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What third-party character options are there for Pathfinder 2e? There doesn't seem to be a lot out there.

I'm talking ancestries, heritages, backgrounds, classes, subclasses and archetypes - preferably ones people actually play.

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Both are by Paizo's own Michael Sayre.

I have several things in the works, but the only product released is the modest sorcerer bloodlines: blood of giants

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DriveThruRPG lists 278 PF2-compatible books. However, with 5E being the top dog, most 3PPs have shifted their attention from Pathfinder to D&D.

We Faithful Few by Samurai Sheepdog is pretty good outside of the Midnight Legate class.

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The Legendary Kineticist for PF2 is at long last almost finished and should be ready to release in early July.

At Legendary Games, we've got over two dozen PF2 products, many of them adventures and such, but you also can find 5 of our short "Just A Second" products for $1 each with new feats and spells for PF2.

Check them all out right here.

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I have created a medusa and sahuagin ancestry on DriveThruRPG (although I think I've only got the Sahuagin approved), with more planned.

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Well, I know I wrote this one, for release:
Aasimar & Tiefling Ancestries

And I also know that I'm working on the next one of those at the moment. :)

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