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Magda Luckbender wrote:
Taja the Barbarian wrote:
The Longspear was good if:
  • You are fighting in a tight, disciplined, military formation ...
  • This is a very common incorrect opinion. [Youtube: Spears are better than swords]. In fact, a spear is vastly superior to a sword in an unarmored one-on-one fight. This makes sense, as spears are primary battle weapons, while swords are typically sidearms. Sword is to spear as handgun is to rifle.

    Spears are okay in close combat, but longspears are not: There is a world of difference between a 5' spear and a 20' spear like the Macedonians used.

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    CMantle wrote:
    Magda Luckbender wrote:
    baggageboy wrote:
    I disagree that longspear is the "best" simple weapon.
    Thousands of years of Asian martial arts tradition disagrees [Wikipedia: Qiang]. In Pathfinder terms, what other weapon can nearly every 1st level PC use to delivers multiple attacks per round at full BaB and damage? P.s. I've wandered off-topic, so maybe ignore this post.
    The Greeks and every other ancient civilization also disagree. The long spear was a revolutionary weapon as much as the longbow, crossbow, and black powder firearms. It forever changed how warfare was done. It was an incredible weapon for its time, so much so that it’s first major battle (the battle of Megiddo) is what our coined term “Armageddon” is based on. The longspear is legit
    The Longspear was good if:
    • You are fighting in a tight, disciplined, military formation,
    • You are fighting in open terrain, and
    • Your flanks and rear are somehow protected.
    If any of these conditions aren't met, you are probably in deep, deep trouble.

    It's worth noting that when the Romans defeated the Macedonian Phalanx, they were using 18" short swords to massacre men using 18' spears.

    As for the original question:

    • Sacred Weapon can be used with your diety's favored weapon and any weapon you have the 'Weapon Focus' feat in.
    • Therefore, your diety's favored weapon is always a sacred weapon for you, but not all sacred weapon are your diety's favored weapon (The fact that an angry woman is human does not mean all humans are angry women).
    • Weapon of the Chosen specifically requires your diety's favorite weapon, so you can not use this feat with a weapon that is not your diety's favored weapon, even if it happens to be a sacred weapon for you.

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    If you are using stealth or in Difficult Terrain, the increase from a 25 to a 30 base speed becomes an increase from 2 squares to 3 square per move, which can be significant.

    As for stats, the +3 boosts a non-human gets allows for a 18 / 16 / 14 'good stat' array (with the caveat that two of those scores need to be Dex and Int) while the +2 boosts a human gets only allows for a 18 / 16 / 12.

    Of course, the Con flaw is pretty much always going to be painful for elves, so your mileage will vary...

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    Full Round Action: Takes both your Standard and Move actions for the round but is otherwise a normal 'action' (i.e., it is complete at the end of your round and before the next player or NPC gets to go.

    1 Round Action: Takes both your Standard and Move actions for the round, but these are spread out over the entire 6 second round, completing just before your initiative comes up for the next round.

    All 1 Round Actions are Full Round Actions, but Full Round Actions are not 1 Round Actions unless specifically stated as such.

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    I was looking at feats my halfling thief should probably take in the future and this one immediately popped out to me:

    Expeditious Search wrote:
    You have a system that lets you search at great speed, finding details and secrets twice as quickly as others can. When Searching, you take half as long as usual to Search a given area. This means that while exploring, you double the Speed you can move while ensuring you’ve Searched an area before walking into it (up to half your Speed). If you’re legendary in Perception, you instead Search areas four times as quickly.
    Search Activity wrote:
    You Seek meticulously for hidden doors, concealed hazards, and so on. You can usually make an educated guess as to which locations are best to check and move at half speed, but if you want to be thorough and guarantee you checked everything, you need to travel at a Speed of no more than 300 feet per minute, or 150 feet per minute to ensure you check everything before you walk into it. You can always move more slowly while Searching to cover the area more thoroughly, and the Expeditious Search feat increases these maximum Speeds. If you come across a secret door, item, or hazard while Searching, the GM will attempt a free secret check to Seek to see if you notice the hidden object or hazard. In locations with many objects to search, you have to stop and spend significantly longer to search thoroughly.

