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Yeah heal is great but kind of boring! Especially for every slot.

I was hoping to get some advice on what types of spells to select as a 5th to 7th level wild shaped Druid multiclassing into Fighter (for a couple levels, mainly to get Attack of Opportunity).

My WIS and STR are both 16(at level 1, and 18 each at level 5). Our composition consists of myself, a Barbarian, a Rogue and a Bard.

I was aiming to use my focus point to switch to a wild shape form and then refocus after each battle. So I have lot of spell slots to fill up, which to take?

Thanks for the detailed reply!

Is there no magical items which may be able to help the DC rolls?

At level 2,4,6,8 skill feat levels I was going to take:

2. Battle Medicine
4. Continual Recovery
6. Ward Medic
8. Robust Recovery or Assurance (for medicine)

Would you take assurance (medicine) for over ward medic or robust recovery at feat levels 6 and 8?

Does that cover pretty much everything healing/medicine wise?

How do I maximize my treat wounds/battle medicine skill?

I'm a dwarf druid, at level 3 I'll be an expert in medicine and I have the healers kit. My wisdom is 16.

So to treat wounds with DC 15 I believe I get bonuses of +3 (wis) +7 (expert trained + level) + 1 (healer's kit) = +11 so I need to roll a 4 or higher to heal 2d8 HP? And if I want to continue treating the patient for 1 hour that becomes 4d8 HP healed?

Is that correct?

If I use battle medicine, can I get the bonus for the healer's kit? Does that also heal 2d8 HP?

Is there any recommendations to make my roll even higher so I can try to heal more HP with the higher DC rolls?

If I dont take any storm druid feats, strictly taking wild shaping + multiclassing into fighter for the AoO (taking up feat level 2 and 4 slots), how many focus points do I have? Just the 1?

And after a fight can I refocus for 10 mins to be able to go into some 'said form' for 1 minute during the next fight. Can I get a second focus point as wild order?

I believe I need ferocious shape feat at level 8 to be able to use my wild shape focus spells, do I get more than 1 though at that point.

thanks for any help

For the level 2 animal form spell, it states my attack mod is +9 and dmg bonus is +1.

My druid has 16 str and 14 dex. His attack mod for unarmed strikes is 3 (level) + 2 (trained proficiency) + 3 (str) = 8

Do I also get the +2 from wildshape making my attack roll = 10 ? And thus I can use that instead?

Am I stuck with the +1 dmg mod? Even though I have 16 str and thus get a +3 to dmg?

As a druid, which is the best cantrip to go to at the first couple levels in your opinion? Thoughts on wild morph claws or shillelagh (with club)?

Strength 16
Wisdom 18

2 Additional Questions about cantrips.

For electric arc, the save is a reflex. Does that mean if they make the save no dmg taken, if they fail its damage as usual and if i Crit its double damage?

At level 1 I got 18 wis (+4) mod and I'm trained in spell attacks/spell DC's. What does the enemy have to roll to succeed reflex save? 10 + 4 + 2 = 16 before any of his mods? Is that right?

Electric arc is somatic and verbal. So I don't need hands free and dont need to waste actions taking out my shield/club.

My 1st level druid has a club and wooden shield. IF I was to cast electric arc, would I need to have 1 hand free? i.e. hold shield up and have my weapon sheathed.

Seems like my druids best options at level 1 is using electric arc spell (1d4+4 2x) or use my club with the spell shillelagh 2d6+3 dmg.

IF i took storm retribution 6th level feat.
"You lash out, directing a burst of storming fury toward a creature that has harmed you. You cast tempest surge on the triggering opponent and push that creature, moving it 5 feet away from you if it fails its Reflex save, or 10 feet if it critically fails. This movement is forced movement. "

Can I use this reaction if I'm in wild shape form? Via spell OR wild shape (ferocious shape)?

Yeah I was thinking of playing a wild order/ storm druid. Looks like i'll have enough feats to do them both. This way I'll have 2 focus points to spend as well.

