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Sculped Cape

Your cape, cloak, or shawl stiffens and maintains its shape even if removed. A sculpted cape has hardness 2 and a number of hit points equal to your caster level, and it can support 1 pound of weight per caster level. An unworn sculpted cape can provide cover.

Can a Unseen Servant carry a cape to provide cover?

Liberty's Edge

I don't see why it would be unable to carry it. But the cape isn't so big to be able to block completely the side of a square, so, to provide cover for you, it should carry it in a way that the cape is adjacent to you and don't give cover to the unseen servant. But that rarely matters.

Unseen servant = U
You = Y
Cape = |


As I see it, you would be placed that way. When you move, the unseen servant will move to allow you to benefit for cover.

Yes, an Unseen Servant can hold up a cape, or anything for that matter, provided it weighs 20 lbs or less. You can also tell it to drop or pivot the cape every round so you can shoot/cast and then pivot/pick the cape back up when you're finished with your turn as to maintain the Cover while you're not acting. It can also load repeating crossbows and pistols/rifles for you, just in case you ever wanted to dual-wield pistol + sword or pistol + pistol, and can even retrieve stored items for you (also 20lbs or less). Not all at the same time, obviously. It can only do one task at a time. But when it's not holding up your 1min/lvl Sculpted Cape, you can have it doing other things during the rest of the 1hour/lvl duration.

The only downside to an Unseen Servant is that the spell ends if you go 25 + 5ft/2lvls or further away from your servant, and it only has a move speed of 15ft. So if you move 30ft a round, it will take 2 rounds to make that same distance, and if you move 30ft two rounds in a row, there's a chance it will fall behind and the spell will end.

When you really need your Unseen Servant to keep up with you, you can have him ride a Floating Disk. Some GM's might not allow this, but I do.

Also, before you try any of these Unseen Servant shenanigans, ask your GM if he feels that an Unseen Servant is affected by difficult terrain. I argue that it is not, because it can walk on water (which in my mind, means it cannot fly but it is weightless to a point that it is unaffected by "ground" types, whether it's deep mud, quicksand, swamp/bog, w/e). But every GM is different. Since it can only move 15ft a round, Difficult Terrain will put a cramp in your style really quick.

I'm looking for ways to improve defense and I found this one. Thanks.

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