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Due to financial reasons(qnd admittedly the forum changes) I would like to request the cancellation of all of my subscriptions. I had planned to wait till after the next strength of thousands but due to the changes to email only. I do not think it is wise for me to wait anymore.

I am very interested in it myself. However I have paid a fair amount into Hero Lab and am a subscriber here..Soo I am curious if it will have any rebate deals(such as if you own paizos pdf which i know some services do). Also I'm curious how books aside it will differ from HLO

Hmm I did the 50 dollar tier which believed was for the physical items as well but I never got the option to choose shipping info upon redemption. Dude I get it mixed up or should I contact customer support. I would like to put them in my sidecart if possible

Sventi1989 wrote:
Furiously checking my order and my bank has become part of my routine lol

Ditto also hoping my ordering the Humble Bundle didn't sonehow push it back(got a pre shipping notice monday nothing since putside of estimated shipping going to 11 to 20 days from 1-20)

So due to financial reasons i need to cancel my pathfinder accessory subscription as it is turning out to be the most expensive one

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So i tried an order and put the code in to see if it would stack and how much i would fully save and after doing that i went to step 4 of checkout but did NOT place an order..I saw the price and decided i could afford between 4-6 books..Sadly however now the code does not there any way at all to fix this?

Vhiming in here to say i id much the same(started an order entered the code to see if it worked/stacked with paizo advantage) annd now it won't work..I was going to order between 4-6 books but if it can't be fixed i guess i'll wait for a bit(mostly 1e stuff like bestiaries and some ultimate books)

I do hope a solution can be found

Soo due to finamcial concerns i would like to cancel my map subscription for medt month..i am waiting to decide on others but i have to remove at least one and i figure maps is a good place to start

Sp double checking since iy says unacailable..if i order the battles sub am i correct this would not be included? Because it listed it as one of the items i'd be charged for wjile saying unavailable this my curiosity

Called customer support and taken care of now

So i placed an order included the adventure path subscription but i wanted to start with Hellknight Hill vol 1 but it chose titans grasp part 5. Can this please be updated for me?

So i am looking at doing similar and does this mean i should contact you or pist on here when i order to start with the ashes one? Irr should i go pawn and sub later on(i am hoping/assuming this will be fixed in time to get the part 2 as well)