    Now, assuming my Halfling thief has speed 30 when I take this feat at level 7, how fast do I actually 'check everything' search? As far as I can tell, I still can only go 150 feet per minute, as that is half my 300 feet per minute travel speed (per CRB chart 9-2).

    Is this feat only supposed to help if you have a 35+ speed?

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    Volkard Abendroth wrote:
    The DR is going to be very difficult for most melee to get through.


    Worm That Walks

    Worm That Walks wrote:

    ...type changes to vermin....do not possess the standard mindless trait of most vermin

    ...darkvision 60 feet and blindsight 30 feet
    ...has no discernible anatomy, and is not subject to critical hits or flanking
    ...immune to any physical spell or effect that targets a specific number of creatures (including single-target spells such as disintegrate),
    ...takes half again as much damage (+50%) from damaging area effects,
    ...susceptible to high winds—treat a worm that walks as a Fine creature for the purposes of determining wind effects.
    ...gains damage reduction 15/—.
    ...gains fast healing equal to its CR.
    ...immune to disease, paralysis, poison, and sleep effects.

    Basically, these things are very hard to kill at low level and a lot of martial builds (and some casters) might as well not even show up, so consider your party composition before adding a fight like this...

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    Minigiant wrote:

    Well I am just looking at taking the Barbarian VMC

    Is that Chained or Unchained?

    If it grants a direct bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls (like the unchained version), you would get the full benefit as you are making the attack roll.

    If it grants a direct bonus to your physical stats (like the chained version), you would get nothing because "the synthesist uses the eidolon’s Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution" so your physical stats are essentially irrelevant.

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    Core Rulebook / Additional Rules / Age wrote:
    When a character reaches venerable age, secretly roll his maximum age and record the result, which the player does not know. A character who reaches his maximum age dies of old age sometime during the following year.

    If you die because you reached your maximum age, you can't be resurrected.

    if you died for any other reason, you can.

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    Fly Skill

    +4 from Good maneuverability
    +6 from Diminutive size
    +1 from 1 skill rank
    +3 for being a trained class skill
    +2 from Dexterity 15

    Grand total of +16 to Fly checks.

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    Adjoint wrote:
    Artofregicide wrote:
    Adjoint wrote:
    My stance is that Astrid Mountain-Puncher can, in fact, take a slab of a rock and smush a swarm. Such action isn't however covered by the rulers, so the GM needs to create rules on the fly.

    We're definitely on the same wavelength here, but improvised weapons are very much covered by the rules and thus the granite piledriver would do no damage by RAW.

    That said I'd totally allow it. And honestly your ruling it would be an area attack (+50% dmg) is awesome.

    By improvised weapons rules, they are supposed to mimic an existing wepon, with appropriate penalties. I don't think there exist a weapon that a great slab of stone would mimic.

    I was thinking more along the lines "topple a nearby wall to bury the swarm". Although a very strong character may be able to lift such slab of stone and drop it somewhere else. Still, it doesn't look to me like using any existing weapon.

    This sounds more like a 'make a save to avoid the large slab of rock' than a 'roll to attack with the large slab of rock' so this is less of an improvised weapon than a PC-assisted environmental hazard.

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    Lelomenia wrote:
    It appears it works with lighten weapon, and it doesn’t appear very problematic as ranged characters commonly combine movement with full attacks normally (mounts etc). This should be in the 3rd party product advice and rules question forum though.

    Projectile weapons (bows, crossbows, and firearms primarily) are not 'One Handed' weapons: They are 'Ranged' weapons, which is an entirely separate category.

    Ranged weapons may require one hand (hand crossbow, pistols) or two hands (bows) to use, but they still do not fall into the 'one-handed' or 'two-handed' categories.

    So, looking at Lighten Weapon's text:

    • This allows you to wield a weapon 1 size category larger as if it were your own size, (this applies to ranged weapons)
    • use a two-handed weapon in one hand, (this only applies to 'Two-handed weapons', not 'ranged weapons' that require two hands to use)
    • or a one-handed as a light weapons. (this only applies to 'One-handed weapons', not 'ranged weapons' that only require one hand to use)

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    Mesmerist wrote:
    Spells: A mesmerist casts psychic spells drawn from the mesmerist spell list.

