Ruins of Azlant GM Wanted (Book 3+)


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Our Ruins of Azlant adventurers have found ourselves ashore without a GM! We could use some help.

As noted above, our party has just barely completed Book 2 and our prior GM told us that the party is now level 7. We're unfortunately losing one of our players in the transition as well, but the current team is:

Aurelian Fache – human swashbuckler
Jenner Holystone – dwarven warpriest of Abadar
Sarine Dulciare – human bloodrager
Tettia Tuditanus – human arcanist

...I don't think anyone intended to have a full party of ACG classes, but there it is...

If anyone considering taking on our party wants to review the current campaign, they can find its many pages here.

Our current house rules include:
Feat Taxes
25-point buy (not really a house rule, but good to note)
Background Skills
Hero Points
Legacy Weapons
A few character specific tweaks

I confirmed with our group that we're willing to negotiate on the house rules above if that would help a new GM. Thank you to anyone who takes our plight under consideration!

Let me see if I can make the time... I am just starting my first PbP in the forums...

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If you don't end up having the time @JohnnyBlack I would also be interested in taking over.

Glad to hear from interested parties! For now I don't have much more to say, but we'll wait to hear more from you. Let us know if you have questions.

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That is pretty fair. Well, lets take this topic by topic.

Feat Taxes: This is a system that I have seen around quite a bit and it seems to be rather well-liked. I would be curious to run with it.

25 point-buy: This leads to pretty strong characters compared to what an AP is written for, so there might be cases where I would slightly modify encounters to make them more appropriate (throwing an advanced template on something, adding one more weak creature, etc.).

Background Skills: I've used it before, big fan.

Hero Points: I've never used the first edition implementation but I generally like the concept.

Legacy Weapons: I love the concept though I would definitely make treasure adjustments accordingly. Which system are you using for legacy weapons?

Character Tweaks: What sort of tweaks are we talking here?

Additional Notes: I generally only post once per day in my threads and for combat I run a 24 hour combat round. Anyone who does not post by the end of that 24 hours gets botted for that round to keep things moving along. I use experience gains instead of advancement as listed. I find a certain catharsis in it. If you get ahead or behind of the AP I may adjust encounters accordingly to maintain an appropriately difficult environment, though that has never really been an issue for me in the past. I send out an anonymous RPG consent checklist to all of my players for all of my games to set a standard of what kind of topics people should be wary of so that we can avoid any situations that are hard for a social group to recover from in addition to a genuine desire for my players to feel comfortable.

On character tweaks:

I asked to have my character's bloodrage be an unchained version. I wouldn't be entirely opposed to reversing that now (especially given the presence of hero points to stave off an unexpected cease-of-rage death every now and then), but it's worked OK. Now that I've used it some, there are some minor annoyances that came along with the switch (CMD decreasing on rage instead of holding stable, no Fortitude save improvement on rage, ect).

I think our warpriest asked to have Longstrider added to their spell list as well. (They'd have gotten it as a domain spell if they were a cleric and dwarves are slow I think was the rationale.)

I might be forgetting something else.

Legacy Weapons:

The GM said the rules for it were coming from War for the Crown if memory serves. They also said that they'd be able to share their legacy weapon-related notes with a new GM if we found one.

Oh character tweaks:

Tettia had just about finished a custom spell for her repertoire. She doesn't have a name for it yet, other than 'Keep all the crap in my backpack dry while underwater'.

Hopefully she'd be able to keep it. :) :)

Now I'm imagining Tettia jumping in and out of the ocean testing her spell...

I don’t think Aurelian has any tweaks that I recall (also I’m on vacation this week so may not reply quickly for a couple days). The rest seems more than fine; I handle combat in the same way, Arrannai.

Johnny, to be honest, if you’re just starting your first PBP GMing, I’d suggest give yourself some time before picking up more games. Speaking from experience, it’s easy to try to take on too much.

As she steps out of the water for the fifth time, she looks inside her bag. "Oh, poop! I really thought I had it that time."


"No it didn't work. Will you stop making fun of me?"

Yeah, got timing issues already. and seeing Arrannai can help you, I can rest at ease.

Have fun!

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Hey all, sorry about the delay. I generally am not present on the forums on the weekend, so I suppose that is a detail to be candid about. I think I should be good to run this, though first off I'm going to need to actually sit down and read the first two books and then start preparing for the third. Is there a time-frame in mind for when you would want to start this off?

Hey all, someone pinged me about potentially taking up this game. They pulled on my heart strings of my hatred of seeing long standing games die :D. (So far I've picked up 3 games that lost their GM and they have been going with me as GM for almost a year now.)

Not wanting to step on any toes if Arrannai really wants to take this over, but offering my service if needed in case Arrannai wasn't certain. In addition to needing to spend some time reading through things, one thing I would need from the players would be a summary of events and the days they occurred on. Nothing too in detail, I just like to try and keep track of major things over the course of a game. As an example you can see a History of Events that I have in one of my games spoilered here Note I wouldn't need the specific date, I can figure that part out later, just day 1, day 2 etc would work.

Aside from that I would need a little time to read through the existing gameplay and start prepping book 3. You can check out more about me in my GM Profile and how I generally run things to see if it is even a good fit, though I play with/GM a couple of the players in this game already so would think it would probably work out. I'm generally active weekdays from about 6am-2pm Eastern and may get a post in during the evenings but that is usually family time so can't guarantee. Weekends are hit or miss for me but I try to get one post in over the weekends.

In any case, let me know.

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GM Dak has far and away much more experience than myself on these forums, so I will not be anywhere near offended if y'all pick them over me.

I'm fine if we know you're not on forums during the weekend, Arrannai. As for timing, I wouldn't want to wait too long, because it's hard to get momentum back up, but certainly understand the need to catch up on what's going on. Maybe start up again by December (if not sooner?)?

Honestly, I'm happy with either of you. I've played with Dak before, and there's always some comfort in a known commodity, but I'm certainly willing to expand my gaming circles too. :)

I'm happy with either of you as well! I'm sure that doesn't help you two figure out who should take us on...

Well, Arrannai was here first so if they are up for it and the group has no preference either way I am happy to be here as a backup if needed, just wanted to toss my hat out there if it was needed. Feel free to ping me if the need arises.

Thank you so much, GM Dak.

Arranai, do you want to drop into our current campaign's Discussion thread so we can finish up details there? For ease of reference, we're here.

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