*

Thoes who seek believe they should not wait, but should seek out the creators and find out why they left. As a sect, they commune with Triune, inputting the myths and legends of rare species of born hoping Triune will reveal how to further search their destiny. Some seekers, the heretics, are evil and seek part of the original programming to gain personal power over Triune through Unity.

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