    While there is a specific Psychic class, this term is also used to describe an entire type of magic.

    Psychic spells do not use the same components as Arcane or Divine spells:

    • Verbal components are replaced with Thought components.
    • Somatic components (gestures) are replaced with Emotion components.
    • Material components are still required, but Psychic casters use a slightly different version.

    So, Mesmerists do not have to make gestures (or even speak), but may still need to manipulate material components...

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    Java Man wrote:
    According to the archetype stacking faq adding a single class skill is altering the "class skills" feature.


    If the two archetypes touch the same class feature in any way, you can't combine them. In your example, the class feature is 'class skills' so the two archetypes are incompatible.

    Note that class skills added from Sorcerer Bloodlines or Oracle Mysteries are usually considered a separate class feature, so an archetype touching Oracle Class Skills does not necessary clash with an archetype touching the Oracle Class Skills from the Mystery: You'll need to read these archetypes carefully.

    For example, the following two Oracle archetype features do not clash (thought the archetypes themselves clash on another feature):

    Spirit Guide wrote:
    Class Skills: A spirit guide gains all Knowledge skills as class skills. This replaces the bonus class skills gained from the oracle’s mystery.
    Shigenjo wrote:
    Class Skills: A shigenjo adds Survival to her list of class skills in place of Diplomacy.

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    Remember, the bonus only applies 'against monsters of the giant subtype' so your mileage will vary: If you are playing an update of the old 'Against the Giants' campaign, you'll be happy as a proverbial clam with this trait, but in most games it will rarely come into play.

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    Per a site I just found http://tametick.com/dnd/#Dwarves, Dwarves originally took half damage from 'clumsy monsters like ogres, giants, and the like' in the 1974 rules.

    By 1978's AD&D Player's Handbook, it was changed to a -4 penalty to attack rolls against Dwarves and Gnomes (which was not a player race option prior to this volume).

    So basically, this idea has literally been around since the dawn of the game...

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    Every Barbarian should be a Totem Warrior: It literally costs you nothing and in return you get...Nothing!

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    As mentioned in at least one post:

    Hybrid Classes wrote:
    Parent Classes: Each of the following classes draws upon two classes to form the basis of its theme. While a character can multiclass with these parent classes, doing so usually results in redundant abilities. Such abilities don't stack unless specified. If a class feature allows the character to make a one-time choice (such as a bloodline), that choice must match similar choices made by the parent classes and vice-versa (such as selecting the same bloodline).

    Relevant PRD Page

    RAW, a Slayer's Sneak Attack does not stack with a Rogue's Sneak Attack but would stack with Sneak Attack from any other class.

    Basically, they're attempting to avoid player's double-dipping on class features by doing a hybrid class / parent class build.

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    Mathmuse wrote:

    I am familiar with Gunslingers and Savage Technologists from my Iron Gods campaign, but I am unfamiliar with Pathfinder Society. Is there something about PFS that prevents taking Gunsmithing as a feat?


    I assume the issue is the pure number of feats the character wants, so getting a bonus feat is very valuable.

    Mathmuse wrote:
    The Fame requirement for expensive PFS purchases might limit that to later than 1st level. How fast is fame earned?

    As I recall, 1-2 per adventure, so 3-6 per level (The charts are based on an average of 4.5 per level)

    Mathmuse wrote:
    My Savage Technologist bloodrager handled the lack of safe reloading by shooting only once per encounter. She reloaded between encounters. A Savage Technologist lacks Quick Clear deed, so shooting once also made misfires less of a problem.

    Personally, one shot per (raging) encounter seems a little underwhelming to me, given the resources you typically have to put into firearms to make them effective.

