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Lyz Liddell says the design team wants us to build some oracles, so post 'em if you've got 'em!

Here's my first attempt. I took him up to level 8 to see how some of the feats and features would play out and was surprised to find myself turning him into a bit of an intimidatomancer as well as a pyromaniac. I may have a chance to play him at level 4 or 5 later in the weekend; my wife has offered to run a converted PF1 scenario for our son and me, so we can each play two characters and try all for playtest classes.

Anyway, without further ado, I present for your review and comment, Renewal from Ashes:

Renewal from Ashes
Male (He/Him) Leshy (Vine Leshy) Oracle (Flames) 8
Uncommon, CG, Leshy, Plant, Small
Perception +12 (low-light vision)
Speed 25'
Background: Hermit
Languages: Common, Sylvan

Background: Hermit.

Renewal from Ashes lived for years on a barren mountaintop in self-imposed exile from the forest lands he loves. In that time, he learned a measure of control over the flames of both fire and rage that have smoldered inside him since the moment his spirit was first called to inhabit this body.

Starved both for contact with other sapient beings and the lush natural world he was made to protect, Renewal from Ashes finally descended to the lowlands and began to travel, at long last learning about the region he was called to protect and falling into the life of a wandering adventurer. In most situations, Renewal from Ashes is reluctant to use his mysterious powers, but once he is driven -- by anger or in self-defense -- to tap into the fires within, it is often difficult for him to quench the flames until they burn him out completely and he collapses into unconsciousness.

Defense: AC 23; HP 96; fire resistance 5 (does not apply to damage from Oracular Curse)
Fort +13, Ref +14, Will +16

Melee: +1 striking staff of healing +11 (2d4 B, two-hand d8); dagger +12 (1d4 P; agile, finesse, thrown 10', versatile - slashing)
Ranged:crossbow +12 (1d8 P)
Spells: Spell Attack +16, Spell DC 26

Skills: Acrobatics +12, Athletics +10, Diplomacy +14, Forest Lore +11, Intimidation +18, Nature +12, Religion +12, Survival +14
Statistics: Str 10 (+0), Dex 14 (+2), Con 16 (+3), Int 12 (+1), Wis 14 (+2), Cha 19 (+4)

Oracle Spell Repertoire (Divine), DC 26, Attack +16: 4th, Air Walk, Divine Wrath (S), Freedom of Movement; 3rd, Fireball (S), Searing Light, Heal; 2nd, Resist Energy, Sound Burst (S), Spiritual Weapon; 1st, Burning Hands (S), Fear, Sanctuary; Cantrips, Daze, Forbidding Ward, Know Direction, Light, Produce Flame, Shield
- (S) = Signature Spell

Revelation Spells: Fire Ray, Incendiary Aura, Vision of Weakness, Whirling Flames

- Ancestry Feats: Leshy Superstition, Speak With Kindred
- General and Skill Feats: Battle Cry, Cat Fall, Dubious Knowledge, Group Coercion, Intimidating Glare, Nature Medicine, Terrified Retreat
- Class Feats: Advanced Revelation, Divine Element, Read Disaster, Vision of Weakness

Special Abilities:
- Ancestry/Heritage: climb without hands free (and success=critical success), low-light vision, plant nutrition
- Class: flames mystery, fire domain, curse of engulfing flames, expert spellcaster, resolve

Equipment: +1 potency rune (explorer's clothing), +1 striking staff of healing, bag of holding I, horn of fog, ring of energy resistance (fire), wand of wanderer's guide, crossbow and 20 bolts, dagger, wizard oracle class kit, 75gp, 4sp

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My wife, son, and I just finished our run through The Absalom Initiation with an all-APG Playtest party: my wife GMed, my son played a gnome investigator and a goblin witch, and I played a leshy oracle (flames) and a halfling swashbuckler (fencer). We finished our surveys, and here's what I said (slightly edited for clarity) in the open response survey about playing Renewal from Ashes, my vine leshy Oracle of Flames (at level 4, not the level 8 version posted above).

Favorite part about the class:
I enjoyed the replacement of focus points with escalation of the oracle’s curse - please keep this in the final version of class. The Vision of Weakness feat/revelation spell is very good, as are the other divination feats at higher levels, and add to the unique flavor of the class.

Anything about the class that did not live up to your expectations?
I was surprised to have to take a feat (Divine Element) to gain access to any Flames mystery-themed spells from other spell lists. I suggest that the final version eliminate both the cleric domain feature and the Divine Element class feat. Instead, at 1st level, let the player choose a mystery-themed revelation spell and a 1st level spell from another spell list that matches the mystery (or the curse), with higher level themed spells from other lists available through class feats. Also, while I like the way the curses match the mysteries, it might be better to give players a bit more choice - maybe allow an oracle of each mystery to choose from 2-3 curses that are tied to the mystery? For example, a Flames oracle might choose from the Curse of Smoke (increasing concealment and difficulty breathing, coughing, similar to the progression of the Fog Cloud, Stinking Cloud, Cloudkill spells) OR the Curse of Flames (increasing light levels and dazzled condition, then fire damage, etc.).

Any other thoughts:
I liked the idea and flavor of the oracle having the choice to drain the last of her power to finish the fight and collapsing. I know there has been a lot of discussion on the forums about the impact of the major curse effect, I expect you’re going to tone it down in the final version. That’s fine, but please make it really sting - someone on the forum suggested that the major curse could drain all of the oracle’s spellcasting ability for the rest of the day, which would be a great idea. No more revelation spells, but also no more regular spells from any source, not even cantrips, until she gets 8 hours of rest and an hour of preparation. In exchange, though, please give some additional bonus to the effect of that final revelation spell - maybe treat any success as a critical success, or some other incentive for the oracle to accept the consequences.

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Thanks for the detailed feedback! I hope you had fun with the scenario. :D

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We did indeed!

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