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Just picked this up and gave it a test run in Foundry, and I am blown away. The interface is fantastic, I love the styling of the journals and windows. Descriptions of the cards, a full step-by-step interface for performing a reading (including stacking the deck, for when you absolutely want certain cards where!), and having quick access to how each card you've drawn has been interpreted, and you can save individual readings to look back at them as necessary. The biggest stumbling block I faced when running Curse of the Crimson Throne and did the readings was having to go through my little booklet to remember what on Golarion each card meant. Now it's available at the click of a button!

The one downside I can see is that my players are going to get tired of me shoe-horning these readings into every session. This is absolutely fantastic.

I was expressing my surprise at the inclusion of an old bit of plot stuff that I had thought was not entirely valid anymore (must've missed the 2e reference, guess I have to re-read all my books. Again. Oh darn :P), I certainly didn't expect things to erupt into this whole Drow debate. My poor unsuspecting match landed right in that powder keg...

Back to the topic of WotR, I'll admit that I haven't seen much of the advertising (backed the game right away, never really paid attention to any further promoting) so I can't speak to whether or not they're showing a bias towards evil. I can say that from my experiences with the beta I am really impressed by how much they allow you to play with whatever style you want! Gone are the days of 'must be this alignment to choose this conversation option', although there are some locked behind the Mythic Paths which makes more sense anyways (you literally do not have the necessary powers to make that choice!)

I especially appreciate all the little touches regarding character choices. Play a dhampir? Expect someone to comment on your teeth, or mention how pale you look. Worship Cayden Cailean? Get his blessing when defending a tavern from assault. There are so many little touches and references to your early choices that really make your character come alive. My Urgathoan Inquisitor kept seeing happy little moths the further she went down a certain Mythic Path! The game won't be perfect (obviously, not possible) and it won't be for everybody, but it's clear that it's a real labor of love and I'm personally very invested. If I can just decide what class I want my Gold Dragon Path character to be....

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pixierose wrote:

The removal of Aron Kir is pretty upsetting so that Sosiel can be a romance option kind of rubs me the wrong way.(unless it was changed since the beta)

While I have loved the beta and play experience so far, this is one thing that did make me uncomfortable. They were a really memorable part of (reading, sadly not playing) the original AP, and seeing his husband just.... erased from existence to make Sosiel single left a bad taste in my mouth.

the return of the elven Dark Fate with elves that are TOO evil turning into Drow spontaneously was an... unexpected return of some old lore that I thought had been pretty firmly swept under the rug after Second Darkness.

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Yep! You can run the GM mode through the dedicated Foundry app and then 'log in' to your game as a player through a browser. Just set your TV up as a secondary screen and put your browser on there and you're good to go.

My group is currently playing through Life's Long Shadows and are just making their way through the first aeon tower. I've been giving a lot of thought to the character of Thessekka, the xulgath in charge of local tower business, and I feel like I really want to play up her intelligence and curiosity towards such intriguing test subjects.

When they find her chambers in the forest tower it will be filled with calculations and analysis of their combat styles. Diagrams of the barbarian's theorized muscle structure. Attempts to recreate the alchemist's frozen ooze pops. Everything dissected and examined.

The conundrum I face is how to actually reflect this in combat? Give her a bunch of items specifically designed to counter them? That seems like a cop-out, and not terribly fun for them. Plus, she's all about mutagens and genetic manipulation, so something themed that way. I'm already running a four-person campaign with five players, so I don't feel like a little something more would throw them in the dumpster. And maybe it'll show them that hey, they can do more than just one thing!

The idea my brain keeps coming back to is giving her a special action (possibly a bonus action or reaction?) called Countermeasures, where she picks one of the heroes and gets some kind of bonus against their most common attack style for one round.

Rogue- resistance against precision damage. Barbarian- spikes to discourage grappling.
Alchemist- half-damage from periodic effects
Oracle- I dunno, he mostly animates dead and uses telekinetic blast
Monk- resistance to slashing (tiger stance)

The trick is that I want this to be memorable, like 'Holy crabapples, this thing knows everything about how we fight!' but I don't want them to feel like they're being punished for playing the way they are. Also, learning to adapt to an unfavourable situation is important.

Any thoughts? Advice? Is this a no-good bad-dumb stop-it kind of idea?

Doesn't seem to include the Grippli Scout? Everything else is accounted for (and gorgeous!) but I can't find my little frog-man anywhere.