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    One detail you might want to keep in mind with this Barbarian archetype:

    Sword and Gun (Ex) wrote:
    At 2nd level, when a raging savage technologist wields a one-handed firearm in one hand and a light or one-handed melee weapon in the other, she can make ranged attacks with the firearm without provoking attacks of opportunity. She also gains the benefits of the Two-Weapon Fighting feat, but only if all attacks are made with those weapons. This ability replaces Uncanny Dodge.

    Please note this ability doesn't give you the ability to actually reload your firearm (since your other hand has a melee weapon in it), so you'll probably need to spring for a (non-Pepperbox) multi-shot gun if you intend to shoot using this option.

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    weathermancer wrote:

    The archetype mixing thing seems to require a good deal of homework so I won't be bothering with it, but for returning to the original class it's good to know that's fine.

    Thanks everyone for your help.

    If you are interested in Archetype stacking, d20PFSRD.com is helpful as its class entries chart out which class features are and aren't impacted by each archetype. Just note that:

    • a) This is a third party site, so accuracy is not guaranteed (for example, the 'Mouser' line for Swashbuckler does not indicate that it actually impacts Bleeding Wound and therefore can't be stacked with any archetype other than the Corsair or the Musketeer) and
    • b) Specific archetype names might be changed for legal reasons (for example, the 'Dawnflower Dervish' archetype for bards is listed as Dervish of Dawn (despite the actual url) and the worship requirement is 'generalized' from 'Must be a worshiper of Sarenrae' to 'must be a worshiper the goddess of dawn' because these specific names are Paizo's Intellectual Property).

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    Ring of the Ecclesiarch and Suzerain Scepter double your follower numbers, but I'm not seeing a feat that does this sort of thing (though there are many that increase your leadership score, which might or might not increase your followers by 50%)

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    Most of this is covered in the previous posts:


    • Guns are great for Gunslingers, as they get a free gun, cheaper ammo, bonus damage, and the ability to clear misfire easily.
    • Guns tend to be 'okay' to 'bad' for firearm-focused archetypes of other classes.
    • Guns are bad for everyone else: Expensive, slow, short-ranged, low damage, loud, and likely to misfire.


    • Gunslingers below level 5 do poor damage, as they don't get a stat added and it takes a while to get all the important feats.
    • Gunslingers level 5 and higher do really good to great damage (unless they roll misfires a lot): Dex to damage plus Rapid Shot plus attacks against Touch AC adds up quickly.


    • The Gunsmithing feat reduces the cost of your ammunition significantly. Once you have a couple of levels under your belt, ammo cost should be insignificant in most campaigns.
    • Alchemical Cartridges are a little more expensive then normal ammo, but it reduces your reload time by a step. This stacks with the Rapid Reload feat, making One-Handed firearms a free action to reload.
    • Getting a free action reload with a musket typically requires 3 levels in the Musket Master Gunslinger archetype.
    • Reloading does require a free hand, so dual-wielding pistols is difficult (but not impossible) to do.


    • Sniping has never really been supported in game. It's one of those things that will probably cause more trouble than good.
    • Firearms in game were designed to be mostly useless to characters who aren't heavily invested in their use: They don't want guns to replaces swords, axes, and bows on nearly every character.

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    You can't stack archetypes if any of their abilities clash, even if you are only taking one level and the only clashing ability is the level 20 capstone...

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    Encumbrance is often an issue as well: Leather Armor is 15lbs, the Hide Shirt is 18lbs, and even the buckler is 5lbs. They aren't really heavy, but they take a huge chuck of your carrying capacity if you don't have a strength bonus (light encumbrance for Strength 10 is 33lbs or less).

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    Pretty certain they just wanted to simplify it...

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    Both archetypes change the class skills gained from your mystery, so they definitely can not be stacked.

    Spirit Guide wrote:
    Class Skills: A spirit guide gains all Knowledge skills as class skills. This replaces the bonus class skills gained from the oracle’s mystery.
    Dual-Cursed Oracle wrote:
    Class Skills: A dual-cursed oracle gains no additional class skills from her mystery.

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    Scott Wilhelm wrote:

    So you start at level 4?

