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Something that was bothering me for a while was the fact that the ring of regeneration is so darn expensive, and there are no cheap good alternatives. Well, maybe a wand of heal light wounds is technically a cheap alternative, but that's a consumable not a permanent magic item. However, it recently dawned on me many magic items don't have their prices determined by spell level * caster level * 2000 gp; they might use enhancement bonus ^ 2 * 1000 or 2000 gp. The former lead to the creation of a ring of regeneration that is quite expensive, the latter could be a much cheaper alternative.

After realizing that, I decided to make a new effect type for Table 15–29: Estimating Magic Item Gold Piece Values. I decided to make it Fast Healing rate ^2 * 2000 gp.

I haven't tested it yet. I'm posting this thread asking others to try it out.

Ring of Fast Healing 1 - 2000 gp
Ring of Fast Healing 2 - 8000 gp
Ring of Fast Healing 3 - 18000 gp
Ring of Fast Healing 4 - 72000 gp
Ring of Fast Healing 5 - 100000 gp

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The only real difference between a ring of regeneration and fast healing is the regrowing of body parts, which may not even come up in your entire campaign. So a ring of fast healing should be only very slightly cheaper. Maybe 80,000 gold at the best.

just buy boots of the earth.

A ring of regeneration is way overpriced, it's not what I'd use as a point of comparison.

I wonder if the actual amount of fast healing is really relevant. Whether it takes one minute or five minutes to heal 50 HP is only going to matter occasionally. Even if you're storming the dungeon with minute/level buffs to the gills, by the time you could afford a 100K ring five minutes isn't that long. It seems like the price scaling should go the other way, tapering off with larger amounts rather than growing exponentially.

Well, 3 wands of cure light wounds cost 2250 gp (750 gp a individually). That is one of the things I've been comparing my rings to. Many players would argue that wands would be the most efficient use of that kind of money.

Magical healing is available as early as first level, so I think its crazy that fast healing is not available until much later.

A ring of regeneration is 90 k. A pearly white ioun stone is 20 k but heals painfully slow (1 per 10 minutes).

Lelomenia wrote:
just buy boots of the earth.

Thanks! I didn't know about that item. 5000 gp is not that far off from 2000 gp.

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The 3.5 ring had the 90k cost and only healed your level’s worth of hitpoints every hour.

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