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I did a quick search under rules questions, but didn't see this covered and wanted some clarification. If I took a level of a class that granted a specific familiar (i.e. Leshy Warden Druid), and then switched to another class that also granted familiars (i.e. Eldritch Guardian Fighter), does the new class skill surrounding familiars get granted to the familiar from my previous class? For example, would my leaf Leshy now be granted all of my combat feats?

Familiar interactions are very unpredictable, so you have to look at the individual cases.

It sounds like you are talking about Leshy Warden and Eldritch Guardian. In my opinion, those would "stack".

If you take two classes that grant familiars, then the 2nd class's familiar will not grant you a new familiar, but rather would apply its leveling and boni gained to the existing familiar. As far as I can tell, what you're saying is kosher.

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Some will stack, others will not. You need to look at the description of the ability that grants you the familiar.

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