Scaling Poison DC's advice


I've been thinking of making a house rule to make Poisons/Diseases a little scarier in the mid-late game by making the DC's scale. I also use the Disease/Poison Optional rules with the progression steps. The PCs are gestalt lvl 6's so their saves are already redork. I'm probably going to use this House Rule in the next session this coming Friday because they'll be entering a nasty, festering crypt with all kinds of filth, so I'm wondering what you all think about this:

I'm thinking of either:

10 + 1/2 char lvl + primary modifier (of the person USING the poison)


Original Poison DC + 1/2 char lvl + Int Mod (of the person who CRAFTED the poison)


What do you guys think it should be? Any ideas of what it should be if not one of these two?

If you are talking about monster poisons being too weak I will go for the first

10 + 1/2 char lvl + primary modifier as it is for spell like abilities or using the option below

If you want to make humanoid npc use poison I would just delete a feat that they have(normally they have some useless stuff) and giving the a +2 increase on the DC keeping the balance

It would also be useful to know your groups saves to check if the have really high saves or are just lucky

I'm not talking about monster poisons, I'm talking about the list of inhaled, ingested, injury, and contact poisons. The crypt they're about to enter has a necromancer who fancies coating the blades of his minions with various poisons. And they're plaguebringer-style "rotty" undead as well (they're homebrewed because it's Gestalt). It's going to be a lot of Fort/Will saves.

I'm not sure what their saves are exactly, but I think the lowest save of anyone is about a 7 or 8, and the highest save is the Spy with a Reflex of like 13 or 14.

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