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I've recently finished GMing this AP, and my PC faced the last encounter with only 2 mythic tiers (I gave them one at the end of book 1, and one after the fight with the chimera in book 2).

I've balanced that a bit by removing about half of the "boss" lackeys, but otherwise, didn't adjust the "boss" sheet. The combat went on for about 5 rounds. It was difficult, yes, but they managed to win in the end.

And I think I need to point out that, barring the last 2 fights of the AP, my PCs totaly wrecked the opposition from the middle of book 2 to the 1st half of book 6 with only 2 mythic tiers (taking into acount that i've heavily beefed said opposition).

Honestly, the only use I see for the mythic rules are the mythic monsters : they are way less broken than PCs/NPCs with mythic tiers and can be used as tough - but still beatable - opposition.

Thanks, I'll check that too.

Thanks, that's gonna be a good start.


my PCs are actually in Kalsgard, and since I've told them there's à Pathfinder lodge there, they have contemplated the idea to apply and join the society.

Problem is, I haven't been able to find any information about this lodge. I have no idea of who's in charge there, what the lodge actually is (a mansion ? an old fort ? something more exotic ?) and so on.

If someone could point me to some source of information, it would be really nice ! Thanks by advance.

I've GM-ed this AP for a while now, and we're near the end (only 2-3 sessions to go).

I've stopped giving them mythic tiers after the end of book 2. Meaning they're actually level 19/mythic tier 2. And they're litteraly reaping appart their ennemies, to the point that I've handwaved a lot of meaningless combats starting book 6 (basically, every fight who doesn't present a CR of 21 at least).

I mean, the Bloodrager and paladin usually scores 50 or more on their "to hit" score, and can do around 200 damages with a full round attack. The cleric can cast so many healing spells that they are assured to never die, and the wizard take cares of everything else.

So ... yeah. Don't hesitate to pump up your monsters with max HP, advanced template and such. Also, don't hesitate to rewrite some encounters : there's way too much boss fights in this AP where the boss is alone against the PCs, and we all know how such fights play.

You should also be very carefull with the loot. There's way too much treasures and artefact thrown at the PCs. Starting book 5, I had the financial value of the loot cut by half, and honestly, I should have started to do this earlier. (as for the last book, well, it's not really a problem : PCs are in a hurry, and they don't really have the time to go shopping, so the vast amount of gold and gems is gonna be useless to them).

One can also use the troop subtype for those weak undeads. That should make them a little more useful (they should at least be able to do some damages before being obliterated to ashes by the PCs).

I'm quite surprised.

From a GM point of view, I always thought that Scarwall wasn't that tough. Sure, there's a few rooms with some really nasty critters (especially in the anniversary edition), but aside from that, most of the creatures in the castle are around CR 8-10 or below, a.k.a "not really a challenge for a level 12 party".

and I don't even mention the hordes of skeleton/zombies/gouls that are totally useless against such high level PCs.

Thanks for the idea, I like the idea of the "not so courageous" adventurers getting lost who decide to botch the whole quest of stopping the goblins !


I'm gonna start the jade regent campaign very soon (in 2 days, actually), and I was wondering ...

Concerning the goblins : it is said at the very beginning of the brinestump chapter that Sandpoint officials have sent an adventuring party in the swamp to deal with the goblins, 3 days before the start of the AP. They have not returned yet.

Did someone tried to expand this plot hook ? The only idea i've had so far was to dispatch thoses adventurers corpses somewhere in the swamp, as victims of the sin spawn (or near megus shack, as victims of the ratling).

They could be used as a warning about the swamp dangers, and they even could rise as zombies (or some other low level undead). I don't think the few items they gonna have on them will break the WBL.

If someone as an idea to do something better with them, well ... I'm all ears. Thanks by advance.

I'm actually running the middle of book 5. I've only gave 2 mythics tiers to my players since the beginning (one at the end of book 1, and one at the end of book 2), and I'm constantly beefing up the opposition.

They still steamroll the ennemies most of the time.

