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This is a character to a lvl 15-20 campaing.

The original idea is to make the character a Dragon disciple/Eldritch scion but here is the problem.

Right now i'm 1 barbarian / 4 eldritch scion (magus) [I know barbarian is not the best class to cast spells but my DM allows to rage in the middle of a spellcombat] and the DM gave each charater of the party a "gift". My gift is a scimitar, a very special scimitar. She is a sentient major artifact. You read well, a MAJOR ARTIFACT. She regain memories and powers when I level up. The cuestion is: Is worth it to go for DD or change the build when I have time? and if the later is true, what build do you recomend?

The buld for reference

18 STR, 10 DEX, 12 CON, 12 INT, 7 WIS, 16 CAR.

Feats: Intimidating Prowess, extra arcane pool, Weapon focus scimitar.

Race: Suli

Thanks for the help.

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Well, looks like you've got a solid build.

Barbarian rage is ok since you decide when to use it (so don't use it when you've got more spells to cast); bloodrager (with the Mad Magic feat) would be even better.

Dragon disciple is not a good pick on a Magus, because Magus class features are generally better and honestly DD doesn't do all that much. Going straight Magus also allows you to pick a better bloodline for the ES (e.g. Aberrant, Arcane, or Destined are all much better than Draconic).

Magus guide, at your service.

Thanks for the advice. I used your guide to make the build in the first place a year ago, helped me a lot with understanding the class.

Right now is impossible to change bloodline, even the artifact is linked with my familiar lineage (being a red dragon my ancestor). If you know a feature to take another bloodline please tell me because is the only way to benefit for aberrant or other good bloodlines.

Do you recommend taking another level on something or go full magus. (The objective is maximizing the combat with the scimitar artifact because is extremely powerful).

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I'd say full Magus. You have a lot to gain from more spells, more arcane pool enchantment, and more arcana.

Something cool to look at that is fairly new is the expemlar trait for magic traits. It will allow you to take magical knack and other magic traits while giving your the ability to use metamagic with spell combat a few times per day.

Traints are interesting but for another character, is too late for this one (1 year in real time after the character creation for the campaing) and i'm the only one with experience in pathfinder except for the DM and i don't want to push too far with the builds, that's why I choose barbarian instead of the bloodrager.

Thanks for the help and any suggestions are welcome.

Can't the Additional Traits feat be taken after level 1?

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JiaYou wrote:
Can't the Additional Traits feat be taken after level 1?

You can, but he'd need to take the feat twice to do what baggageboy describes, which is a pretty heavy feat tax and not really realistic if he can't retrain.

It is and it isn't. By spending 1 feat to pick up the exemplar trait you get 2 uses per day. Every additional magic trait you have adds an additional use per day. So if you already have a magic trait and you take "curator of mystic secrets" (the magic exemplar trait) you can use metamagic with normal spell casting time 3 times per day.

However, you also need to have a metamagic feat you'd like to use, which you probably don't already have if you hadn't planned to use this.

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I was more referring that if you wanted to take Magical Knack as well, you would need to take the feat twice (once for Curator, once for Knack). Of course, the metamagic point is a legitimate one as well.

If you were to rebuild this from 1st level you could take Curator in the place of your two free traits at character creation, then take Additional Traits a single time to take both Magical Knack and Magical Lineage. Definitely a lot smoother if building from the ground up.

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The feat Spontaneous Metafocus is probably a better pick than spending a feat on extra traits for Magic Exemplar.

Or you could take a build that does not focus on spamming Shocking Grasp all the time :P

Thanks for the ideas.

I take the second option. I don't want yo focus on shocking spam. My priority is upgrading my skill with the magic scimitar and cast spells as a backup for buffing and helping myself (casting vanish for eldritch assault) and blasting everything I can't kill with the scimitar artifact.

If you are going to go all in on shocking grasp metafocus and eventually spell perfection are a better route. If you just want to be able to use metamagic on the fly with whatever spells you have the curator of mystic secrets is more flexible. Also it allows you to pick up some really awesome things through traits.

I had another thought. It's also a bit heavy for investment, but it might be worth it to you, it depends. If instead of barbarian you were to take bloodrager you could pick up arcane srike->riving strike, and blooded arcane strike. This would leave you free to use swift actions while benefiting from riving strike. Hit once to apply the saves penelty, swift action to cast a spell then deliver it, cast a spell with spell combat and deliver that, then finish your full attack.

Pretty heavy investment, but a -2 to saves is pretty nice, plus extra damage doesn't hurt

That's the problem. I can't change the 1 barbarian / 4 magus. It is already done. I need to build around that.

Well, you can still use riving strike, but you won't be able to get two spells off with it in a single round. Might be worth it, might not. Arcane strike itself is kinda redundant with arcane pool, and you already have an enchanted weapon, but it will still add damage. You have to decide it it's worth it to you so have the -2 to saves. Since you aren't focusing on shocking grasp maybe? It's less restricted than say spell focus in what spells you can apply it to, but you have to hit before you get the benefit.

I can try. I want to remember the magic weapon is a priority and add something i forgot. Is a 32 EGO object.

Oh dang, that's really high. You might want to talk with your GM so see if losing the ego battle would be considered a mind effecting, charm, or a compulsion effect. If it's either of the last two additional traits for irrepressible(faith) and magical knack(magic) would be a good choice. If it's the mind effecting but not the others maybe take steadfast personality.

Also consider iron will and improved iron will. Being a GM plaything because you lost an ego battle is no fun.

Don't worry, at level 8 I can wild her (yes, since level 2 when she awakes floats arround like a familiar and acts as a familiar obsesed with rubies and she doesn't allow to be wielded). When I hit lvl 8 i'm automatically allowed to wild it with no problem since filomena (his name) is equivalent to a lvl 8 character without a wielder. This is possible because is the family relic (the story is longer but i don't want to type until the dawn of time) and is linked with my lineage. Anyone except me are allowed to wield it.

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