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I am playing a sword and board champion with a good athletics check. I realize that I won't be able to grapple or perform most other maneuvers because I have a shield in my hand, but I thought I might be able to shove using a shield. I have looked everywhere I can think of to find a feat or something that would allow me to shove with a shield to no avail. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?

Shields just shove with their critical hit, if you have a critical specialization on shields.

You can also trade something with some fighter talents.

Guess why I am a currently a champion which play spiked gauntlet and Steel shield.

Pushing an opponent back with a shield is a Critical Specialization Effect. If you have unlocked Crit Effects with Shield you can push an opponent back 5 feet on a crit success with a shield attack. (Bash or Strike.)

See page 284 for the Shield entry and 283 for the CSE rules.

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Honestly I wish they would just remove the free hand requirements for shove. Seems silly to me that it is impossible to perform this action with a shield or even with your feet. Why can’t you kick someone away from you? Seems to be a classic fantasy combat move.

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Could be an athletics skill feat that removes the free hand requirement.

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I'd say you could easily create an athletics skill feat that adds the Shove trait to Shields and Shield Boss attacks. That would give them the option of making a shove attempt with them. I could see a shield with shield spikes potentially making it inconvenient in shove attempts as the target might 'stick' to the shield, spoiling such attempts.

I wouldn't necessarily have a problem just adding that trait to those two, even without a skill feat.

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Adding the shove trait to shields seems like the way to go. It is more logical than the shove trait on a light mace. I'll have to see of my GM will buy it.

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