So ... play without mythic if you can. Or use hero points instead of mythic points. Much more manageable.

One other thing you might want to look at is the loot. The PC are gaining so much money/items in this AP, it's absolutely crazy. Since the beginning of book 4, I've cut the loot in alf, and they're still geared like christmas trees.

Thanks a lot, that's exactly the kind of tweak I was looking for !

Hello everybody,

I'm very close to launch a Jade regent campaign, and all of my players have expressed their will to have a craft skill. Namely :

-Alchemy (to craft single use items like alchemist fire and the like)

-Cooking (to ... well ... cook. At least, that Pc is gonna have a lot of friends, I suppose ?)

-Leatherworking and by extent the ability to skin dead animals (to craft a wide range of things, from an armor for his animal companion, to more mundane things like bagpacks, cape, ... Not to mention that tanned hides can sometimes sells quite well)

-Woodworking (in order to repair & enhance the caravan, mostly)

And the thing that bothers me a lot is how long it take to craft something as simple as, say, an acid vial. So, is there some tweak to speed up the creation process of such mundane items ? Is there some alternate rules made by someone that fix this, without having to beat ridiculously high skill checks ?

thanks by advance.

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I came to Pathfinder for 2 reasons : the well-writen APs and the fact that it was a continuation from the 3.5 rule set.

I would have prefered the new edition to be a "Pathfinder 1.5" : a version who correct the broken options, take into considerations things like the advanced players guide and so forth.

Cause let's face it : even with a conversion guide between 1st and 2nd edition, it's gonna be a tedious chore to convert 2nd editions APs to the 1st edition rules. And GMing an AP is quite a difficult task by itself already.

And that second edition seems way too different from the Pathfinder me and my players loves.

Finally, I think that second edtion is comming out for bad reasons. Namely : to counter the growing success of DD5. Pathfinder V2 seems to me a little too keen on using lots of DD5 ideas, and since I have no love wathsoever for DD5, well ... it's a 0 for me.

(all I'm saying here is MY advice, I don't speak for everyone other than me)


it's not a PFS module, but as a prequel to the campaign, I have ran the module "The demon within" to my players (it's a level 11 module, so they had to create characters specifically for this).

It gave them the opportunity to have a bit of background about Kenabres and its outskirsts. And it was funny to introduce younger selve of some Wrath of the Righteous NPCs in the church scene (like a younger Irabeth with her parents, or lord Ulrun).

(if I recall correctly, this module is supposed to happen some 10 years before the campaign, if you look at the chronology in the worlwound sourcebook)

@Magnuskn :

I see what you mean, but isn't every AP full of this type of situations ?

(By the way, that's what decided me to GM Pathfinder APs in the first place : a good balance between action and RP, and an extensive explanation as to why the dungeon was made/what it used to be, or why there are goblins in room number 3 - other than "because we need monsters in there". Oh, and the fact that every encounter doesn't need to end in a fight.)

I'm just saying that, compared to most of the others APs, Shattered Star is very "dungeon heavy" and is naturally less inclined toward diplomatics situations.

To give an exemple, I have GMed Curse of the Crimson Throne when it was in 3.5, and I remembered having a few sessions without anyone shooting "Initiative !". I doubt the same can be done with Shattered Star.

Anyway ... I guess, depending on the GM, a dungeon heavy campaign could turn into a RP heavy campaign, and vice-versa ...

magnuskn wrote:
Hahahaha, no. Shattered Star actually is pretty heavy on the diplomacy aspect

I don't mean to be disrespectfull, but I don't see where ?

Sure, some encounters can be bypassed/avoided with the use of diplomacy. Sure, there's some interesting NPCs here and there, as well as lore and backstory in each dungeon.
And yes, a good GM can put a lot of socials interactions between the PCs and some denizen of those dungeons.

But 90 % of the adventure path revolve around dungeon crawling.Smash the door, kill the monsters, grab the loot.

