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Full Name

Corvo Spiritwind




Shadowdancer|air wizard







Special Abilities

Becoming dust at will




Common, sylvari, dragonic, terran, ignan, aquan, auran.


Vagrant swordsman

Strength 18
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 20
Wisdom 12
Charisma 14

About Corvo Spiritwind

Ranger(Urban, Skirmisher, Freebooter)5/Shadowdancer5|Wizard10

Racial Features:
Fey, 50ft speed, +2int, +2str. Low-light vision.

Fey, 50ft speed, +2int, +2str. Low-light vision.

Artisan: +2 racial bonus on all weaponsmith checks to create objects from metal.
Artisan Insight: Proficient with any personally crafted weapon.
Swordtrained: Vagrant spirits live by the sword, and are automatically proficient with swordlike weapons
Enclave Protector: +1 CL to abjuration spells. Constant Nondetection; 1/day fearie fire, obscure object, sanctuary.
Swarm Form: Vagrants often dissolve into dust, cherry blossom petals, or butterflies. As a move action, the vagrant can ignore squeezing penalties for the rest of his turn. This effect is otherwise always on and doesn’t hinder attacks or reduce damage in any way.

Dangerously Curious [+1UMD, UMD is class skill.]
Magical Lineage [Shocking Graspis one level lower with metamagic.]

Speed: 50ft base, 60ft flight(good)(+17 fly bonus)
HP: 110 (10d10+10)
Saves: Fort +8(7), Ref +5(3), Will +10(7)(+2 feat)
Ac: 15(21), Touch: 12, Flat-Footed: 13(19)

[+2 dex, +2armor, +1nat +4mage armor*, +4shield*]
[+4 ac when moving in/out of enemy threatened squares.]
* override mundane armor and shield.
* Mage armor lasts 20hrs with lesser Extended rod. 3/day.

BAB: +10/+5 [+4 str][pwr atk -3atk, +9dmg]
[+1]Nodachi +15 (1d10 +7 15-20/x2)
- Power +12 (1d10+13 15-20/x2)

Longbow, composite4 +13 (1d8+5 19-20/x2)(mw)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------
At-will: Dust Form as move. Feather fall, levitate, fly at will.
Constant Nondetection; 1/day fearie fire, obscure object, sanctuary.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------
Wealth: [45,355//62,000]
Nodachi (+1|+2)(keen) - 8,300gp
Longbow, composite 4, mw - 1,000gp

Silken Robes(+1) - 5,430gp - (glamered, shadow silk, gryphon mane)
+2 competence bonus to fly/stealth checks.
Amulet of Natural Armor(+1) - 2,000gp
Deathwatch Eyes - 2,000gp - Deathwatch at will.

Wondrous Items:
Pearly White Ioun, cracked,3,400gp - Regeneration 1hp/hour
Vibrant Purple, cracked, 2,000gp - Store one spell level.
Clear Spindle,4,000gp - sustains the creature without food or water.
Dull Gray, 25gp - Counts as object. Implanted on the neck, base of the skull.
- Permanent Darkness, 5,000gp - Constant darkness while uncovered.

Boots of the Elven Cat - 4,000gp, take min falling damage, land on feet, +5 competence Acrobat.
Wrists: Sleeves of Many Garments - 200 gp; .25 lbs.
Bag of Holding II - 5,000gp; 25lbs, 70 cubic ft.

Accessories & Misc:
Extended Rod(minor), 3,000gp
Origami swarm, 300gp
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------

Class Features:

Wizard Features
Arcane Bond, Improved(ex): Clockwork Raven

Air Supremacy(su): Featherfall, levitate, fly at will. Fly bonuses.

Lighting Flash(su): Standard action to release a flash dealing 1d6+5 to all creatures within 5ft and dazzle them for 1d4 rounds. DC20 Reflex negates dazzle and halves damage. 8 times a day.

Cyclone(su): Standard action to create a vortex 10ft wide, and up to 100ft high. Any ranged attacks passing through automatically miss. Any flying creature moving trough must make Fly check(DC20) or fall from the sky, taking falling damage(cannot be reduced with fly check). DC20 Str check to walk through the vortex on the ground. 10 rounds per day.


Wild Empathy(ex):

Vagrant’s Bane(ex): As a move action, select an enemy. Allies within 30ft gain +2 atk & dmg against him. Lasts till the enemy dies or the vagrant selects a new target.