    Level1: Fighter, Precise Shot

    I know most people don't like to dip, but I consider it essential for a Ranged Character to have Precise Shot ASAP

    2F1Gunslinger1: Guns
    3F1G1Alchemist1: Grenadier, Rapid Reload
    4F1G1A2: Alchemal Weapon
    5F1G1A3: Bombs 2d6, Goblin Gunslinger
    6F1G1A4: Explosive Missile

    The problem is that reloading even a 1 handed Firearm even with Rapid Reload is a Move Action, and so is Alchemal Weapon. The way to maintain a steady rate of fire of Exploding Bullets is if you can acquire an Advanced Firearm such as a Revolver. You can use a Pepperbox meanwhile to tide you over.

    In your following levels, your Bombs will inflict and extra 1d6 every odd level. Since your gun makes ranged touch attacks, you can take and exploit Deadly Aim and do even more damage.

    Rapid Reload and Alchemical Cartridges stack, reducing reload to a free action (at the cost of a higher misfire chance) for a one-handed firearm.

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    Yep, these archetypes seem to stack.

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    Heather 540 wrote:
    True, but OP mentioned Alchemists in the title, and that archetype fits with Gunslingers better if he decides to multiclass.

    Oh, it definitely belongs in the conversation: If the OP is primarily going for a certain feel, it's probably a decent choice.

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    Dave Justus wrote:
    If you want to nerf enervation, just make a house rule that it takes 2 negative levels to get the effects of 1 (in this case, round up). So if they roll a 1 or a 2 on enervation, it is one negative level, a 3 or a 4 gets 2. Then each spell still 'counts' and debuffs the enemy, but it isn't as severe.

    I doubt this would work: Given the length of the fights, if spamming enervation is a good tactic, spamming 'enervation/2' is probably still decent. You'd probably have to make the spell non-stacking to stop spam, at which point you might as well remove it from the game entirely...

    It sounds like the casters in this campaign are playing more of a support role (buffing, polymorphing, relocating, summons, etc) and I'm wondering if they have any other valid option:

    • Direct Damage seems to be out of the question (how many Harm spells would it take to down a boss if it failed every save (and someone else was around to do the last hp of damage)?)
    • I'm guessing the bosses make their saving throws nearly all the time, or someone would try hold monster spam or something along those lines.

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    Heather 540 wrote:
    Elves get a stat booth to both Dex and Int, which is great for Alchemists. Especially if you go with the Gun Chemist archetype. You don't get grit or deeds, but you still get firearm proficiency and Gunsmithing.

    Ratfolk also get racial bonuses to Dex/Int, plus the small size bonus which isn't really essential with firearms.

    Gun Chemist Alchemist is flavorful, but doesn't seem great mechanically (Alchemical Ordnance doesn't seem much better than normal bombs unless you somehow get damage bonuses somehow).

    OP, how 'low level' are you looking at? Gunslingers generally suck until level 5, when they get 'dex to dmg' and finally have enough feats to be really effective, so you might want to look elsewhere if your campaign is only going up to level 7 or less...

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    Volkard Abendroth wrote:
    Taja the Barbarian wrote:
    Balkoth wrote:

    In my experience it is currently causing problems.

    That said, I am trying to avoid the rocket tag that exists in Pathfinder, meaning combats last longer and defenses matter more. If every fight was 2-3 rounds then this wouldn't be a problem.

    But if a boss fight is expected to take, say, 6-8 rounds then the boss having -10 AB/saves from round 4 on (from 4 Enervates) is a significant issue.

    Here's your problem: You are somehow playing a different game.

    How are you getting fights to last this long?

    I can build fights that can, and have, run the party barbarian out of rage. I tend to use them rarely, but they encourage players to reconsider some of their build choices.

    Such encounters would usually be unaffected by things like enervation by their very nature.

    What I'm getting from the OP is:
    • The PCs are standing 'toe to toe' with the BBEG for 6-8 rounds (or least close enough that Enervation spam is being used),
    • Nothing else the PCs are doing is bringing the fight to a quick conclusion (no 'Save or Die / Be Incapacitated' spells, no full attacks from Melee or Archers), and
    • This is 'standard' for a boss fight.
    It sounds like the GM has changed some of the 'basic assumptions' for the game, and without knowing what these changes are, it's really hard to give useful advice.

