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I was creating a rogue and on page 20 of the latest updated rules 1.6 it lists 'scoundrel's feint' by itself. I also was going to spend a skill feat on 'deception --> feint. How do these work together?

It seems to list scoundrel's feint under 'rogue techniques'. Does that mean I have to take either finesse striker OR scoundrels feint? (or brute attack but not creating that type of rogue).


There is no skill feat for feint. If you are trained in deception you can feint no skill feat required.

Scoundrel's Feint improves the normal feint ability, you still need to be trained in deception though.

Yes it is a choice finesse striker or scoundrel's feint.

Thanks for the info!

Comparing finesse striker and scoundrels feint, if you have 18 dex you kind of have to go finesse striker right? In which situation would you ever want to go scoundrels feint instead of finesse striker?

I'm building a rogue character so any tips greatly appreciated.

Scoundrel's Feint seems to be primarily for wanting Cha as a key stat instead of Dex in my mind. So a character focusing on using a lot of Cha based skills could benefit from it.

Combat wise Finesse Striker does seem a lot stronger unless you plan on having a high str score. Overall feints, being it the standard or Scoundrel's is honestly pretty weak because of the monster math giving most monster too high perception scores currently.

With the playtest rules my first instinct would be to just always go with finesse striker. I think it was a good idea to expand the roles a rogue can take but I hope in the actual PF2 release they will be more balanced. Right now Finesse striker seems to be the clearly best choice.

I actually think brute rogues can also do some really cool things. If you pick up shield proficiency he can out damage most other sword and board types and your starting AC is the best since most fighters, clerics and paladins go for a lower dex, but can't afford heavy armor to open the adventure. Or even a build focusing on the spear can get you high dmg with a reach weapon, combined with Gang-up to get them flat-footed. A combo of a spear rogue and a paladin I imagine would be an excellent front-line.

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