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Really disappointed that the outer dragons have the same pallet-swap artstyle. I was hoping they would get unique designs in Starfinder.

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I really want Hive creatures from Horror Adventures, and as many Dominion of the Black as I am allowed to have.

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I'm legitimately dumbfounded that the Ghorans actually made it in. Dumbfounded, but very happy.

The Khizars are pretty cool, but I miss my Ghorans. A race that can produce oxygen, food, and purify water would make an excellent addition to a spaceship crew. I hope they make a comeback eventually.

I'm stupidly happy about all the talk of food.

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Super nervous about this. I wasn't particularly fond of Starfinder's rule system and the the way things are done, and this sounds like it is going to be similar.

This book will have Ghorans? YES!!! Instantly sold! The best races are the ones you can eat.(all of them)

Locathahs and Cecalelia? Sign me up.

Sad day, I was really looking forward to this one. Aside from the strategy guide, this is the only hardcover I have had to pass on.

He's so beautiful, and a family man. It's a shame he had to join those vile undead murderers. :(

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Wow, I've never seen a product inspire so much controversy, from so many different directions. I'm looking forward to it though.

Wow, I take it all back. The other two dragons are awesome. Well played, Paizo. Well played.

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These are definitely an improvement to the Outer and Esoteric dragons, they aren't just the dragon repainted. But it's still depressing hom much potential these had. Dragons based on the planes, the very idea sounds exciting. They could have been breathtakingly beautiful/cool and unique. Not to be rude, but the art seems a bit...uninspired. :/ There are several fantastic dragon "cousins", but the True dragons get so little love.

They are so....beautiful! :') This book is a must-buy for me now. Bug and plant races are the way to my heart.

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Honestly, I really hope the new dragons look radically different from each outer. It made sense with the imperial dragons, but the Occult and Outer dragons just being reskins is frustrating when there is so much potential there.

Another non-standard iconic! Thank you so much.

Yes! This is probably going to be my favorite book ever. I might be the only one, but I would absolutely love to see a pathfinder version of the Dread Necromancer class. Such fond memories...

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A non-core race iconic! This makes me so happy!

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Four pages for each human ethnicity? A considerable chuck of this book has lost its value to my group and I. Darn, I was really excited for this one. :/

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I have to say, I'm really disappointed with the undead section of this book, especially the feats. :/

I'm really hoping to see some more information about on the Ghoran race here. Fingers crossed.

Will all physical books be in full color, or will there be a color version and a black-and-white version?

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Pharmaceuticals? Abyss yeah! Time for an undead outbreak!

I am a huge fan of the Locust from the Gears of War video games, and I have been thinking that they could be amazing(albeit odd) creatures in a fantasy setting, almost akin to a subterranean orc or similar creature. I have been so excited about this, that I'm going to run a Pathfinder session involving the Locust along with many of their creatures but scaled down to the less-technologically-advanced world of the typical Dungeons and Dragons/Pathfinder setting, as soon as I stat them all up.

My mind is running rampant with ideas at this point, but does anyone have any suggestions or input?

I have always thought of Dark Folk being -2 Charisma, considering they seem to be a tad bit on the xenophobic side.

Also I have to say...thank you so much for doing an adventure using the Dark Folk/Dark Ones. They have always been my absolute FAVORITE race and seems to be one of the most underrated races.

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More Kytons? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :D

I would really like to see something like "Blood of Nature" or perhaps a book centered around the Ghoran race.

I know they aren't technically "gods", but I have my fingers crossed tight for more information some of the demon lords like Lady Sifkesh.

I am really REALLY hoping for my Kytons, by far my favorite race of fiends.