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It's sad looking back at this. Enhanced seemed like such a glimmer of hope, like Paizo was fixing Starfinder and breathing new life into it, without needing to jump editions.

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"Those dice are cool, I wish they would make special Starfinder dice"

*checks store*


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The Svartalfar exist, and they basically already look exactly like Drow and fill a lot of their niches. I wonder if Paizo would consider having them take up the main dark elf mantle.

Sweet lord, they actually featured a Starfinder product! Thank you!

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Very intriguing!

The rulebook for October are always the most mind-blowing ones! So excited for the unchained Witchwarper, scaling gear, and creature companion love. Stupidly hoping against hope that one of the new races is the Leshy.

Thank you for breathing new life and affection into this most-beloved game.

Okay, I NEED to know what the trumpet players on page 14 are. Are they Bloodseekers? Linnorm dragonkin? Brine dragon Undine Vesk? Mizutsune from Monster Hunter? A new race? Whatever you are, I will find you and I WILL play as you.

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Does anyone else feel that the Evolutionist Playtest was pretty pointless? Countless post in the forums and Reddit on improvements, exciting additions, and genuine concerns. A year later and all that amounted to was full BAB, a new resource name, and an error on skills? What happened to getting multiple adaptive strikes as you level, more utility outside of combat, seeing the players' frustration with High Risk vs Minimal Reward mechanics and typing change happening way to late to be meaningful?

Compare this to the recent Kineticist Playtest which saw sweeping quality of life changes, and transparent communication. Even the Nanocyte was an excellent class that exemplified flexibility, enjoyable complexity, strength, and most importantly fun. Being able to change the way you play on the fly feels more in line with what the Evolutionist adaptability should have been. As it stands right now, the Evolutionist is only as interesting as the augments you slap on it.

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The PF1 playerbase is active and begging for more.

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In a heartbeat I would make an AP about helping the Dominion of the Black take back control of Auturn and the Citadel of the Black, having Carsai the King be the final big boss(or perhaps secret ally.) And I would title it Lesser of Two Evils.

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Mark Stratton wrote:
Warped Savant wrote:

As a Canadian, I'd like to point out that shipping a single AP book 2 hours north of Paizo costs $12.20, takes 7-11 days and isn't trackable. Yet to ship that same book to someone in Florida costs $4.29, takes 4-8 days, and is trackable.

For the record, whenever I order anything from Paizo, even though I get a tracking number, it is never trackable. The webpage always tells me that info isn’t available, and than at some point a couple of weeks later, it magically appears at my house. Now, I usually just use the basic shipping so maybe that isn’t supposed to be trackable (but if that’s the case, I don’t know what good providing me a tracking number does.)

I live in the continental U.S.

Exactly the same here! And it often takes a suspiciously long to be be delivered, sometimes after the street date.

I was just wondering about what happened to Mechfinder! It's glorious and very intuitive.

I just realized this book is 216 pages, a significant bump in content! Thank you so much, Paizo! I'm literally going to buy two copies for that. I don't mind paying more if that's what it takes to get bigger books.

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I would have killed for an adventure path like this for Pathfinder 1E, and Book of the Dead. I might try my hand at the long process of trying to convert them.

I just want more info/options on the beautiful Haan and Embri and I would be happy.

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Both of these are great ideas.

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This is amazing, very excited!

The Tryziarka (Alien Archive 4, page 126) Look visually similar, at least in my opinion. Their whole theme is tattoo magic and flexibility though.

Whoa, this is a pretty popular club. September 23 for me as well.

My order has been pending for a couple of weeks now and was wondering if something was wrong. Thank you for your time.

Kind of disappointed that were was so little for Starfinder. Only one new book announced, compared to the plethora of Pathfinder.

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Super disappointed that pretty much everything you gain from this class can only be used in combat. :/

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A non-core iconic?? Be still my heart! Thank you so much. And a wonderful story to complement her.

I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw this. One of my favorite conversions for Starfinder is the Adaptive Shifter, and the Evolutionist sounds like a cross between the Shifter and Sorcerer. So much flavor, so many possibilities.

Has anyone gotten their copy yet? Mine hasn't even started processing and the street date is quickly approaching.

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Alexander Augunas wrote:
The short answer is all of them. 500 page Core Rulebook Length Species Archives, please.

I would absolutely weep uncontrollably with joy if this ever happened.

A new Alluria product??? All seven hells yes! Sign me up

Starfinder Adventure Path #36: Professional Courtesy (Fly Free or Die 3 of 6) was in my upcoming orders queue, then it disappeared and skipped to issue #4 of Fly Free or Die.

Wait, bi-monthly? That is concerning.

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Space truckers, and now space Kingmaker? I am beyond thrilled, thank you so much.

This was a treat to read.

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It's kind of....sexy....in a horrifying way.

I'm not used to there still being a placeholder cover this close to release. I guess it will be a surprise when it actually arrives, oddly fitting for the epic conclusion to the first high-level adventure.

You had me at Haan, the most gorgeous race I have ever seen.

That is disheartening.

Problem resolved, thank you.

Starfinder Adventure Path #31: Waking the Worldseed (Devastation Ark 1 of 3) has been removed from my upcoming subscriptions, but nothing updated/generated in my order history.

Just checking on the status of my subscriptions, considering it is two days until street date.

So far I absolutely love the Nanoctye! It's so full of flavor and versatile. I'm going to be heartbroken if these options get removed.

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These issues are so incredible! This is a weird question, but is there any way I can help support them?

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That was beautiful.

I love these ideas! The Codex books and Gamemastery books have always been some of my favorites.

I feel like the Starfinder content we get is so far and few in between, and when we get it, it has to be spread thin and has to cover such a broad area that the content is watered down. I would love Starfinder versions of the Companion and and Campaign Setting lines from original pathfinder. And eventually a book dedicated to each core planet individually. Like Aucturn, I would buy the heck out of a book about Aucturn.

Once again the Barathu art leaves much to be desired. Too homogeneous. It's like the Outer/Occult dragons again. I would think as an artist or art director, it would get so boring using the same design with a few tweaks over and over again. Especially when there are so many possibilities. In direct contrast the art for the new Bud Drone feat is absolutely magnificent, and exactly what I was looking for in actual the barathu.

Speaking of which, the new character options are very fun a flavorful. The adventure is solid and exciting. The new equipment is interesting, albiet a bit underpowered. One thing that confuses me is the Encounter Suit powered armor. It seems to be...a jellyfish. There is no indication of anyone wearing it. It's Medium but the tentacles are four times longer than the "bell" where the pilot would feasibly be. And it only has a land speed, yet it seems to have no way to ambulate, it's just...floating. Just pointless observations on a random item, but it makes me curious what the developers envisioned for it.

Nanocyte sounds perfect for a biomechanical horror, like an agent for the Dominion of the Black. Very exciting.

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I'm honestly super disappointed with the Barathu art. There are three new pieces of art, but they all look identical to the standard Barathu we have seen several times over, aside from one being conjoined. Same shape, same colors, same tentacles. For a race whose whole gimmick is self-modification and specialization, I wish the art was more creative and unique. I want to see more Barathu like the second picture in Alien Archive.

The exact same thing happened with me, Starfinder Threefold 2 and 3 were skipped mysteriously.

Under closer inspection, it skipped Threefold Conspiracy 3 out of 6, just like it skipped 2 out of 6 last month.

My two Starfinder Adventure Path Subscription items that I have been waiting for switched from "expected to ship in 11 to 20 days" to "Expected to ship in an unknown time frame." Just wanted to know if an issue came up or if something can be done to resolve it.

My concerns have been resolved. Thank you.

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