Improved Collector's Boon Set items overlapping?!?

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A friend and I were looking at these items. But some of the items don't quite make sense to us. Like:

Set 6
Body Wrap of Mighty Strikes, Monk's Robe, and Necklace of Serenity. That's 2 body slot items.

Set 7
Cassock of the Clergy, Deathwatch Eyes, Ring of the Grasping Grave, Spirit Blade, and Staff of Souls. That's a one handed magic item and a 2 handed magic item. Plus a caster needs a hand free to cast spells.

Are we missing something? How would you handle it?

Not sure most of the sets are really worth 2 feats. But I might consider a few of them.

set rules

At least the first of those has come up before a couple of times. Here's one of those times.

The Exchange

Developer (and Author) clarification:

Luis Loza wrote:
Characters with the Collector's Boon feat can wear multiple items in the same slot if all of the items are from the same equipment set. For example, a character could wear both the bodywrap of mighty strikes and a monk's robe in his body slot when wearing Irori's Meditation.

Thanks folks! Much appreciated.

How would you address Set 7. You could just hold the Staff of Souls in one hand and it would probably still count as wielding since you can cast spells from it that way. However, if you wield the Spirit Blade in the other hand, you cleric doesn't have a hand free to cast spells. So your bonuses would constantly be going up and down if you put away the dagger to cast a spell.

That seems like it would be an incredible hassle.

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