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Is there a strong way to build for and use the Ranger 1 Monster Hunter feat? I like the idea of getting more out of my Hunt Prey actions in combat. But I'm having trouble feeling like it's worth investing in.

Has anyone tried Monster Hunter and had good luck with it? Do you think it's worth investing in any Lore or other mainline skills to back it up? Are there some skill feats that might make it cooler?

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Depends on where your campaign is at, really. At level 10, the Master Monster Hunter feat makes it so you only need to invest into Nature for your Knowledge checks. I definitely think it's worth investing in if you're starting your campaign that high level. Even before then, it isn't to hard to get trained in at least 3 of the big knowledges and that will get you a long ways.

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I'll be playing in PFS, so level 10 is a long ways off. Master Monster Hunter (possibly with Assurance (Nature)?) does look like it helps a lot. Maybe I'll hold off until 10 (or I've played a lot more PF2) and retrain into it then.

I've been pondering t his on my Alchemist.
My alch is taking Pathfinder Agent dedicatoin, and "Thorough reports" gives them a beneficial bonus to identifying things he's alreayd identified and getting more weaknesses out of it.

My intention on that character is to have "Lore: Creature notes: because he is writing a creature guide book. (To attempt to create higher knowledge of local creatures in everyone, which will lower the death toll over time and create a safer world through knowledge).
So he'll identify with the Recall knowledge through the normal Craft, Nature (I forget the last one.. arcana?) that covers most things. But he'll actively level up his Lore: Creature Notes.

So initial roll will be the basic knowledge check and repeat rolls will be Lore's recall knowledge. Thorough reports and Monster Hunter together means he'll get a decent benefit out of identification, his allies will get benefits (although honestly speaking Circ bonuses are kind of easy to get later on). And they'll get plenty of weakness k nowledges.

I have no clue how logistically this'll work.. but I do pretty love the idea.

I think the main issue with monster hunter is how it inherently requires an action to recall knowledge. So it has a very hard time competing with other things. Instead of spending 1 action to identify then attack. You could instead do Hunter's Aim for a higher circ bonus. The normal Ranger won't have access to many elements in the first place, so knowing a weakness isn't as useful.
(but for an Alch, knowing elemental weaknesses, or that they need a silversheen weapon to do real damage, etc. Would be a real actionable benefit)

If PFS still has the level 12 cap...I wouldn't build for lvl 10 since you have to enjoy your trip up to that point. So getting knowledge skills is probably a better choice.

A precision crossbow focused ranger can invest more into int/wis for knowledge skills since it doesn't have much need for strength.

The potential DPR is not as high as a 'attack every action' flurry archer, but the crossbow feats are designed around making movement a core part of your regular turn. As such, your damage is better than a flurry archer that has to move on a particular turn. High mobility, and even some room on your turn to recall knowledge. The one hit nature also works well with the fact that monster hunter only appear to attack your next attack.

At level 10, penetrating shot allows you to basically do AoE (although this competes with master monster hunter, of course).

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Monster hunter is okay if you're the dedicated monster ID person in the group.

I feel like it's kind of party specific, because the reduced modifiers mean that a Ranger is going to have trouble keeping up with a cleric/wizard/druid when it comes to identifying creatures and it can feel bad to take a feat for something that you'll end up outclassed at.

Also when evaluating whether or not you want to take the feat, focus on the action economy portion, the bonus to attack rolls is both a very meager bonus and going to come up very rarely against most enemies.

If you play in adventures where somebody needs to ID creatures (so not a long arc vs. the Aspis Consortium) then it'd be worthwhile for you to take this because it overlaps with an action you are already taking. Everybody else, especially the casters, probably want to launch an offense which likely takes Reach Spell, some movement, or a Shield spell using up their 3rd action.

Since it costs you less, you don't have to be master of all monsters. Just Religion & Nature alone (both Wisdom) account for a large segment of monsters. And it doesn't hurt to have a bonus ID even if somebody has it too. Info stacks (or should as I read it).

If you cannot manage any good IDs though, then don't take it.
But if you're thinking of taking it, yes, it's a good option.

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Monster Hunter is pretty good, IMO, as is the Master feat. Monster Warden feels skippable though, at least until you get Master to make it activate more. I'd say it would probably better for an AP where you will have some clues about what you are fighting and can take an appropriate lore skill for a lower DC, as opposed to PFS where I don't think that's practical.

If you really want to go into the Monster Hunter thing, you could take the Outwit Edge. Your DPR will suffer a bit, but you'll get a sick Recall Knowledge bonus and your AC bump means you could jump into the fray with a high damage two hander or Disrupt Prey and a reach weapon. With the high strength, consider carrying a few different weapons to exploit weakness.

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