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I thought I would test out the new APG classes at the mid levels using one of the Playtest scenario's, the Frozen Oath. I built a level 10 character for each Playtest class and converted the module to the actual rules. DC's generally went up a little throughout, monster stats changed slightly but most monster levels remained the same.

I have only completed the first combat encounter so far. This is a white room test to see how the classs play out. They all ended up humans with the free rogue dedication as their level 9 ancestry feat as it is so handy. Otherwise I avoided multiclassing as I wanted to see how the characters did on their own merit.

First up, out characters. I only list relevant equipment, I assume they have pretty much whatever mundane stuff they want:


Ancestry: Human
Heritage: Skilled (Medicine)
Background: Detective
Class: Investigator 10

Str 16; Dex 18; Con 16; Int 18; Wis 16; Cha 10
Pereption (M) +21 (+2 for init); Speed 30

AC 28; HP 128; Fort (E) +18; Reflex (E) +19; Will (E) +18

CLASS ABILITIES: Take the Case, Clue In Method (Alchemist), Study Suspect, Studied Strike (3d6), Weapon Specialisation, Quick Tincture (6/day), Surprise Attack

Weapon Proficiencies: (E) Simple weapons, rapier, sap, shortsword, sword cane, unarmed attacks
Armour Proficiencies: (T) Light armour, unarmoured defence


Acrobatics (Dex) +16 (T); Arcana (Int) +20 (M); Athletics (Str) +15 (T) Jump +2; Crafting (Int) +20 (M); Deception (Cha) +12 (T); Diplomacy (Cha) +12 (T); Intimidate (Cha) +12 (T); Lore (Underworld) (Int) +16 (T); Medicine (Wis) +20 (M); Nature (Wis) +17 (E); Occult (Int) +16 (T); Performance (Cha) +12 (T); Religion (Wis) +19 (M); Society (Int) +21 (M); Stealth (Dex) +16 (T); Survival (Wis) +15 (T); Thievery (Dex) +19 (E)

Languages: Common, Varisian, Dwarven, Elf, Jotun, Goblin, Draconic


Ancestry: Natural Ambition (On the Scene), General Training (Trick Magic Item), Rogue Dedication

Class: Known Weakness, Trap Finder, Alchemical Discoveries, Ongoing Investigation, Thorough Research, Skill Mastery

Skill: Streetwise, Alchemical Crafting, Battle Medic, Quick Repair, Intimidating Glare, Wary Disarm, Read Lips, Continual Recovery, Robust Recovery, Ward Medic, Urban Pursuit, Forensic Acumen, Arcane Sense

General: Incredible Initiative, Toughness

Formula Book
1st: Lesser Tanglefoot, Lesser Thunderstone, Lesser Acid, Fire, Cold, Electricity
2nd: Cats Eye Elixir, Inflitrators Elixir
3rd: Moderate Bottled Lightning, Moderate Frost Vial
4th: Lesser Salamander Elixir, Lesser Winterwolf Elixir
5th: Elixir of Life, Lesser Sea Touch Elixir
6th: Moderate Antidote, Moderate Antiplague
7th: Greater Leapers Elixir Greater Comprehension Elixir
8th: Darkvision Elixir
9th: Greater Cheetahs Elixir, Elixir of Life
10th: Moderate Bravos Brew


Rapier: +19, 2d6+5 +1d6 fire, finesse, disarm, deadly 1d8, B1
Crossbow: +19, 1d8+2


Eye of the Eagle (+2 Perception), +1 Resilient Leather Armour +1 striking flaming Rapier, Boots of Bounding , Choker of Elocution (Draconic), Spellguard Shield, Bag of Holding Type 1, Wand of longstrider (2nd)


Ancestry: Human
Heritage: Skilled (Deception)
Background: Warrior
Class: Oracle
Level: 10

Str 10; Dex 18; Con 18; Int 10; Wis 16; Cha 20
Pereption (E): +17; Speed 25
AC 28; HP 138; Fort (E) +19; Reflex (E) +19; Will (M) +20

CLASS ABILITIES: (E) Spell attack rolls and DCs, Mystery (Flame), Curse, Signature Spells, Resolve

Weapon Proficiencies: (T) Simple, Unarmed
Armour Proficiencies: (T) Unarmoured Defence, Light Armour

Acrobatics +20 (M), Arcana +10, Athletics +10, Crafting +10, Deception +21 (E), Diplomacy +17 (T), Intimidate +22 (M), Warfare Lore +12 (T), Medicine +16 (T), Nature +13, Occult +10, Performance +15, Religion +15 (T), Society +10, Stealth +16 (T), Survival +15 (T), Thievery +17 (T)

