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Thanks everyone! I hope I do well, But even so, It would be good to help relieve the regular GM's in my group so they get to play a bit more too. :)

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BigNorseWolf wrote:

1) CHill. You'll get it eventually. No ones going to die. Well ok no one real..

I started at gencon getting the core rules and a bunch of scenarios on the way out the door. I started honestly " we're going to make pew pew laser noises and roll d20s, and if we get any closer to the rules than that, BONUS"

2) Rules wise, starfinder is closest to PF 1 so you're good there

The 5 foot step is a move action. Swift actions stop you from taking full round actions, anyone can full attack by attacking at -4 -4, and most importantly, it doesn't matter how many freaky limbs you have, everyone gets one attack or one full attack.

Some handy links How to make a pfs character has a mile high look at the rules.

Podcasts are the second best thing to playing for learning the rules.

You could also play some. Hop online and get into some starfinder society games.

Thank you! :D I am super nervous about trying to run a game... But I hsall do my best!

So.. I'm not sure this is even allowed to be asked here.. But I'm interested in Starfinder, As is my entire group (We mostly play Pathfinder 1e) but it is starting to look more and more like if I want to try Starfinder I'm going to have to be the one to run it..

I heard the Junker's Delight module is good for new groups so I have ordered it, And I have been looking through the core rule book to try and figure things out but.. Does anyone have any tips for someone that has never tried GMing before and is now going to try and GM starfinder, Without having ever played starfinder..?

Thank you both! I had no idea that the Core Set and Curse of the Crimson Throne set where a new edition of the game, I'l look into the Cors eset then to start with. :)

So, I have been glancing at the Adventure Card Game for a long time now, A couple of years I think.. And looking at the store where I buy all my Pathfinder books, They have a lot of things for the Adventure Card Game. So I decided to finally look into it a bit more.

I'm curious if you can play it solo or if you need multiple people? And also, What to buy for it..? The local store has the Core Set, The Mummy's Mask base set, The Wrath of the Righteous base set, The Curse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path set, The Skull & Shackles base set, And then a whole ton of character, class and quest expansions... So I am rather lost...

@Derklord I just wanted a halfling spear fighter, A full BAB martial with no magic, Who fights using spears and wears light or medium armor, And no shields... And I found three archetypes that seemed like they might be interesting and wanted to know how they are...

And Cavalier is not a bad class, Everyone just hates it cus without archetypes it gets a mount, It is actually a very fun class to play.

Hmm... So you say fighter all out rather then Disciple of the Pike cavalier? And I have not thought of what kind of spears I wanted the character to use.. Just that I wanted them to use spears.. Hmm...

So, I had this idea of a halfling martial who fights with a spear and I was wondering over these archetypes, The Cavalier's Disciple of the Pike and the Fighter's Polearm Master and Spear Fighter.. Which one of these would be the best for a small character who fights with a spear? And are there any other good options for it?

I was thinking light or medium armor rather then heavy armor, Though heavy armor can work too. I was not planning on a shield for the character..

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My group is half way through Skull & Shackles. It is the first published Adventure Path I have played and I'v been having great fun so far! :D

@gourry187 That could work too, Thank you for the tip. :)

@Melkiador Thank you! I'l take a look at those archetypes. :)

@Belafon But wearing armor ruins the whole image! The image I had in my mind for this crazy idea is not a battle hardened warrior in full plate but a humble priestly cleric wearing a simple robe. I know it is not optimal, But I wanted to see if it was possible...

So, I had this idea floatig about in my head.. A cleric who does not use armour and doesn't fight in melee, But instead focuses on using their spells and channel energy...

Has anyone here tried this before..? How did it go..? Is this just a horrible idea in general..?

Good suggestions, Thanks everyone! More good choices then I was expecting. :)

So, I was thinking, A Kineticist who's race matches their element! A few are easy, Fire is Ifrit, Water is Undine, Earth is Oread and Air is Sylph...

Wood is a bit harder, Maybe Gathlain or Ghoran..? But what about Aether and Void? And does any other races match the other elements?

Has anyone else thought about matching up race and kineticist element like this..?

*Khan* wrote:

Most of all make a character with lot of options. Don't specialize too much in one weapon or maneuver or spell. Different options and flexibility is fun and awarding.

A Weakness is fun as long as it isn't crippling for you or your party.

I forgot to mention the Inquisitor class. A Besmera switch hitter inquisitor is very flexible and interesting in this campaign; Bane, judgment, spells and melee/gun plus lot of social skills.

Oooooh, Inquisitor. Thats a class that seems interesting to try sometime! And staying flexible is good advice, Thank you. :)

pennywit wrote:
Merellin wrote:

So, I'm trying to think of a backup character for Skull & Shackles, We just beat book 2 (I think..) and our party is currently a Oracle, A Gunslinger, My Kineticist (That i'm considering swapping from due to reasons..) And a Fighter.