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    Balkoth wrote:

    In my experience it is currently causing problems.

    That said, I am trying to avoid the rocket tag that exists in Pathfinder, meaning combats last longer and defenses matter more. If every fight was 2-3 rounds then this wouldn't be a problem.

    But if a boss fight is expected to take, say, 6-8 rounds then the boss having -10 AB/saves from round 4 on (from 4 Enervates) is a significant issue.

    Here's your problem: You are somehow playing a different game.

    How are you getting fights to last this long?

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    These spells have a maximum effect of 150hp and technically speaking, nothing in the critical rules allows you to exceed a cap like this.

    Personally, I find these spells plenty powerful without the possibility of a critical hit.

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    Do people just not notice the range increment for the Double-Barreled Musket? You pretty much need to be in melee to get a ranged touch attack...

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    Selvaxri wrote:

    Greetings all, I've been contemplating a Lunar Oracle build for PFS- Primary casting with Animal companion support.

    Two things! First- He's Aasimar- yes, i have enough credits to play one via GM Boon. Second- Because I wanted to, i've applied a Fighting Off Corruption: Lycantropy "boon" to this character, so he has a double Lycanthropy curse.

    He just hit level 2, so i have to commit to a build direction before his next game.

    Backstory: Palix is an worshiper of Ashava, and was afflicted by lycanthropy during one of his pilgrimages. During his convalescence, he was befriended by a lone wolf and he took it as a sign that this is a test. But he is still hesitant to expose himself to society, so he is somewhat reclusive.

    Palix, Aasimar Oracle
    Lunar Mystery/Lycanthropy Curse
    Hermit archetype

    10 Str/14 Dex/14 Con/13 Int/12 Wis/17 Cha

    1> Extra Revelation: Primal Companion (wolf), Recluse's Stride*
    2> -
    3> ?, Prophetic Armor/ Moonlight Beam*
    4> -
    5> ?
    6> -
    7> ?, Fade from Memory*

    Castur, Wolf
    1> Toughness

    since Cleric spell list doesn't have good druid companion buffs, i do plan on taking Improved Spell Sharing to try to buff up my companion.
    Though, the Lycanthropy curse hinders my use of Language-dependant spells while in combat, my spell list would be a bit restricted.

    So, right now- i'm still pondering a direction to take this build. I'm half tempted to give the animal companion the Totem Guide archetype to more fit the theme of this build.

    Suggestions and advice welcome; i don't care for "This is the build i did!" posts or advice that aren't in line with the theme i'm trying to go with build.

    Your curse is invalid:

    Hermit wrote:
    Oracle’s Curse: A hermit must choose the reclusive curse (below) at 1st level.
    Reclusive (Legacy of the First World pg. 22) wrote:
    You are reclusive and paranoid to the point that your allies cannot easily help you in times of stress or unease. Whenever you are in combat, your allies must succeed at a melee touch attack to affect you with touch spells, and you must attempt saving throws to resist all spells cast by anyone other than yourself, even those cast by allies. Instantaneous spells you cast only on yourself affect you as though your caster level were 1 higher. At 5th level, any spells you cast only on yourself affect you as if they were modified by the Extend Spell feat. This does not increase their level or casting time. At 10th level, you are immune to charm spells and spell-like abilities. At 15th level, you gain spell resistance equal to 10 + your oracle level.

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    Remember, the OP is creating this character for PATHFINDER SOCIETY play, which means he will be partnered with a fairly random team each session: The odds of everyone having the ability to see in darkness without actually countering/dispelling the darkness entirely is fairly low.

    If you sat down at a table with me and said 'I drop darkness all over the battlefield' I would probably ask if you could possibly bring a different character...

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    I don't recall there being any mythic support for kineticists, so this character will be a bit underpowered compared to most other mythic characters (relatively speaking, of course). A lot will ride on what abilities the GM allows with blast powers (remember, they are neither spells nor weapon attacks).

