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I've asked this question before but I can't find the thread, so here I go again. Can someone patiently explain to me how the Dread rules work again? I can't seem to make sense of them, and the sad thing is I know the answer is right in front of me and I just can't see it.

So thanks for your time and consideration!

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All right! o wo I can do this.

Dread occurs in stages - the higher the stage, the worse the effect. The effects of the stages are not cumulative - you only have the effect of whatever stage you're at. Some characters are more resistant to Dread than others; your threshold before you start actually counting ranks is 3 + Wis Mod. So, your average Cleric will be able to tolerate Dreadful stuff a whole lot better than the average Wizard.

Dread is caused by exposure to nasty and creepy things - the really nasty stuff, like hearing eldritch secrets or being hit by an insanity spell or being around Lovecraftian monsters. This is mostly decided by the GM. You do get a Will Save to resist it, though, depending on the effect that caused it.

Dread slowly goes away on its own. It's also a fear effect, so anything that helps resist fear (Fighters appreciate this) will help you resist Dread.

That's the basics of it - the rest is just elaboration.

Gotcha. More questions. How are the stages of dread determined? Is it by failing a save? How is the dread threshold overcome?

"When a character fails a Will save to resist dread, her dread progresses 1 stage from her current dread stage, plus 1 additional stage for every 5 by which she failed the Will save."

It's a bit hidden in the "effects of dread" section. XD

Oh! Yeah, I just sort of read over that, I guess. Thanks again!

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Honestly, I think that bit should be way more prominent. o wo If you don't read carefully, it's pretty confusing.


Which also seems weirdly appropriate for a section on how tomes of eldritch lore can screw with your head...

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