Yeah for many levels your attack roll is higher if you start with 16 strength vs the wild shaped form.

How bout wisdom and con/dex which would you guys recommend I grab.

Perpdepog wrote:

You're supposed to use it after Wild Shape comes online, too. Flying T-rexs with poisoned jaws and extendo-arms are a thing you can eventually be, and it's glorious.

Sounds amazing, how does this work though if you were level 7 and using the spell dino form? Or level 8 using wild shape focus spell?

I wanted to go 18 STR and then 16 con or wis (For a wild order druid). However for druid it says key ability is wisdom so I'm forced to go max 16 str?

For this type of Druid what is the best way to use my spells? I'll have to use my animal form/ dinoform spells until level 8 in which then I can use focus points to wild shape.

Before that I can't use any forms via focus points I believe. Just wild morph early levels. Where do spend my focus spells/points before I get level 8 ferocious shape?

Level 12 with 20 STR

Attack Roll:
12 (level) + 5 (str mod) + 4 (expert proficiency in unarmored attack) + 1 (handwraps +1) + 2 (wild shape) = +24 VS +18 for heightened level 5 dino form.

So would I take the attack roll that uses my STR mod and then use the damage roll of the dino form wildshape (heightened)?

Sounds like 18 str and 16 wis probably good starting stats for wild form. Thanks for the help guy.

EDIT: Looks like druid I only get Wisdom bonus so max I can get is 16 str it looks like unfortunately.

Sorry where do I get that +1 to hit from? Level 8?

When I'm level 7 I can use the spell 'dino form'. What's difference b/w level 4 spell dino form vs what I assume your talking about is level 8 'ferocious shape'?

Thanks for the reply.

As a wild order druid would anyone recommend going 16 (18 by level 5) STR.

At level 7 my attack roll would be 7 (level) + 4 (Str) + 2 (unarmed proficiency) + 1 (handwraps +1) + 2 (wild shape) = +16 (Please let me know if I didn't add this correctly)

Which is same attack roll the dino form at level 7 gives me.

Is there any way to make my attack roll higher thus making going 16 or 18 str viable?

If I use dino form (Stegosaurus) it does 2d8 damage. My attack mod is +16 and damage bonus is +9.

So 2D8 + 9 damage. If I have handwraps of might blows on (+1 Striking), does this give me +1 on attack roll and make my damage bonus 3D8 + 9 ?

Most battles I will most likely spend the first turn wild shaping into my form of choice.

How can I use spells to make my wild order druid most useful to the team.

What kind of stats should I use as a Wild Order Druid? What should I put the 18 into? Wisdom? Possibly 14 strength to get form control at level 4?

For the early levels should I be casting spells for a round or 2 before wild shaping? I don't think I can self-buff then wild-shape.

How can I best use spells in and out of combat as a wild order druid?

Fighters can use weapon runes of some kind to increase attack rolls and damage die.
Monks/unarmed combat can take advantage of hand-wraps.

Is there anything the wild order wild shaped druid can use to increase it's damage?

Can I use focus points to wild shape instead of using 'animal form' spell slot?

Once I have ferocious shape 8th level feat, can I NOT use my highest level spell slots to transform/wild shape? Can I use focus points instead at that point?

Can I use refocus to get my 1 focus point back more then once per day? Or can you keep refocus over and over as well?

How does form control feat work?

It says it acts as 2 levels below then normal. If I'm casting 'animal form' will it only affect my AC? As it says my AC for animal form is 16 + my level. I can't see anywhere else where my level will impact form control.


I'm creating a wild order druid with, most likely, 10 str. I'm going to go into combat via wild shape, animal form/dinosaur form etc. As of now my stats are 14 dex/con and 18 wis.

Do you recommend multiclassing for this build, and if so, which class to dedicate into?

Do you add your level to your AC?

Lord_B wrote:

Force Bolt is not the same as Magic Missile. If you want multiple force darts, instead of 1 force dart that increases in size, you will need to prepare that spell in one of your spell slots.