    DR and Energy Resistances / Immunities will be significant issues and Kineticist's are typically built around consistent damage rather than the 'burst' damage you'll need to take opponents out before they can hurt you. (typically, it's all 'rocket tag' at these levels), so some sort of healing resource will be necessary.

    I briefly looked at kineticist for our 'Wrath of the Righteous' campaign before deciding it wasn't going to work out...

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    I am Nemesis wrote:

    multiclass into an Inquistor Spellbreaker archetype-

    Strong-Willed (Ex) At 1st level, a Spellbreaker is able to stand strong against magical effects that seek to control, compel, or persuade her. The Spellbreaker rolls twice and takes the best result when making a Will saving throw against a mind-affecting effect.

    This ability replaces monster lore.

    Starting with a +0 Will save, rolling twice is a bit underwhelming when the DCs are probably mid-teens or higher.

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    Secret Wizard wrote:
    Taja the Barbarian wrote:

    Honestly, the free 'Iron Will' feat from the Dedication phantom seems like it doesn't belong: None of the other phantoms give an extra bonus like this and I'm wondering if that was an error of some sort...

    While neat for a dip, it's not that big of an addition for a regular Spiritualist because of their natural Will saves and WIS-focus, nu?

    It's just odd that none of the other phantoms get a bonus like this: Never actually seen anything to indicate it is an actual error, but it's still a bit weird...

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    Ferious Thune wrote:

    Interesting. Is changing the casting stat the only thing you gain from fractured mind? It looks like everything else comes from a standard spiritualist. If so, then several classes could use this dip. Not just CHA classes.

    Spiritualist would also give you Burst of Insight as a known spell if you want. You’d need Mad Magic to be able to use it while raging (if raging doesn’t also count against the emotional component). It would give a +4 to a single will save for an immediate action. It leaves you dazed for a round, but if you know it’s a dominate person or confusion, it may be worth it. Then even if you fail, you won’t be acting for a round giving your party a chance to protection from evil you before you murder someone.

    I might consider this for my Bloodrager down the line. I think I had Iron Will in the build anyway, so I could trade that for Mad Magic. Or another feat if I want.

    I swapped out my level 1 bloodline power for a hedgehog familiar, which gave me a +2 will save bonus. But I went crossblooded Arcane/Abyssal, and neither of the 1st level powers were all that great. What was your first level power? I’m not sure it’s possible to swap to a Bloodline Familiar above 1st level, though.

    Also, I’m a little unclear how you have both Abnormal Reach and Demonic Bulk at 5th. Aren’t those both 4th level powers? Meaning you’d need to be 8th level to have both?

    Yep, the archetype is just to change the casting stat since the OP dumped Wisdom and is (technically) already a charisma based caster: I was thinking about a non-archetyped dip for Taja since she has a 12 Wisdom.

    Honestly, the free 'Iron Will' feat from the Dedication phantom seems like it doesn't belong: None of the other phantoms give an extra bonus like this and I'm wondering if that was an error of some sort...

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    Dip a level into Fractured Mind* Spiritualist with a Dedication Phantom?

    • Base +2 Will Save
    • +4 bonus on saving throws against all mind-affecting effects while your phantom is in your head.
    • +2 to Will Saves from Iron Will while your Dedication phantom is in your head.
    • Once per day, you can transfer a mind-affecting effect to your Phantom and basically ignore it for it's duration (though you lose all benefits of the phantom for that period).

    *The archetype changes your casting from Wisdom based to Charisma based.

    Shadow Lodge

    Armor doesn't protect against touch attacks because pure casters have a lousy Base Attack Bonus, so if you have spells with a 'roll to hit' requirement, you need a mechanic that allows a pure caster to actually hit reasonably often.

    Everything else is just fluff...

    Shadow Lodge

    Warriorking9001 wrote:

    Yes I know that sounds like a really, really stupid question, but... Theorycrafting again

    I was thinking about Tieflings, and how I could imagine a lot of characters that were really nervous about using something akin to blood rage, and only pulling it out once in a blue moon... But with how Pathfinder Classes work, I'd assume a barbarian or bloodrager that basically never uses their rage is majorly gimping themselves. What do you do in this situation?