But I have no idea what kind of character i'd want to play if I do swap from the Kineticist (Or if the Kineticist dies) so I wanted to come here and ask, What classes work well with this adventure path, And what classes dont work so well? I know the gunslinger would have had trouble with the dungeon we just beat, But the gunslingers player couldn't make it to the two sessions it took us to beat the dungeon.

You might want to take something that gives you an edge with siege weapons, like, say, the ballista or catapults that are no doubt on your ship.

If you want to do something that is cool and memorable, consider a magus (iron-ring striker).

Our Gunslinger is already a Siege Gunner and I dont want to step on her toes by going into siege weapons too, She has a squad of trained crewmembers to help her. The Iron-Right Striker? Thats one of the unarmed combatant maguses right? They seem interesting.

Ack! Sorry for slowness, I kind of forgot about this post for a few days!

@*Khan* Thank you for the class suggestions, The druid and the melee classes are quite interesting... I wanted to try a Barbarian or Bloodrager for a while, I do really like the Brawler though! Slayer and Swashbuckler I struggle to think of ideas for...

@meumeujeu Yeah, Paladins dont work.. Antipaladin would fit better since we are non good, But the heavy armor might be trouble..

TxSam88 wrote:
Ryze Kuja wrote:
Master Summoner or Broodmaster Summoner, and then save my first 4,000gp for a +2 Cha Headband.
I think I agree with the Master Summoner here, all the other classes basically lost most of the special abilities with State=10, the master summoner basically looses his spell, but still has a few summons, plus the eidolon, which turns out is a better fighter than a fighter... So, you have an awesome fighter in the party.

The Master Summoner's Eidolon is only half his level though, So it is not as mighty as a regular eidolon. But summon monster is still danged useful, The Master Summoner gets even more uses then the regular summoner.

So, I'm trying to think of a backup character for Skull & Shackles, We just beat book 2 (I think..) and our party is currently a Oracle, A Gunslinger, My Kineticist (That i'm considering swapping from due to reasons..) And a Fighter.

But I have no idea what kind of character i'd want to play if I do swap from the Kineticist (Or if the Kineticist dies) so I wanted to come here and ask, What classes work well with this adventure path, And what classes dont work so well? I know the gunslinger would have had trouble with the dungeon we just beat, But the gunslingers player couldn't make it to the two sessions it took us to beat the dungeon.

So, Druids! Never played one, But want to. Just not sure what kind of druid to make as they seem to be able to be built so many different ways... So I ask here!

What is your favorite Druid Build? Do you prefer to play as a shapechanging melee druid, Or a caster druid? Any archetypes you like? Tell me about it! :D

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A Sorcerer would suffer from not being able to affect creatures immune to mind affecting effects, Unlike the mesmerist, But would still just like the mesmerist ahve a very limited ammount of spells known so they couldn't diversify out of Enchantment too much.. So they couldn't do too much if they come up aainst undead or other creatures immune to mind affecting..

Maybe I'm just overcomplicating things... I wanna try more casters, But at the same time every time I try to work on a full arcane caster, or class that focuses on their spells I end up with the feeling that I cant handle it...

Maybe i'm just intended to stick to the martials and 6th level casters...

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Oh? I'l check out the Psychic then, Thanks. :)

The only casters I played are a Cleric (My first character ever, Some 6 years ago when I had no idea what I was doing..) A couple of Alchemists, And a Summoner. So my experiences with casters is rather limited with only one full caster..

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So, I'm currently playing in Skull & Shackles as a Kineticist but I was tossing arround an idea for a backup character who is a caster (Have not played many casters so I wanna try more..) focused on Enchantment and Illusion spells.

I came to Wizard, Arcanist and Mesmerist, Wizard and Arcanist can learn all the spells thanks to their books so they have the versatility of having non enchantment or illusion spells for when such spells are not effective, While the Mesmerist can pick up Psychic Inception to make their mind affecting spells have a chance to affect creatures immune to mind affecting spells. Mesmerists are also charisma based so they can let me easily be a party face, Something I'v also wanted to try for a while..

What do you all think the strengths and weaknesses of theese three classes are for a enchantment and illusion focused caster?

Nice! Always good to see people making guides for Pathfinder. Gonna take a look at the guide right away! :D

So, I really like clerics despite only having played one and was curious, What is everyones favorite cleric builds?

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Sure, I'd be all for a new Paladin guide! :D

Thank you all! So many great ideas here. :D

Thanks everyone! Lots of good tips here. :D I have two characters I'm working on and I'l try to use what I learn from this thread to expand them and make them more full and real characters. :)

That are some good questions to get things started with, Thank you! :D

So, This is something I struggle with,m Fleshing out my characters and connecting with them. I'm trying to get better but I'm not very good at it currently...