Languages: Common, Varisian


Ancestry: Adapted Cantrip, Clever Improviser, Rogue Dedication

Class: Divine Element, Cantrip Expansion, Widen Spell, Advanced Revelation, Battlefield Specialist, Greater Revelation

Skill: Intimidating Glare, Cat Fall, Steady Balance, Nimble Crawl, Battle Cry, Terrified Retreat, Kip Up

General: Toughness, Canny Acumen (Perception)

SPELLS: (5|3,3,3,3,3, Attack +19, DC29)
Cantrips (8): Produce Flame, Electric Arc, Daze, Detect Magic, Divine Lance, Light, Shield, [Stabilise], Pretidigitation, Disrupt Undead
Level 1: Heal (H), Bless, Sanctuary, [Heal]
Level 2: Darkvision, See Invisibility, Dispel Magic (H), [Heal, Restoration, Restore Sense]
Level 3: Fireball (H), Heroism, Fear, [Heal, Remove Disease]
Level 4: Air Walk, Freedom of Movement, Searing Light (H)
Level 5: Command (H), Summon Celestial, Holy Cascade

Revelation Spells:
Incendiary Aura, Fire Ray, Whirling Flames, Flaming Fusilade

Minor Curse: Creatures more than 30' away are concealed
Moderate Curse: I am concealed from all creatures, all creatures are concealed from me, my fire spells do not require a flat check within 30', all my senses are imprecise beyond 30'


Staff: +10, 1d4
Produce Flame: +19, 5d4+5


Greater Ventriloquists Ring, +1 Resilient Leather Armour, Greater Staff of Healing, Wand (3rd, Water Breathing), Ring of Fire Resistance 5, Ring of the Ram, Bag of Holding, Demon Mask, 5 Holy Water

1st: Alarm, Bless (2), Magic Weapon, Purify food and drink 20gp
2nd: Comprehend Languages (2), Create Food, Remove Fear, Remove Paralysis 60gp
3rd: Neutralise Poison, Searing Light, Fireball 90gp


Ancestry: Human
Heritage: Skilled (Athletics)
Background: Gambler
Class: Swashbuckler 10

Str 16; Dex 18; Con 16; Int 10; Wis 16; Cha 18
Pereption (E):+17, Speed 35

AC 28; HP 148; Fort (E) +18; Reflex (M) +21; Will (E) +18

CLASS ABILITIES: Panache, Fencer, Precise Strike (4d6), Confident Finish, Opportunistic Retort, Weapon Expertise,Evasion, Exemplary Finisher

Weapon Proficiencies: (E) Simple, Martial, Unarmed
Armour Proficiencies: (T) Unarmoured, Light


Acrobatics +21 (M), Arcana +10, Athletics +15 (E), Crafting +10, Deception +22 (M), Diplomacy +16 (T), Intimidate +16 (T), Games Lore +12 (T), Medicine +16 (T), Nature +13, Occult +10, Performance +16 (T), Religion +13, Society +10, Stealth +16 (T), Survival +15 (T), Thievery +17 (T)

Languages: Common, Varisian


Ancestry: Natural Ambition (Tumble Behind), Clever Improvisation, Rogue Dedication

Class: Overextending Feint, Charmed Life, Flamboyant Athlete, Attack of Opportunity, Bleeding Finish, Derring Do

Skill: Cat Fall, Steady Balance, Lie to Me, Kip Up, Quick Jump, Powerful Leap, Slippery Secrets

General: Shield Block, Fleet, Toughness


+1 Shifting Rapier: +19 (2d6+5)
+1 Composite Longbow: +19 (1d8+3)


Greater Ventriloquists Ring, +1 Resilient Leather Armour of Invisibility, +1 shifting Rapier, Boots of Bounding, Spellguard Shield, Bag of Holding, Bracelet of Dashing, +1 composite longbow


Ancestry: Human
Heritage: Half Orc
Background: Urchin
Class: Witch 10

Str 10; Dex 18; Con 16; Int 20; Wis 18; Cha 10
Pereption (T) +16; Speed 25

AC 28; HP 98; Fort (E) +18; Reflex (E) +19; Will (E) +19

CLASS ABILITIES: Patron, Familiar (+4 extra abilities), Cackle, Expert Spellcaster, Lesson of Deceit, Surprise Attacks

Weapon Proficiencies: Simple, unarmed
Armour Proficiencies: Unarmoued defence, light armour