Ah yeah, for some reason my brain fizzled out on 'mountain range.' Definitely looks like the Pit of Gormuz is the hole in question.

Are you referring to the large crater? If so, that would be the Tyrant's Grasp, which was created at the end of the Adventure Path of the same name.

This is a rather niche situation but one that came up for me in the last session I held: how does TKP interact with immunity to magic? My players were fighting some Will-o-Wisps who are immune to all but a few specific spells, and it became something of a matter of debate. This is clearly a spell, which they should be immune to, but the magic is really only propelling the physical items in question so the immunity makes less sense. How is it immune to being whacked with a rock, regardless of how it was launched?

Ultimately I decided to put a penalty on the damage, but I am curious how other people would rule it. RAW certainly implies that it would have no effect, but... it just seems weird.

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Still, I assume this wouldn't override the Incapacitation trait (cuz that would be opening up a WHOLE can of worms) so any creature of 2nd level or higher 'failure' counts as a 'success.' So guaranteed dazzled for 1 round, not quite as amazing. If you were to pair this with an appropriately heightened Color Spray though, then you'd get the fun stuff. :P

But what about the Wardrobe?

"The precinct’s impressive collection of clothes and costumes kept for precisely this purpose. All manner of disguises, from chic cocktail dresses to garish jester outfits, hang from over a dozen racks that line the walls of the vast walk-in closet."

I imagine it having this super nondescript entrance with a simple plaque saying "Wardrobe" and then you enter to find racks and racks of eclectic outfits.

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I just got my copy of Edgewatch #1, and I just wanted to show my appreciation for the included Interactive Maps! I've been running my games of Extinction Curse online, but even when I ran in person I used digital maps and these ones are GORGEOUS (especially after the admittedly disappointing quality of the Interactive Maps for Extinction Curse. Unless that was ever fixed, in which case I apologize and will happily re-download them.)

The first thing that stuck out for me was the lines. Everything is crisp and sharp, which is a godsend for things like placing dynamic lighting. I won't be able to tell until I get it in a VTT whether the grids are square or not, but even just at first glance they look MUCH better than I'm used to. Also awesome? I can turn off secret doors! That's always a pain in the neck, because while the base images in the PDF don't include the room numbers and such, that big S was always baked straight into the map and I had to poorly edit it out. Being able to do that with the click of a button will be a lifesaver.

Overall I just get the instant impression that Paizo is trying to make things easier and cleaner on us digital folks, especially with the times being what they are. If just these maps are any indicator of the quality of the rest of this campaign, you guys are going to knock this out of the park.

Again, thank you so much, I am so excited for this AP and this just made things 10,000 times better.


My group is almost done with the Erran Tower and just faced off against Balenni the succubus, which ended in her escape. I've been trying to figure out what to do with her from now on, and I think I've come up with some neat areas to insinuate her further into the story rather than being just a one-off bad guy.

My basic thinking is: what does she want with the aeon orbs? I feel like she has great potential to represent a 'third party' trying to gain the resonant reflections and twist the orbs to their own uses. So I'm trying to figure out how to make that organic. Here's some ideas I had:

When she reached the Erran Tower she was bound by Cavnakash to gain her help in destroying the orb, which left her weak (thus the weak status when they met her) After Cavnakash's defeat, she made her way to Escadar to investigate Moonstone Hall to learn more about these orbs and where they could be found.

With the memory fresh in her mind of being bound against her will, she instead approached an intermediary to gain entrance to Moonstone Hall and gain information for her. Enter Mistress Dusklight. The two of them quickly reached an accord, Dusklight making contact with the xulgaths and sneaking out what information she could (and valuable relics for resale, though that wasn't part of the bargain) and Balenni providing her with protection from her enemies (primarily by charming Darricus Stallit of the city guard, gaining her inside knowledge of the organization's inner workings). Once she gains the knowledge of where the remaining orbs are, however, Balenni moves on to the next stage.

For Part 3 I feel like Balenni could approach the heroes proactively midway through to drop hints about the hag, as she's a bit salty about the Chaotic Evil souls getting snapped up rather than drifting down to the Abyss where they should be. Not sure where else I could squeeze her in, but the idea is that she's also going around collecting the resonant reflections and powering up.

