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I just got into an interesting game thats removed vencian casting (this is basic wizard casting... spell points... etc etc etc. no typical vencian).

their core casting is spheres, but im looking for options. theres a thread on this but that thread basically just suggested alternative vencian to replace vencian because screw vencian and thats pretty vencian to me.

Symbal magic could be good, word spells, I recall a thing where you combine varying words to cast? but i think thats 3.5, not sure.

as a note, some 3.5 is ok, gm said mininal so case by case is probably what they meant.

id rather avoid homebrew, 3rd party probably isnt off the table but also probably should be avoided.

What is the rules question?

If it's "what non-Vancian spellcasting options exist for PCs in Pathfinder RPG", the answer is pretty much none, at least unless you are loose with the definition of "spellcasting". Even wordspells go in spell slots as usual. There are things like ritual magic, occultist focus/implement shenanigans, kineticist abilities, that sort of thing. But there's no "cast from MP/HP" type thing built-in as far as I know.

From D&D 3.5 the warlock has spell-like abilities that they use at will.

In PF1 some forms of shapeshifting have long enough duration that their per-day limits aren't a big deal.

The kineticist has at-will abilities backed up by more powerful abilities which effectively cost hit points. It's not very powerful except in weird situations though.

Or, you know, nothing requires that you use spells at all. If Spheres if Power is in use then Spheres of Might probably is, and that gives interesting options for hitting things.

right, seems off topic and more historic for the rules forum but no biggie...
there are some oddball casters such as Alchemists that "don't cast". Witches and Sorcerer's don't prepare spells which is the "Vancian"(Dying Earth stories by Jack Vance) system. Linky

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