Acrobatics +16 (T), Arcana +23 (M), Athletics +10, Crafting +17 (T), Deception +10, Diplomacy +10, Intimidate +10, Absalom Lore +17 (T), Medicine +21 (M), Nature +16 (T), Occult +21 (M), Performance +10, Religion +18 (E), Society +17 (T), Stealth +16 (T), Survival +16 (T), Thievery +17 (T)

Languages: Common, Orc, Elven, Dwarven, Jotun, Draconic, Undercommon


Ancestry: Orc Sight, Clever Improviser, Rogue Dedication

Class: Enhanced Familiar, Second Lesson (Curse), Greater Lesson (Elements), Counterspell, Skill Mastery

Skill: Pickpocket, Battle Medicine, Continual Recovery, Ward Medic, Robust Recovery, Steady Balance, Quick Identification, Streetwise

General: Recognise Spell, Quick Recognition

SPELLS PREPARED: (6|4|4|4|4|4, Attack +19, DC29)
Cantrips: (Prestidigitation), (Produce Flame), Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Electric Arc, Produce Flame, Shield, Read Aura
Level 1: (Burning Hands) Grease, Command, Magic Missile (2)
Level 2: (Burning Hands, Flaming Sphere) Mirror Image (2), See Invisibility, Invisibility
Level 3: (Flaming Sphere, Fireball) Haste, Fear, Phantom Pain, Dispel Magic
Level 4: Phantasmal Killer (2), Fireball, Lightning Bolt
Level 5: Black Tentacles, Command, Fireball, Summon Dragon

Cantrips (10): (Daze), Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Electric Arc, Mage Hand, Message, Prestidigitation, Produce Flame, Ray of Frost, Read Aura, Shield
Level 1: (Phantom Pain), Charm, Command, Fear, Grease, Grim Tendrils, Magic Missile, Pest Form
Level 2: Dispel Magic, Invisiblity, See Invisibility, Mirror Image, (Summon Elemental)
Level 3: Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Earthbind, Haste
Level 4: Dimension Door, Fly, Phantasmal Killer, Shape Stone
Level 5: Banishment, Black Tentacles, Cone of Cold, Summon Dragon

Cantrip, Familiar Focus, Lifelink, Spell Battery (2nd), Darkvision, Speech

FOCUS SPELLS (Focus Pool 3)
Evil Eye, Beguile, Elemental Betrayal


Greater Hat of the Magi, +1 Resilient Leather Armour, Greater Staff of Fire, Wand (Earthbind), Ring of the Ram, Ring of Fire Resistance, Bag of Holding, Wand of Longstrider (2nd)

1st: Grease (3), Magic Weapon, Pest Form 20gp
2nd: Comprehend Languages (2), Glitterdust, Mirror Image, Spiderclimb 60gp

Our heroes gather in the town of Turvi, in the land of the Linnorm Kingdoms where they meet their venture captain and are given their assignment. They are to travel even further north, to the Crown of the World, to locate and explore an ancient giant structure near to the Path of Aganhei which a roup of goblins recently discovered. Before setting out they ask around, learning a little about the fractious nature of the local giant tribes (pass on gather info, no crit fails or passes). Our investigator does learn of the nature of Dvalinheim and its role in keepng the bloodthirsty god of the frost giants asleep (crit pass). The group fill their various bags of holding with plenty of rations, waterskins, climbing and other equioment that might be useful on the trip. Setting out they engage...

Exploration Mode

Our investigator starts off taking the case to locate Dvalinheim. He is always considered to be investigating while travelling and has trap finder so is always checking for traps. He decides to use his exceptional Perception and is searching generally as well.

Our oracle gets nothing automatially, she is detecting magic as she travels.

Our swashbuckler needs to use decpetion or acrobatics for initiative to start with Panache but neither have much application while travelling through the wilderness. He is scouting.

Our witch has no automatic tactic and doesnt benefit much from anything in particular so she will make use of her decent knowledge skills and be investigating as she travels.

The group reach the Eye of Theremyr in a month, easily finding the goblins old camp site. They recover the potion (giving it to the witch) and head onwards, leaving the trail. The group reach the head of the valley, spotting the enormous statue and its massive occupiers. They take to the air and begin heading towards the group. Combat is joined!

The two rocs begin 800' away from the group, giving them time to prepare. Somehow all of the group beat the Rocs initiative.

