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I apologize in advance for the formatting. I would have preferred to do this as an anonymous Google doc link but that is apparently beyond my abilities at the moment. :)

I'm dissatisfied with how the Mutagenist plays out. I'm not experienced at wholesale class design so I'm not sure I'm on the mark here but it's where I'm leaning to try to make the Mutagenist more exciting to play as a slinger of mutagens.

EDIT I *just* sat down to read the APG playtest... tinctures... *sigh*... yeah... tinctures here are apparently... OTHERTINCTURES... just... whatever... I'm tired... :)


Mutagenist changes

Research Field changes

  • Grants Medium armor proficiency. When your Light armor proficiency would advance, your Medium armor proficiency will too.
  • Mutagen Flashback now provides 1 + INT uses per day.
  • Grants new Free Action, Mutagen Tolerance
  • At levels 7, 11, and 17, the Mutagenist selects a Tincture to learn. They may select any Tincture with a level equal to or less than their Advanced Alchemy level.

Mutagen Tolerance
Free Action, once per turn
You may ignore the drawbacks of a mutagen you have consumed. You may only ignore the drawback of a single mutagen at a time; if you were already ignoring the drawback of a different mutagen, that mutagen's drawbacks begin to take effect.

Mutagen changes

  • Bestial mutagen's claws now also gain the FINESSE trait. (Claws for DEX, Jaws for STR)

Alchemist Feat changes

  • FEAT 01 - Alchemical Familiar: remove
  • FEAT 01 - Absorptive Alchemy: new feat (replaces Alchemical Familiar); Grants new Free Action, Absorptive Alchemy
  • FEAT 01 - Quick Bomber: remove
  • FEAT 01 - Nimble Chemist: same as Quick Bomber but affects Bombs and Elixirs (i.e. including Mutagens)
  • FEAT 02 - Revivifying Mutagen: add “At level 7, you can target any willing participant under the effects of a mutagen, ending the chosen mutagen early and providing the indicated healing to the target.”
  • FEAT 06 - Combine Elixirs: move to FEAT 08
  • FEAT 06 - Mutagen Tincture: learn a Tincture (see below) available to you based on your Advanced Alchemy level; you may choose this Feat more than once (makes Tinctures available to non-mutagenists)
  • FEAT 08 - Combine Elixirs: moved from FEAT 06
  • FEAT 08 - Feral Mutagen: remove
  • FEAT 10 - Elastic Mutagen: remove
  • FEAT 10 -
  • FEAT 12 - Invincible Mutagen: remove
  • FEAT 12 - Elixir Splash: Additive 5 (yes, 5), You may add the SPLASH and THROWN traits to an elixir you have created using Quick Alchemy. The elixir affects any valid target hit by the splash.
  • FEAT 14 - Glib Mutagen: remove
  • FEAT 14 -
  • FEAT 16 - Genius Mutagen: remove
  • FEAT 16 - Generous Tincture: Tinctures can affect targets other than the alchemist who created the mutagen
  • FEAT 18 - Mindblank Mutagen: remove
  • FEAT 18 - Universal Tinctures: A Tincture may be applied to any mutagen you create

Absorptive Alchemy
Free Action, once per turn
You may, as a free action, consume any one alchemical item you create with the INFUSED and ELIXIR traits through your skin as part of the process of creating the item. Creating more than one alchemical item (for example, using Double Brew), does not increase the number of alchemical items that can be consumed at one time through Absorptive Alchemy.

Mutagen feats become Tinctures
Once an Alchemist learns a Tincture, it means they may freely add it to the mutagen which it enhances when they craft that mutagen. A Tincture, however, has a level value, indicating the minimum required Advanced Alchemy level needed to learn that Tincture. A Tincture will only affect the alchemist who created the mutagen; adding a Tincture and allowing another to consume it will not confer the Tincture’s benefits. You may not add a Tincture after the mutagen is created. Only one Tincture may be applied to a mutagen. Tinctures also take effect as a result of Mutagenic Flashback.

The Tinctures for the initial 6 available mutagens in the CRB all have the same effects as the individual feats to which they currently are assigned. The Feral Tincture differs from Feral Mutagen and reads as follows:

Feral Tincture
Whenever you apply this tincture to a bestial mutagen you created, you gain the mutagen’s item bonus to your Indtimidation checks. In addition, your unarmed attacks, including claws and jaws, gain the deadly d10 trait. Finally, you can apply a -1 circumstance penalty to AC and, in exchange, increase the die size of your unarmed attacks, including claws and jaws, by one step.

The following chart shows the Tincture progression:

Level / Affected Mutagen / Tincture Name / Effects
06 / Any / Hyperfocus Tincture / As True Strike; during round mutagen imbibed
06 / Any / Insight Tincture / Until end of current round, you may apply INT bonus as circumstance bonus to one skill check, chosen before the roll
08 / Bestial / Feral Tincture / See Feral Tincture below
10 / Quicksilver / Elastic Tincture / As Elastic Mutagen
12 / Juggernaut / Invincible Tincture / As Invincible Mutagen
14 / Silvertongue / Glib Tincture / As Glib Mutagen
16 / Cognitive / Genius Tincture / As Genius Mutagen
18 / Serene / Mindblank Tincture / As Mindblank Mutagen

Hyperfocus Tincture and Insight Tincture are examples of tinctures that can be applied with any mutagen automatically. More powerful tinctures require specific mutagens. Unversal Tincture (FEAT 18) allows all tinctures to be applied to any mutagen.

The Tincture availability is on the same schedule as the original feats. This split, however, allows for additional knobs to tweak in future and opens up more interesting Feat options for Mutagenists.

I would think it would be more reasonable for Mutagen Tolerance to be applied to the first mutagen you drank, if more than one is active at the time, and ignore the penalties of a single mutagen.

Maybe is less versatile, but makes more sense that you don't have perfect control of your own biology in other to pick and choose what's above your toxicity threshold. In fact, creating such a mechanic would open up feat possibilities to increase the amount of mutagens tolerated or maybe gaining bonus+penalties while using more than the limit.

I set up Mutagen Tolerance to allow the ability to alter which mutagen you are safe with (i.e. no drawbacks) once you are able to have more than 1 mutagen affecting you at once.

The feats for levels 10 and 14 are blank only because I haven't thought of good options there. (I'd be happy to hear suggestions)

Anyone have any feedback? Is this at all an interesting change? Balanced? Fun?

Quintessentially Me wrote:
Anyone have any feedback? Is this at all an interesting change? Balanced? Fun?

Tbh, I kinda gave up midway. Seemed unnecessarily complicated to me.

If you want to give abilities to the mutagens, which is imo neat and needed, you can simply add them at the appropriate levels and have a restriction like:

You can use them once per Mutagen.

Then, for the mutagenist specifically, give him an ability that "You can use Mutagen abilities once per 10 minutes instead of once per Mutagen"

This will also help Perpetual become more relevant for your allies/you.

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