So I decided to ask here, What are the questions you ask yourself about your character to help you flesh out them and their backstory?

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Thanks everyone! You have given me lots to think about. :D

@Andostre I wasn't looking for the best build, Just what class is good for it. I am just very very bad at words..

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@IluzryMage Well, Primarily a blaster. I want to be able to blast with a few different damaging spells, But also have some other utility for whe I dont want to blast.

@Claxon Oh, I do like the Kineticist. I have played one and it was much fun, I just wanted to try a full caster for once, But also be able to blast some with the full caster...

@ The Toaster Alchemist is by far my favorite class, I love them and they can do a bit of everything. :D But I wanted to try a full caster for once, But also be able to do some blasting with damaging spells. I'l take a look at the Evoker Wizard. Thanks. :)

@Darigaaz the Igniter Thank you, I'l look into the Sorcerer and Admixture Wizard. :)

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So, I know that this is not the optimal way to build a caster in Pathfinder but I was interested in trying it anyway. What class would be the best for a full caster using damaging spells?

Most casters can still have a backup toolbox for when they dont want to be a blaster.. But sometimes you might want to be a blaster for the fun of it.

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Thanks everyone! The Lantern Staff is just a really cool weapon, Even if it is not the strongest. The Fire God's Blessing seems quite useful.. I'l have a look at the Staff Magus, Gravedigger Investigator and Lamplighter Investigator.

Thanks everyone! :D

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That feat is incredibly good. Locks you into being a goblin, But I do like goblins... Thanks for the suggestion!

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So, I think the Lantern Staff is a really cool weapon and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for classes or feats that could make good use of it?

So, i'm curious. What is your favorite character youe ver played in Pathfinder? What race and class where they, What was their backstory, And why did you like them so?

For me it was my Goblin Alchemist, Mogawg Fireblast, Or Mog for short.

He was originally just a regular swamp goblin living in a small goblin village, Untill one day when he while exploring the swamp found a dead human alchemist! Mog got curious and started rummaging through the alchemists belongings and found a lot of interesting things, A few books that he ate to take the thoughts they had stolen for himself, And a lot of things he started experimenting with.

Eventually Mog learned how to handle the alchemists things, Learning how to create bombs, A few less exciting things like a healing liquid, And even some fireworks with a bit extra work. He spent some time entertaining the village with fireworks and explosions, Until a day when he accidentally blew up the chief's hut, With the chief still inside it.. With that he was chased out of the village, And set off to explore the world!

He ended up going on a big adventure, Where he meet friends, Saved the dragon empire from a evil cult, And joined the alchemist guild! It struggle to say exactly why he is my favorite, He was simply a blast to play, I had so much fun with his crazy antics and my group seemed to really enjoy it too! (Thats what they say at least)

What abou tyou all? Who is your favorite and what makes you love them so?

So, I'v been interested in the MEdium for a while and these three archetypes makes it seem much more manageable.

The Relic Channeler gives you 6 relics that you can use to channel any one of the 6 spirit legends every day so you always have access to all 6 no matter whee you are.

The Rivethun Spirit Channeler and the Spirit Dancer get a Spirit Dance, They dont have their spirits on the entire day, Instead they can as a free action start a spirit dance channeling any of the 6 spirits freely, But they only have spirit dance for their charisma modifier plus double their level in rounds per day so I worry it might be a bit low for an entire day, Especially for out of combat stuff...

Have anyone here played a MEdium with one of these three archetypes? If so, How did it go? And if where where the Spirit Dancer or Spirit Channeler, Was the limited number of dance rounds per day a issue or did it work out well?

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LunarVale wrote:
Occultist, hands down. I never get tired of coming up with new Occultist builds, and they perform so differently depending on the build order that even if you end up heading in a similar direction long-term, they can feel like a completely different class because of how different they are in the interim. They do suffer from really needing to burn a standard action at the start of most battles to unleash their full strength, but two thirds casting, occult skill unlocks, and the suite of other utility features they bring to the table more than makes up for it in my eyes.

The Occultist does seem like an awesome class! It has been high on my list of things to try for a long time. The only 6th level caster that can have full BAB if built right, (Trappings of the Warrior seems really good for a melee Occultist.) I really need to get to trying it soon. :D

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I'm curious, What is your favorite class to play as the party's main frontline combatant?

AndIMustMask wrote:

havign a big army's a great build, but i think OP was asking for a quality selection over raw quantity (though having a large bucket/animation cap helps make that, naturally, and your suggestions are very helpful for accomplishing that)

@op: if youre just looking for a small group of big stompy boys, my advice would be to look at 'fast zombie' template for high-HD monsters (since bloody skeletons have an internal HD limitation of 10HD, and normal skeletons 20HD) up to your animate dead (or undeath wordspell if that's your jam, or both via the experimental caster feat) bucket limit.

or as others have suggested, snag a free scaling undead via class feature (such as necromancy implement occultists, shadowdancer shadow minion, or sealbreaker antipaladin mount), and look into grabbing the command undead spell (not the feat) to get one single undead of as high an HD as you want.

if you cant find a giant meatball undead to command, you can always just make one! letting you use dinky regular corpses to create bigger (in this case literally) customizable undead by condensing them down.


