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...and I'm being shipped the soft cover version.

Paizo, if you're going to do this in the future, you need a better way for subscribers to select it.

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Exactly. I want the hardcover instead of the soft cover edition, not as well as.

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I emailed CS and haven't heard back.

I like the idea of special omnibus hardcover editions, but there needs to be a reliable way for subscribers to pick them.

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The Kineticist from Rage of Elements is on Dyslexic Character Sheets now, along with the usual haul of fixes and little improvements.


I'm glad I got that done before starting on the Remaster...

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I'm sure this was done for what seemed like solid legal reasons, but I see it as a serious mis-step.

The promise of the ORC License was the create a big, open landscape of gaming content where nobody would get sued because everything you might use is ORC somewhere. A mutual pact between every ORC publisher large and small that game mechanics lawsuits are off the table.

Forbidding Infinite products from also being ORC creates a rift in that open landscape. An ORC publisher could sue an Infinite publisher, or visa versa, because there's no such protection between the two.

mrPaljas wrote:

Hey I saw that you added mine as well which is awesome! But it's not completely correct. The format is actually a PDF which you can't fill in. I'm maybe going to add the form fields to the pdf, but that's something for later.

Oops. Fixed.

VestOfHolding wrote:
The link for dyslexic character sheets seems to lead to one particular sample instead of the whole site. Probably worth changing it to this.

I got the link for my own website wrong.


I've added johnnyjester's updated version of the PF2 AutoSheet, and mrPaljas's A5 character sheet.

Kobold Catgirl wrote:

This looks really nice and clean!

But can I ask what A5 means?

Metric Paper (video by CGP Grey)

Europe and Britain tend to use A3/A4/A5 paper.

Minor update: TOS 2nd Core Edition is free.

If you have any other updates, please post them here.

After more than a year working on it, I've finally released some massive new features:

  • Edit all the fields in the character sheet, including proficiencies, alignment, etc.
  • Calculations work automatically (*)
  • Save your character sheet

    These features are for patrons only. You'll need to subscribe (at the $1 minimum rate) and log in using your Patreon account to get the benefits.

    -> Dyslexic Character Sheets

    Full editing has been the #1 requested feature in all the years I've been building these. It was only made possible because of the way the new Pathfinder 2e sheets are built - which, sadly, means it doesn't apply the Pathfinder 1e, Starfinder or D&D 3.5e character sheets.

    While these new features are only for patrons, the character sheets themselves are as free as they always have been. Accessibility features and translations are also free. For a breakdown of exactly what's free and what's reserved, see the Patrons page.

    (*) Not all the classes and archetypes are fully calculated yet, but most of them should be.

  • Our tabletop games are increasingly 3D. We have 3D VTTs with 3D animated maps, 3D printed miniatures, and of course we roll 3D dice. But we're still using the same flat old 2D character sheets we've had since the 1970s!

    It's time for that to change. Dyslexic Character Sheets is proud to give you a special preview of the first ever 3D character sheet...

    3D Character Sheet!

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    I've just added a whole lot of ancestries, heritages and backgrounds to the character sheet builder.

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    There isn't as much third-party material for PF2e as there was for PF1e, but we're starting to see some good things.

    What are your favourite ancestries and heritages; classes and subclasses; archetypes?

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    I do still have a sizeable generous vast collection of PF1. And Starfinder. And some 3/4/5e. And Planet Mercenary, Maid RPG etc...

    No, I will not free up shelf space.

    Leon Aquilla wrote:
    You can buy a respectable-looking new bookshelf for the price of a core book.

    But I can't buy a bigger house so easily.

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    I allocated a nice big shelf to Pathfinder 2e rule books and adventure paths, and it's now full. You can stop publishing new stuff now, Paizo.

    The Gunslinger and Inventor classes are now available from Dyslexic Character Sheets, along with multiclass etc.


    Next I'm turning my attention to ancestries.

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    Character sheets for the two new classes from Secrets of Magic -- the Summoner and the Magus -- are now available.


    Includes all the Magus's Hybrid Studies and the Summoner's Eidolons, on top of the many options available from Dyslexic Character Sheets.

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    While there are lots of things I'd like them to improve in a 5.5, I don't expect them to do any of them.

    The classes in 5e feel quite bare, and subclasses alone aren't enough to stop them feeling identical. Every barbarian the same, every bard the same, etc. You can roleplay very different characters, but the game rules doesn't support you in it. A 5.5 player's handbook could come with new, rebalanced versions of the core classes, that have more customisation and are still fully compatible with the 5e engine.

    Races could also be improved. They could stop using the word "race", they could use heritages the way Pathfinder 2 does, and they could incorporate the flexible stat rules from Tasha's Cauldron into the core rules.

    But they won't.

    I expect the anniversary edition will mostly just be a shiny repackaging. It might incorporate a couple of subclasses from other books, and fix the odd little mistake, but it won't change much of anything.