    Games generally try to avoid this 'once in a blue moon' sort of abilities, as they tend to leave the character:
    • a) Underpowered when not using the special ability,
    • b) Overpowered when using it, or
    • c) Both of the above.

    Shadow Lodge

    baggageboy wrote:

    Most skills don't automatically fail on a natural 1, but UMD does. It also added the wonderfull effect that if you do roll a nat 1 you can't use that item for 24 hours.

    Use Magic Device does not auto-fail on a roll of 1: The 'Try Again' rule specifically calls out what happens when you roll a 1 and you fail, which indicates you can succeed on a 1 if you have enough bonuses (like any other skill).

    Use Magic Device wrote:
    Try Again: Yes, but if you ever roll a natural 1 while attempting to activate an item and you fail, then you can’t try to activate that item again for 24 hours.

    Shadow Lodge

    Chromantic Durgon <3 wrote:
    doc roc wrote:
    Chromantic Durgon <3 wrote:

    I considered making a Cleric building to this but thought better of it eventually because it’s like slumber witch on roids.

    Varisian Tattoo + Spell Specialisation + Spell Perfection + Orange Prism = +7 to your caster level

    On top of which if you come across something particularly scary you can beads of Karma for a further +4 making +11 CL.

    Couple with Spell focus and it’s greater brother and persistent and you get. DC 21(Before Casting stat) roll twice, fail equals death and save equals paralysed.

    I did basically run this build BUT only because it was a special 1 off all-weekend session that my mate GMd, he didn't know about my PC in advance and then things got boring quickly, so I tweaked my build for day 2!

    People forget that the spell has a 40 ft radius and so even if the BBEG somehow survives, anyone that he/she has brought along to help is almost certainly toast!

    Yeah I can imagine, how did you get around the aforementioned issue above with blasting your buddies?

    Having done this combo with an Oracle, the key is to hang out with a party where everyone is the 'correct' alignment (mind you, this was a Wrath of the Righteous campaign, so non-good PCs would be unusual).

    That being said, I only used it once or twice before putting it 'in reserve': It just ended fights too quickly (semi-mythic game, so a 1 round paralysis was plenty of time for the Gunslinger to mythic move next to the BBEG and deliver a 120 HP Coup-de-grace) so I only used it when things looked bad (one PC was petrified in round 1) or no one really wanted to run the encounter in question (demon bursts into the room at the end of a session and monologs a bit, so I made a very loud but short counter-point).

    Shadow Lodge

    Personally, I would say this would only work if you could complete the crafting within the duration of a single spell/extract: Stopping the brewing process three times to drink a new extract just seems wrong...

    A few things to note about Paragon Surge:

    • The stat bonuses are Enhancement Bonuses and therefore do not stack with any other enhancement bonus (like from a headband or belt, which you probably should have by level 16).
    • This spell / extract is exclusive to Half-Elfs only.

    Shadow Lodge

    I don't have any experience with a Magus, but keep in mind that baseline demons will have:

    • DR X/'Cold Iron', 'Good', or 'Good and Cold Iron'
    • SR (CR+10)
    • Cold Resistance 10

    That seems like a lot to get through with an Unarmed Attack + Frostbite combo.

    Shadow Lodge

    The 'Ritual of Alignment' from savage species (which was actually D&D 3.25, as it seems to incorporate 3.5 rules than never actually made it into the edition) is probably the best you are going to find: Changing the fundamental nature of a creature like that tends to be more of a 'story' than 'mechanical' issue.

    Shadow Lodge

    I seem to recall you could get a one-handed reach weapon by using a two-handed weapon sized for a creature smaller than you: In this case, a small sized Glaive is treated as a two-handed weapon by a halfling or gnome but as a one-handed weapon by a human or other medium sized creature and still has the reach property.

    Whether or not this was 'too cheesy' was always a point of contention, and the attack penalties are a bit painful (-2 for the undersized weapon, -2 for dual wielding).

    I don't know if this was every clearly stated as being a valid option or not.

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