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Is there any ways to stop Bleed outside of it's automatic flat check and Medicine (which requires healer's kit)?
I couldn't find any magic that seems to do it, I'm OK with Heal spell not doing it necessarily, but it seems like SOMETHING should...
Or did I just miss it?

The persistent damage rules sidebar in the conditions chapter mentions that healing a person to max HP stops bleeding.

As far as i remember.
IF you heal someone to full HP, bleed ends.
I assume that means via med, battle field med, or magic. or elixir

True, that's technically within capability of Heal spell (or any healing), it just needs to hit full HPs.
Just was curious if I was missing some other spell or anything to stop Bleed directly independent of max HP healing.

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Persistent damage is really strong this edition, and from going over the bestiary is more a concern for players than their foes.

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It stops on its own eventually.

CRB page 621 wrote:
Persistent damage runs its course and automatically ends after a certain amount of time as fire burns out, blood clots, and the like. The GM determines when this occurs, but it usually takes 1 minute.

CRB P. 451 wrote:

Persistent damage is a condition that causes damage to recur beyond the original effect. Unlike with normal damage, when you are subject to persistent damage, you don’t take it right away. Instead, you take the specified damage at the end of your turns, after which you attempt a DC 15 flat check to see if you recover from the persistent damage. See the Conditions Appendix on pages 618–623 for the complete rules regarding the persistent damage condition.

You also get to roll a flat check to try and stop persistent damage after taking it at the end of each of your turns. The Administer First Aid activity in the Medicine also allows you to make a check and give the bleeding PC another chance at making the flat check to stop bleeding.

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