Mark Hoover 330 wrote:

What the WHAT now? Are you telling me that, before I even worry about PrC levels, a level 6 Juju Oracle with the right Revelations and Feats can animate 54HD worth of undead, no one of which can be more than 18HD (36HD in a Desecrate)?

So... a mid-level "boss" type villain could have around them 6 9HD zombies? Like, WHAT? Making these Fast Zombies wouldn't even be that hard; the oracle might also have Remove Paralysis as a level 2 spell. That's 6 9HD Fast Zombies all loyal to the villain that doesn't have to do anything but buff and "heal" the zombies in a fight against the PCs?

I have been running boss fights wrong for years in this game.

an old but helpful guide on encounter design...

Thanks, I'v been keeping an eye ont his thread. Sorry for not responding much, But I'l take a look at the Fast Zombies, And the Occultist is a class I'm very interested in, So I'l look at the necromancy implements power to make a undead. :)

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So, I'v been pondering deities in pathfinder lately and trying to look into them. There is a lot of cool ones so I wanted to ask people here, Who is your favorite Pathfinder deity, And why?

I like Gorum, Our Lord in Iron, Because he is so fitting warrior types and I do like strong warriors.. I have also been a fan of Desna since I reasd about her invading the abyss to avenge her follower. And Cayden Cailean is a cool guy, He is like the good aligned adventurer, Now in deity form!

What about you all? Share your favorites!

TxSam88 wrote:
Merellin wrote:

@TxSam88 Thanks! I'l check out the guide! :D

Do you run base Cleric or the Undead Lord archetype or anything else?

@Scavion I have been interested in trying the Occultist, It seems like a really nice class.. Hmm... Thank you! :)

No, I did the Separatist Archetype, so I could be neutral and channel both positive and negative energy, and Get the Death domain, so I'd have the Undead spells.

I could channel negative energy to harm bad guys or heal myself and my undead horde, or channel positive energy to heal my allies or kill undead that I couldn't control.

Oh, That does sound like a good idea :D Thank you. :)

@TxSam88 Thanks! I'l check out the guide! :D

Do you run base Cleric or the Undead Lord archetype or anything else?

@Scavion I have been interested in trying the Occultist, It seems like a really nice class.. Hmm... Thank you! :)

So, I'm curious if it is possible to make a necromancer character who instead of a horde of small minion,s Has one or two strong undead companions? And what class would work best for such a character? Anyone got any tips for a necromancer?

Thank you both for sharing your backstories! It is always nice reading what people have done, It helps my brain work a bit better. :)

So, I'm interested in the Investigator class but I struggle to think of a backsatory other then the detective/sherlock holmes styled one. So I was wondering if people who have played the class would mind sharing your backstories here?

The best stats I ever had was on my Brawler... We play online over roll20 and roll for stats, 4d6 drop the lowest using the roll20 dice roller when everyone is in the game so everyone can see what you roll..

My Brawler ended up with 18, 18, 16, 16, 16, 15.. Friggin insane stats and I would never have believed it myself had I not seen it rolled..

On the other hand I made up for it by rarely rolling above a 5 in combat. One fight I needed to roll a 3 to hit with my first attack, I missed every attack 4 turns in a row.. xD

Sacerdos wrote:
Ray-gun wrote:
For a small party there is also the goblin acrhtype 'winged marauder'. Having a companion and flaying could help survival.
I thought about that, but the winged marauder gives up mutagen. So, I'd have to give up on the whole polymorph-and-rend idea.

Well... Winged Marauder gives up Mutagen, But unlike some archetypes does NOT say you cant gain it again, So if you are willing to sacrifice a discovery (Or Extra discovery feat) You can pick up the Mutagen Discovery to regain mutagen. You will still be missing Persistent Mutagen, And you will be down a discovery, But it is an idea if you where interested in Winged Marauder!

Arkham Joker wrote:
Merellin wrote:
Only ever played one full caster, My very first character ever was a cleric but I had no idea what I was doing and his wisdom was waaay too low...
A very common problem.... people look at the Cleric and see a generalist but in reality it needs to be built as a specialist. It can be confusing.

It was my first character ever, I had no idea what I was doing, all I knew was that I had heard that every party needed a cleric.. xD I ended up building a cleric wioth high strength, And too low wisdom and later when I knew more about how the game worked I realised that if I put every ability score increase into wisdom, I might have enough for 9th level spells at level 20.. xD

That was 5 years ago so I know a bit more about the game now. =)

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