Maze and Aquatic Creatures?

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I need someone who's Pathfinder Rule Fu is better than mine. Maze is a great spell, but how does it function for aquatic monsters? If you maze an aquatic monster, especially those that need to breathe in the water, what happens? Does the monster start to suffocate? Does the spell not work?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts on this.

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Where does it say the maze is filled with air? It just says its extradimensional.
Why can't it be an appropriate maze for the creature?

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The spell doesn't say anything about air/water or whatever. I would rule that the ambient is similar to that where it was cast.

As it has no ST adding a death effect against some kind of creature increase its power.

Agree with Diego. I would fill the Maze with what ever environment the creature is presently in ... which normally wouldn't be a hostile one.

That said if a caster somehow caught an aquatic/water breather who was currently on land or an air breather currently underwater (say under the effects of water breathing, for example) then the Maze would be filled with air or water respectively which might very well be or become deadly to the target creature.

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Thank you very much!

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