Round 1 (800' away)

Oracle: Casts air walk on the swashbuckler and draws her staff
Investigator: Studies one Roc, takes a free recall knowledge, passing and learning about wing buffet and the massive reach on its wings. He draws his crossbow and shoots at one roc hitting for 15 damage.
Swashbuckler: Drawing his bow he tries to distract the approaching overgrown buzzards before taking a pot shot at one. He succeeds at diverting their attention but misses wildly. However, he does gain Panache.
Witch: Casts mirror image and draws a wand of earthbind
Rocs: Move forward

Roc 1: 185|200

Round 2 (620' away)
Investigator: Continuing to study his target (just successfully) he reloads his crossbow and fires again but is well wide.
Oracle: Casts air walk on the investigator and shield just in case.
Swashbuckler: Takes three wild shots at the enemy, all of which miss given the range penalties
Witch: Casts haste on the swashbuckler and shield just in case
Rocs: Move forward

Roc 1: 185|200

Round 3 (440' away)
Oracle: Launhces a level 5 fireball at the two of them. They are close enough to be caught together but this will push them to split up a bit. It does 43 damage, the first fails, the second passses.
Witch: Not wanting to be outdone she also launches a level 5 fireball at them. This time the first passes but the second fails. It deals 32 damage.
Swashbuckler: Takes another three pot shots. missing completely
Investigator: He reloads, studies (successfully) and fires, hitting number 1 for 17 damage
Rocs: Fly ever closer

Roc 1: 109|200
Roc 2: 147|200

Round 4 (260' away)
Oracle: They have spread apart making area effect ineffective but none of her other spells can reach them. She launches a level 5 fireball at Roc 1 for 43 damage but it saves, taking 21. She also casts shield.
Witch: Launches a level 4 fireball at number 1. These things are huge and can prevent peope getting into melee combat with them so better to try and take them down with ranged attacks quickly. It fails the save and takes 19 damage.
Investigator: He reloads, studies (unsuccessfully) and fires, missing
Swashbuckler: Takes one shot hitting for 4 damage, drops his bow and draws rapier and shield.
Rocs: Move even closer

Roc 1: 65|200
Roc 2: 147|200

Round 5 (80' away, 10' in the air)
Witch: She tries to crush number 1's tiny mind with a phantasmal killer spell. It saves taking 11 mental damage and becoming frightened 1. She then casts shield.
Oracle: Drawing on her curse (which she delays progressing) she unleashes a beam of fire at number 1. hoping to kill it. It hits, because it is frightened, and deals 31 damage. She then casts shield.
Investigator: Study (successfully), shoot and just miss, drop crossbow and draw rapier
Swashbuckler: Moves in on 1, it takes two move actions (one using haste), triggers its reaction, it hits for 20 damage. He tumbles through to get into position, making it flat footed to him and tries to finish it off with bleeding finish. This connects, just, and the damage (31) finishes it off.

Roc 2: Flies forward and then strafes, attacking our two fireball happy friends. The oracle is hit and grabbed, she takes 4 damage after using shield. The second talon attack misses the witch.

Roc 1: Dead
Roc 2: 147|200

Swash: 128|148
Oracle: 134|138, grabbed

Round 6 (Engaged, 10' in the air)
Investigator: Moves in triggering wing buffet and taking 18 damage. Uses his second action to move in again. He stabs it for 16 damage (no actions free to study this turn)
Swashbuckler: Haste and frst action to move, second action to feint, gaining panache, crits imposing penalty to attack rolls, bleeding finish hits for 35 damage and 4d6 bleed. Having hit with a finisher it is also flat footed until the start of my next turn
Witch: Evil eye hex (it fails), shield
Oracle: Escapes the grab just (due to frightened, she has master acrobatics), activates flaming fusilade advancing to minor curse and crits it with prouce flame for 30 fire damage and 5d4 persistent fire

Roc 2: Strafes, provoking from the swashbukler who stabs it for 9 damage (he has no panache). It strikes first at the oracle who has so hurt it, missing with a natural 1 and then at the swashbuckler, also going wide. It uses its third attack to claw the oracle which also misses. It takes 13 bleed and 11 fire damage and recovers from neither.

Roc 1: Dead
Roc 2: 33|200, bleed 4d6, fire 5d4, frightened 2

Swash: 128|148
Oracle: 134|138
Investigator: 118|128

Round 7 (Engaged, 10' in the air)
Investigator: Moves in, wing buffet misses, studies (successfully), crits it for 54 damage, killing it

Roc 1: Dead
Roc 2: Dead

Swash: 128|148
Oracle: 134|138
Investigator: 118|128

Post Combat

Everyone takes a 10 minute break. Our investigator treats wounds on everyone. With +20 the worst result he can get is a fail and he can check every 10 minutes, treating four people at a time. Everyone is soon back on their feet. Scouting the valley and checking out the statue no-one feels like climbing up the side of the statue. The oracle drops another air walk on the investigator who checks it out, finding the note and the scroll which is given to the witch.

I will look to run encounter two tomorrow.

Great work! Thanks!

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