Hell, book 2-5 are almost always done the same way : a short 1st part where the PCs travel to the dungeon with a few encounter (good or bad) along the way, and a part 2 where you have to explore the dungeon in order to find the artefact piece.

I'm not saying this is a bad AP, but the story can go from start to finish with brutish PCs who murder everything along the way without destroying the plot. Comparatively, if you take an AP like, for instance, Hell's Rebels, trying to kill everything all the time don't work so well and can end the AP very quick.

Once again, I'm not trying to be mean, but I fail to see the "heavy roleplay/diplomacy emphasis" of this AP (particularly if the players have not done any of the 1st three APs).

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I'd say Shattered Star. Each book as a huge dungeon for the players to delve into, and the story is really simple to follow.

Basically, at the start of the campain, the PCs finds a piece of an artifact, and then they must gather the remaining parts. Parts who are always in a gigantic dungeon.

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Just a thought but ...

what about twiking the scarwall curse so that every living personn entering the castle is effectively stuck inside ? (same restrictions as the spiritual anchors).

Off all the denizen of the castle, only Malatrothe (and her mount) would be able to go out as she will, part off her contract with Mithrodar.

Maybe the PCs should be warned of what will happened. Nothing more sad than a group of heroes dying from the lack of food/water. Then again ... it's Scarwall, and the place have seen more than one unfair death.

(PS : sorry for the awfull english, not my 1st langage)

of course, but it can't hurt to be prepared if someone want her as as cohort - that way, I can say "yes, but not until you reach level 9", instead of "er ... I don't know ? maybe ?"

Anyway, thanks for the answers.

Ok, then I gonna go with the "equivalent to a level 6-7 character" angle. That way, my PCs are gonna be able to recruit her when they hit level 9.

Lady-J wrote:
well actually she is cr 8 (assuming pc wealth otherwise yes she will be cr 7)

She actually has very little wealth - a +1 dagger (the one every lamia from the bestiary get), a a mwk shortbow, a mwk studded leather armor, a few low-level items (holy water and the like) and that's pretty much it.

In fact, I didn't knew if I was supposed to give her things like a level 3 character (3 bard level) or a level 6 character (her CR). So, I went for the 1st one. But that may be for the best if it means she can be recruited earlier that way, I suppose.

Hello everybody, and apologies by advance for my terrible english (french is my native tongue, and that's my 1st post on this forum).

I'm near the end of my Skull an Shackles campain (we're starting the last book next session). During the course of the campaign, my PCs have recruited lots of unsual allies aboard their ship, including a very special lamia (a CG one, with 3 bard levels -archaeologist archetype).

She's a nice person, very shy and different from your usual lamia (due to the fact that she was abandoned by her kin in early childhood, due to her lack of magic powers - more information below). On the top of that, she grew up alone on a solitary island, and was happy to finally meet people who don't see her as a monster to be put down (since she can't shapechange at all).

The PCs really took a liking to her, and since she want to be a part of the pathfinder society (she's kind of a bookworm), they have done everything they could to help her (mostly by providing her lots of lore and objets from cyclop ruins they explored, so she could pose as an expert on the Gol-Gan civilisation). And I had my PCs meet with Calisro Bennary while they where on Lilywhite, presenting her to the venture captain.

Long story short, i'm planning her to become a member of the pathfinder society once the campaign is finished. And since i'm planning to Gming Jade Regent next, I was thinking to bring her back during book two - it's always fun to have a NPC showing from one campaign to another.

Since my PCs tend to take the leadership feat to adventure with the NPCs they like, I was wondering : what level should a PC be to take a lamia with 3 bard levels as a cohort ? I don't know if that's gonna happened, but I prefer to be prepared.

She's actually à CR6 : her 3 Bard levels should put her CR7, but since she was born without any of the lamia magical abilities (including the capacity to drain Wisow points), I decided to let her stay CR6.
Ho, and she's got a little disadvantage too : she's got glasses, and suffer a -4 to her perception check if she dont wear them (those based on sight, anyway).

Sorry for the long rant, and thank you by advance for your responses !