    I've just published an absolutely enormous update to Dyslexic Character Sheets, including:

  • APG archetypes - all 38 of them!
  • GM pages - NPCs, party, and maps
  • French translation, thanks to the hard work of Gristoufle
  • Dyslexic fonts - a choice of Dyslexie or Lexend
  • Level Up page
  • Character Background/Social page

    And a whole load more features and fixes.

    Get yours at dyslexic-charactersheets.com

  • Added the Wanderer's Guide. It's still in alpha, but looks very promising as website/app approach.

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    The list of firearms in the playtest is pretty short, and they all fit an era where guns were clunky, unique, and unreliable. Something I'm hoping to see in the final book is guidance on firearms from different eras.

    Paizo's primary focus is, of course, the Lost Omens setting. That's entirely understandable, but it's not the only setting people play. Adventure Paths and homebrew settings often involve eras of firearms that are quite distinct from the culture of Golarion. For example...

    Spoilers for Reign of Winter:
    The Reign of Winter adventure path book 5, Rasputin Must Die, takes the party to Russia in the winter of 1918, with era-specific weaponry including rifles and grenades.

    In my own games, I'd like to be able to run adventures in something like a musketeers era, or a Napoleonic era.

    I understand that there need to be barriers to stop players taking an AK-47 into a medieval setting. But I hope that doesn't mean uncommon firearms are left out of the book entirely.

    Added Charon Onozuka's GM sheet.

    I may add a separate tab for GM tools, if more of them turn up?

    I added Beadle & Grimm's Complete Character Chronicles to the list.

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    APG is live!

    The Advanced Players Guide content is now live on dyslexic-charactersheets.com.

    You can now play the dhampir tengu swashbuckler you've been dreaming of.

    As somebody who has to do more work every time they release a new class, archetype, or ancestry, I kind of hope they don't do too many ...

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    I don't expect this to appear for quite some time, but...

    Lost Omens Inner Worlds
    A book exploring the inner solar system, particularly the worlds of Aballon, Castrovel, Akiton and Verces. Includes ancestries and archetypes for each world.

    - Efreet (Sun)
    - Construct (Aballon)
    - Lashunta (Castrovel)
    - Ysoki (Akiton)
    - Shobhad (Akiton)
    - Vercite (Verces)

    - Tinkerer: a mechanic capable of making and improving automata and constructs, as well as self-modification (Aballon)
    - Rider: a warrior that specialises in riding wild beasts into battle (Castrovel)
    - Slider: a spellcaster able to teleport long distances, and create portals (Akiton)
    - Solarian: a mystic who balances the forces of light and darkness (Verces)

    ...to be followed a year later by Lost Omens Outer Worlds, detailing the Diaspora, Eox, Triaxus, Liavara, Bretheda, Apostae and Arcturn.

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    The Community Use Package still has very little for 2nd edition in it.

    One of the most definitive logos for PF2e is the one in the top-right corner of every book cover that says "Second Edition". It's important to avoid confusion between editions and clearly state what system a given book or product is compatible with.

    So are we allowed to use that logo, or something like it, as part of a product under the community use policy?

    AJCarrington wrote:
    With the API for Hero Lab Online due later this month (just released for Starfinder), would there be any option for integration?

    An interesting thought. Do you have any details?

    I like the idea of integrations, but my to-do list is quite long already. I need to finish adding APG content, add other archetypes from the various Lost Omens books, work on the translations, add GM pages, make a new website, add third party content...

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    Staffan Johansson wrote:
    Adventurers (or at least my characters) are pack rats. They have a tendency to pick up everything that isn't nailed down, and if I can pry it loose they weren't really serious about nailing...

    • Book of Irriseni pornography
    • Cake with a potion of gaseous form baked into it
    • Fork I found in the road
    • A hundred swords
    • Caged rat that's actually a transmuted minotaur possessed by a very angry little demon
    • Goblin (live) shoved into a bag of holding with his head poking out the top

    The blank space in the middle is for your character portrait, if you select one.

    Staffan Johansson wrote:
    I would suggest expanding the inventory sheet.

    You realise there's an option for a larger inventory sheet?

    I do intend to take another look at the Inventory sheet and rearrange a few things. The whole inventory/kit/backpack division isn't very clear at the moment.

    So what, exactly, has changed? For those of us who rely on the terms of this agreement to operate legally, every word matters.

    Vali Nepjarson wrote:

    I am immensely happy with these and I am quite curious as to when you expect to have added content from the various Lost Omens guides and most importantly the Advanced Players' Guide.

    Obviously I understand that these take a lot of work and I'm not expecting them to be done any time soon. Just curious as to if you have an idea when you'll be getting to them, as well as what your priorities are in regards to different sources.

    The Advanced Players Guide is first on the list, and I expect to have the four new classes ready for patrons to test in the next few weeks. I'll then turn to the ancestries, archetypes etc in that book, before moving onto the Lost Omens books and other sources. Eventually I'll include third-party material like the Legendary Kineticist.

