Promethean Alchemist, If I regain mutagen from another class, Can I take improved Mutagens?


So, I noticed something.. The Promethean Alchemist looses bombs and mutagen in favor of a homunculus companion that will start small and grow to medium size.

Now if I where to take a single level dip in Mutagenic Mauler Brawler, I'd get Mutagen that works like Alchemists Mutagen. This should work with the Promethean alchemist since I am not taking the Mutagen Discovery to get it, But I was wondering if I could then take things like Feral Mutagen and Greater Mutagen and Grand Mutagen?

My guess would be no as the Promethean Alchemist says "A promethean alchemist can’t take the mutagen or cognatogen discoveries." But I am unsure if it just means I cant get the discovery named Mutagen and Cognatogen, Or if it includes the Greater and Grand versions and other improved versions too. You normaly couldent take them as they requier mutagen and you wouldent have it, But the one level dip gave it back.

What is peoples opinions on this? Would it work? Could I get back only the mutagen via the dip, Could I get the Freal, Greater and Grand due to having mutagen again, Or could I get none of them?

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If you're asking for a strictly by the wording answer, some such as feral mutagen are worded 'When the alchemist imbibes a mutagen' which should work with any mutagen, and the grand etc. discoveries are worded 'the alchemist's mutagen' which attaches the mutagen to the alchemist class. The former would be OK, the latter not.

But...that's basically a coincidence of how the discoveries were worded, I don't think it was especially intentional on the part of the writers. Ask your GM. I'd say no, the Promethean alchemist's knowledge doesn't extend to mutagens, but a different GM could easily have a different view.

Alright, Thank you for the awesome! =)

I would say that taking Promethean shouldn’t stop you from taking mutagen discoveries with levels of other classes that grant discoveries.

But really, the mutation limitation was poorly thought out in the first place. The alchemist barely has enough non-mutagen and non-bomb discoveries for the promethean to take.

I'd say anything just to a mutagen rather than specifically the alchemist's should work, and it's not a problem because promethean gives up an unreasonable amount of stuff just to get a companion and a discovery anyone 6th level or higher can already take.

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