Vagrant’s Bond(ex): As a move action, grant any allies withing 30ft a +2 bonus to attack rolls when flanking with the vagrant or an ally affected by this ability.

Favored Community(ex): After a week of staying in one community, the ranger can bond with it.
+2 initiative checks, Knowledge(local), Perception, Stealth and Survival checks. He leaves no trails and cannot be tracked unless he wants to.

Trapfinding(ex): As rogue feature.

Skill Sage(ex): As a free action, roll twice on any one skill check and take the better result. 3/day.

Combat Style(ex): Power Attack

Hide in plain sight(su): If within 10ft of an area of dim light, you can stealth while observed.
Fast Stealth(ex): Move at full speed without penalties while stealthed.

Evasion(ex) - If you succeed on Ref save to halve damage, take no dmg instead.
Imp. Uncanny Dodge(ex): Cannot be flanked or flat-footed. Lose dex when immobilized/feint.
Defensive Roll(ex) - Reflex save (dc=dmg) vs weapon or other blow, not spells. Succeed to halve damage. 1/day.

Darkvision(ex) - 30ft darkvision.

Shadow Illusion(sp) - Silent Image once per day per two levels(2).
Summon Shadow(su) - Called shadow has half your hp, your bab and saves. DC15 fortitude if the shadow dies or is dismissed or you get a permanent negative level. 30 days to call new one.

Shadow Call(sp) - As shadow conjuration, using class levels as caster. 1/day.
Shadow Jump(su) - Travel between shadows as per dimension door(standard). 40ft per day.


Quick Draw
Power Attack, -2 to hit, +6dmg(+9 2h)
Cleave (standard action to cleave, -2 ac till next turn.)
Combat Expertise (-2 to atk, +2 dodge ac)
Improved Disarm
Improved Dirty Tricks

Combat Reflexes (2 aoo per turn.)
Mobility, +4 dodge bonus to AC against AoO when moving out or within a threatened area.
Flyby Attack, can take a move action and another standard action at any point during the move.
Whirlwind Attack, as a full-round, attack every adjacent enemy at your highest bonus.
Sidestep, When missed with a melee attack, you can move 5ft as immediate action.

Scribe Scroll
Eschew Materials
Fast Study (15 minutes to prepare spells.)
Opposition Research, cast earth spells as normal
Intensified Spell ,+1 spell level to increase amount of dices up to your caster level.
Improved Familiar (Clockwork raven)

Skill Focus(stealth) +6
Hellcat Stealth: Allows Stealth checks in normal & bright light even when observed at -10.

[Dex +2]
Acrobatics - +15(10)
Fly - +10(5)
Stealth - +21(10)(+6 focus)
Sleight of Hand - +10(5)
Ride -

[Cha +2]
Bluff - +15(10)
Diplomacy - +15(10)
Disguise -
Perform -
Use Magic Devices - +15(10)

[Int +5]
Appraise - +13(5)
Craft(weaponsmith) - +13(5)
Knowledge (arcana) - +13(5)
Knowledge (nature) - +13(5)
Knowledge (dungeoneering) - +13(5)
Spellcraft - +18(10)

[Wis +1]
Handle Animal -
Heal - +9(5)
Perception - +9(5)
Sense Motive - +9(5)
Survival - +9(5)

[Str +4]
Climb -
Swim - +12(5)

Spell Tome:

Spell Tome
0th - 6. Knows all.
1st - 6 + Shocking Grasp, feather fall
Alarm, Peacebond, Mage Armor, Charm Person, Shocking Grasp, Disguise Self, Shadow Weapon, Youthful Appearance, feather fall, Infernal Healing

2nd - 5 + gust of wind, resist energy
Darkness, gust of wind, Symbol of Mirroring, resist energy

3rd - 4 + lightning bolt, elemental aura
lightning bolt, Major Image, elemental aura, Mad Monkeys

4th - 4 + elemental body I, river of wind
Aura of the Unremarkable, elemental body I, river of wind, Charm Monster

5th - 3 + elemental body III, suffocation
elemental body III, Mirage Arcana, suffocation, Feeblemind

Independent Spell Research
Mad Monkeys summons a pack of crazy elves instead of monkeys, the elves look christmasy.
Lighting Bolt is a slicing shockwave of wind and electricity.
Peacebond creates a magic, golden chain around the target’s weapon.

Google Document sheet
Nodachi Reference
Ceremonial Robe armor - Below the belt the pants are black and wide at the knees, tight boots, giving it a desert/ninja look.