Formula C: pbp Carpet Racing in Golarion



I'm looking for ~4-9 players to race carpets in Diobel.
Expected Posting Rate: Minimum 1/day, preferably more when possible.

No experience necessary, rules are not overly difficult and I'm happy to help answer questions and provide clarifications.

If things go well, I expect to run several more races and keep track of some ongoing scoring.

If you've ever played Formula D(e) you know exactly what you're getting into.

If not...

Formula C is a turn based racing game in which the carpets top speeds are limited by having to end a certain number of turns in each curve of the racetrack. This can be tricky, because although players can regulate their speeds by choosing which gear to be in and each gear allows a certain range of movement, the exact amount is determined randomly.

There are some small rules differences from Formula De, mostly for pbp necessity. Overly detailed instructions are provided in the link below.

Racecourse + Rules

Brief rules summary:
Every round, you can change what gear your car is moving in. Roll and move, making sure to handle the corners well. Cars have a small number of resources to help deal with mistakes for when you push your luck a little far.

What to do if you're interested?

Post here, I'm hoping to get started early this coming week (Monday or Tuesday) with at least 5 and a maximum of 10 racers.

As always questions are welcome as well, and understanding the rules ahead of time is not required.

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I have no idea what this is, but feel free to count me in. :-)

Executive summary:

Racing board game.

On your turn accelerate or decelerate. Based on your speed roll a die and move some number of spaces.

Avoid going too fast through the turns.

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Wait wait wait... did somebody say Wacky Races?! This sounds like it has the potential to be absolutely ridiculous and hilarious. What's the expected time frame of this module if everyone posts once a day?

Good question.

Around the track should take everybody about ~20 turns. (I haven't done the exact math on this track) With people having to go in order say... 2 days for a round and that's about 40 days.

Alright, unless I see a surge of interest by tonight I'll just shelve this project for another time.

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