    There are other things I'm working on at the same time: variant rules, improving the experience for translators, adding optional reference pages, GM pages like maps and NPCs, etc.

    I post regular updates on the Facebook group, and you can also see my to-do list.

    My players just started playing Plaguestone, and already they're appreciating the depth of a bigger adventure over the one-shot PFS scenarios. It's likely we'll be taking the same characters from this adventure onto the next - and only - other PF2 adventure available, The Slithering.

    Plaguestone takes them to level 4, and The Slithering starts at Level 5, so there's room for some adventures in between. Almost any of the PFS scenarios could fit in there, but I'm more concerned with their justification for travelling so far. While I could, as GM, just say "You're now in Kibwe", I think they'd prefer if it happened naturally as part of an ongoing story.

    The adventures do have elements in common, in the form of oozes, so my first thought is that something in Vilree's lair tells them of a connection that leads them to Kibwe.

    Was Vilree working for the Aspis Consortium? Was she involved in the creation of the Slithering?

    I don't want to spoil the story of the Slithering by giving them information too early. On the other hand, there's a tendency for Paizo adventures to contain more back-story than the players will ever discover, and this connection could help add to both adventures if it gives people more motivation and depth.

    This may be a dumb question, but... what's a drudge? The adventure has the stats for an alchemical drudge, and a brief description of their appearance ("like large, wingless homunculi"), but gives me very little idea of what the creatures actually are, how they behave, or how to use them in the fight.

    I can't find it in any of the bestiaries (seriously, I've gone all the way back to D&D 4e looking for it), but the adventure seems to assume I know the word.

    gnoams, I've fixed that now.

    gnoams wrote:
    but there doesn't seem to be any way to close the image

    Huh. I swear there used to be. I'll fix that.

    What third-party character options are there for Pathfinder 2e? There doesn't seem to be a lot out there.

    I'm talking ancestries, heritages, backgrounds, classes, subclasses and archetypes - preferably ones people actually play.

    I've updated it with those two fixes, Lightning Raven.

    There are some subtle gotchas, so it's probably a good idea to check back here when you're ready, before you publish for real.

    Paizo's Community Use policy grants you a license to use a LOT of their material, including the Pathfinder logo, but only if you abide by the conditions:

    - FREE. You cannot charge money for any product under the Community Use Policy. If you do, you lose legal access to all Paizo's IP.

    - You need to include a copy of the copyright notice on your product.

    Check exactly what the Community Use Policy grants you. It's incredibly generous (because Paizo rock), but it does NOT automatically give you access to all of Paizo's IP.

    Scott_UAT is correct: the OGL covers most of it, and you should read it for yourself. It's not very big, and it's in every single Pathfinder book.

    The way the OGL works is basically:

    - Actual rules are part of the OGL, while branding ("Product Identity") and setting specific details (like the Pathfinder Society) are not.

    - If you use any OGL material in your work, then your work must itself be published with the OGL, allowing others to interpret your work.

    - You should include a full copy of the OGL somewhere in your product. In it you should reference ALL the books your work builds on, AND all the books they list in their OGL, all the way back to the original System Reference Document from Wizards of the Coast.

    Don't forget that Paizo isn't the only company whose IP you could step on. Don't include any mind flayers, for example, because Wizards still own those.

    Are these going to be updated with all the more recent adventure paths?

    25-10=15. 15 is ten less than 25. I literally don't know why anyone has debated this.

    The question is whether it's a "<" or a "≤". At only a quick reading, people can be forgiven for coming away with either interpretation, so don't be quick to blame anyone. It takes a more careful reading, and looking for other sources - like a brief mention of it in a random video - to be certain which version is intended, and I've seen both versions used in actual play.

    Paizo could have been a lot clearer. But it does look as if they intend it to be "≤", so I've changed the sheet.

    Now let's please drop the subject.

    This has been discussed before - at great length - without much of a conclusion. I really don't want to end up with another five pages of pointless argument here, so please don't chip in unless you have actual evidence from Paizo devs that provides an answer to the question.

    Grankless wrote:
    Aren't you two saying the same thing?

    Not quite.

    The interpretation I've got on the sheet says that, for a DC or AC of 25, values from 15-24 are failures (10 steps) and values from 14 down are critical failures.

    Charissi suggests that values from 16-24 are failures (9 steps) and values from 15 down are critical failures.

    I'm honestly not certain which is right.

    charissi wrote:

    Love and use the sheets for PF1, am looking forward to the final PF2 sheets, thanks!

    Reference pages say:

    < AC/DC - 10 -> critical failure

    should be: <= ('less or equal') AC/DC -10 -> critical failure

    a 15 on a dc 25 check is a critical failure, there are only 9 steps for regular failure.

    Are you sure? On p445 it says, "if you fail a check by 10 or more, that's a critical failure."

    The Alpha also has the latest Italian translations.

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