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An ettin can potentially make 4 Strikes each round, 2 for each head. Do the multi attack penalties cross over from one head to the other, or are they tracked separately as though it were two creatures making the attacks?

The ettin is still a single creature, and MAP generally applies all of to single creatures'attacks. On the other hand, MAP resets each round, and each head has it's own initiative. This leaves me uncertain as to the intent.

The difference would be -0/-5/-10/-10 vs -0/-5/-0/-5.

Seems to me that for all intents and purposes they are treated as two separate creatures for their attacks. So it would be -0/-5, -0/-5.

Edit: Just looked again at Ettin. One of the two heads actually has an Agile weapon. So would look like -0,-5 for one, and -0, -4 for the other.

Agree with beuwulf99.

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I'd say everything with its own initiative gets its own MAP, same creature or not. (Producing the same answers as beowulf99 and K1.)

I'm kind of surprised the ettin's entry doesn't have a note under Independent Brains about this.

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I agree that each head has its own MAP.

Making the four attacks at -0/-5/-10/-10 would completely negate the Ettin's shtick.

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Now some player is going to be looking for ways to grow a second head. <g>

Ksathas are so old-school. Ettin-born are where it's at!

Edit: how many heads would a half-ettin have? <g>

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Your MAP resets at the beginning of your initiative/turn, in this case twice.

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