My big issue is I'm not sure how to bring this all to a conclusion. Ultimately, what does she want? I thought of her wanting to taint the orbs somehow to slowly warp the Isle of Kortos into a reflection of the Abyss i.e. the Sarkoris Scar, but am open to better ideas. Maybe the big final battle becomes a three-way melee, everyone trying to wrest control of the orbs from each other? Also looking for more areas to carefully insert her into the background of what's going on. Ultimately I want her to be a rival for the power of the orbs, while also an ally against the xulgaths who are trying to destroy them. Sort of a back-and-forth relationship. Does anyone else have any ideas? Think this sounds like a promising development? I feel like it could be fun.

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Riobux wrote:
I originally thought maybe replacing it with Cayden Cailen so the wine makes sense, but again we are talking about a full one hundred years between Aroden's banana-peel slip into the afterlife and Cayden Cailen's ascension.

I must admit to some confusion here. Cayden Cailean ascended in 2765 AR, while Aroden met his fateful banana in 4706. They overlapped for quite a period of time, plenty of opportunity for some overly Lawful clerics of Aroden to get fussy about some Chaotic wine cup making a mess. I do agree that the Nocticula angle makes less sense, with her ascension being quite recent.

I might actually go the Cayden route, and have the self-important old ghost be positively SCANDALIZED by the thing. I do like Zapp's framework for the abilities on the thing, although might have to change some to fit the new deity. Something to reflect his love of parties and freedom... Hmm.

Elfteiroh wrote:

Just to make sure nobody is confused:

The actual cards are fantastic. :P

So. I don't know if it's just me, but my set of download have a whole bunch of cards that the art is pixelated, some are A LOT, almost PS1 like.. Not the card background, just the art.
These cards:
21, 40, 46, 51, 70, 77, 87-89, 121, 126, 157, 173, 176, 182, 197, 211, 232, 267, 278, 279, 283, 284, 285-286, 288, 289, 315, 334, 336-340, 343-345, 357, 359, 371, 376, 380-393, 395-397, 399-443, 445-453, 455-458, 462-463
("X-Y" means "from X to Y, inclusively")

Oh good, it wasn't just me. I was just looking through my cards and noticed that some of them were decidedly 'off.' They really stand out compared to how gorgeous the other cards are.

As you mentioned, the background itself is fine, so I assume something just went wonky when they overlaid the artwork onto it.

On a related note, I did notice that on card 242, the Gnoll Sergeant, some of the white border around him was not properly removed. Mainly around his armpits and the top of his head. Again, it only stands out because the others are done so well. I love that these have been made digital, and I hope these few issues get fixed soon! I will certainly be buying the Bestiary 2 pack when it's available.

Please cancel this order! I requested earlier this week that my Rulebook subscription be canceled (see https://paizo.com/threads/rzs42okb?Cancel-Rulebook-Subscription) and I have already bought the PDF versions of the 2e Core Rulebook and Bestiary and do NOT need these physical copies! I hope we can get this sorted out soon.

Please cancel my Rulebook subscription, it's stuck on Planar Adventures and I already caved and bought the 2e PDFs.

I have had a similar issue when signing up for the Core Rulebook subscription (I only noticed today). Despite setting it twice to the 2nd Edition Core Rulebook, when I look at my orders it tells me that I have Planar Adventures in my sidecart! Is there any way to get this sorted out tomorrow? I was desperately hoping to get my first look at the PDFs tomorrow. If it helps it says that the Planar Adventures order was "Moved from order 7968445."

Hey! I ran into a little trouble with my credit card (someone who was decidedly NOT me making all kinds of purchases) so I had to get it cancelled and wait for a new one. Naturally, my subscriptions went into Pending state during that week I was cardless. I've updated my payment method to the new card, but does anything need to happen on your end to that Pending order before it'll ship, or do I just need to wait for it to actually try to charge? Really looking forward to those books :D

Please cancel my Gamemastery Cards Subscription. Thanks!

At the risk of sounding like a copycat, I am also having this problem exactly as the OP described. Hope this gets fixed soon!

Hi! Earlier today I purchased several of the Syrinscape Sound Sets, but two of them seem to be having issues. The "Swarm Attack Soundset" appears in the My Downloads tab, but it says "Serial Number: unavailable, please check back in a minute." It may just be me being impatient, but I'm starting to get concerned after six hours worth of minutes! Meanwhile, the "Earth Elemental Soundset" shows up under the "The following products have been added to your account, but are not currently available for download" section. I assume it's probably being held up by whatever is getting in the way of the Swarm Attack. Naturally, the Earth Elemental is the one I actually wanted out of all the sets. Any help would be greatly appreciated!