Order 8016821: Please ensure subscriptions start appropriately

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Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber

I started up four subscriptions to gain your advantage, and thought that I had gotten your system to finally recognize when I wanted the subscriptions to start (updating quantities seemed to work during the ordering process), but when I received my email confirming my order it indicated that I was receiving items I did not want.

In short, I want to start my subscription with PF2 books. For the adventure path, I wanted to start with the Age of Ashes.

Adventure Path Subscription
indicates starting with Tyrant's Grasp (#5). Please start with Age of Ashes (#1)

Lost Omens Subscription
start with Lost Omens World Guide, not Druma or Poster Map

Pathfinder Rulebook Subscription
start with Core Rulebook, not Planar adventures

Pathfinder Map Subscription
starts fine


Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber

Yeah, the UI is broken, no matter what you select it picks the first one.

I have the same problem.

Customer Service Representative

Hello Cecil,

This is a known issue that unfortuatnely couldn't get fixed before GenCon. I have fixed up the starting line items for you and you should soon receive an updated confirmation email for your order. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. Thank you!

So i am looking at doing similar and does this mean i should contact you or pist on here when i order to start with the ashes one? Irr should i go pawn and sub later on(i am hoping/assuming this will be fixed in time to get the part 2 as well)

Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber

Thank you! I have received an email confirming shipment of my first subscription order and it looks to be correct. I have the Bestiary, Core Book, and Age of Ashes (part 1) inbound.

I have had a similar issue when signing up for the Core Rulebook subscription (I only noticed today). Despite setting it twice to the 2nd Edition Core Rulebook, when I look at my orders it tells me that I have Planar Adventures in my sidecart! Is there any way to get this sorted out tomorrow? I was desperately hoping to get my first look at the PDFs tomorrow. If it helps it says that the Planar Adventures order was "Moved from order 7968445."

Customer Service Representative

Hello folks!

Sorrior, it looks like I was able to get your subscription set up with the correct starting item a few days ago.

Taedin, I've set up your order to start with the Second Edition items, so please take a moment to look it over. If anything looks wrong, let us know, but otherwise, we'll ship it from our warehouse soon!

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