Force Bolt is the focus spell though. So it will automatically heighten once I've reached a certain level.

But I guess your saying that separately you can also memorize this as a spell and heighten to whatever is available if you have a spell slot available?

Thanks guys all is clear!

Except one small thing. At level 8 you have 2 focus points. Can I use both of them on my higher level (8th) Focus spell slot?

Once I hit level 8 and have 2 focus points. Can I use both to cast my 8th level advanced school spell or do I have to get them to use 1 of each?

And does it take 10 mins or 20 mins to get 2 focus points back through refocus?

I can't seem to find where in the book it states how much GP and other things you start with, if your making a 5th level character? Or any level character?

Thanks for the detailed response!

I understand all of it except focus points.

At 1st level if I specialize in the abjuration school of magic, do I get the protective ward spell to spend my focus point on? If not, what do you get at 1st level?

What happens when I reach, say, level 5 with regards to the focus point/spell?

I'm trying to find my bearings when it comes to the wizard.

If I specialize in a school, evocation for example, I gain an extra spell slot of that school. So max 4 spell slots per level? Or is it still max 3 spell slots + 1 focus spell?

I believe it states these are in the form of focus spells. So do I have to take the given school spell as a focus spell. For example, the evocation spell is Force Bolt. Do I have to take that as my 4th spell/focus spell?

And I believe after 10 mins of refocus I can cast this spell again.

Can anyone share with me how this works?

avr wrote:
AoO wrote:
...Make a melee Strike against the triggering creature.

AoOs don't work with bows, no.

Hunter's aim then hunted shot: +2/-5/-10
Double shot then hunted shot: -2/-2/-10/-10

The first is better IMO. Actually getting a bonus to attack is likely to give you a noticeable chance of a critical hit.

With hunt prey/hunters edge those numbers will look a lot better.

If double shot is worst, then I guess it's not a good idea to dip into that fighter feat?

How about point blank shot, is that worth dipping into? I'd have to use an action to use point blank shot, but being in a cramped dungeon will most likely make it worth it since volley 30ft hurts in those settings.

manbearscientist wrote:

However, if you aren't confident in those options you can go for Fighter or Rogue multiclass.

Fighter lets you pickup Point-Blank Shot, and later Double Shot. This effectively removes the volley trait of the longbow, and lets you put out a ton of attacks by going Double Shot + Hunted Shot. You can even take the Attack of Opportunity feat and Snap Shot.

Do you think Hunted Shot and Hunter's Aim is better then the hunted shot + double shot combo?

How does AoO work with a bow? Or do I need to have a melee weapon for AoO's?

Thank you guys!!

So I must take the fighter dedication first. Then the second feat I can take a basic maneuver at class feat level 4 or any above?

I get to keep all of the ranger classes level bonuses, I just lose a couple class feats and that's all if I dip into fighter?

Seems very viable for ranger to dip into fighter feats since lot of his class feats don't seem super great.

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Does this mean I can't get access to point blank shot or double shot?

How does one buy into a fighter archetype with a class feat of level 2 or higher?

Instead of getting a class feat at level 4, for example, I can choose to dip into a fighter class feat of half my level, so a level 2 or less fighter class feat?

Seems like its nothing like pf1. Still can't quite get my head around it.

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I am interested in taking some fighter feats (archery feats -> point blank shot, double shot, triple shot)

I looked in the rulebook and reread forum threads on multi-classing but I still don't know how to multi-class.

Can I go any amount of levels I want in ranger then dip into fighter and go back and forth at will?

To take advantage of a level 2 class feat for fighter, would that mean I'd need to dip 3 levels into fighter?

I'm not quite sure how the fighter dedication archetypes work, as it doesn't list the point blank shot and double shot.

Basically, how do I multi-class?

Hunter shot is 1 action. Hunters Aim is 2 actions. Hunted Shot states "make two strikes against your prey with the required weapon" this seems to say I can only strike 2 times. So wouldn't this be 3 actions and 2 attacks?

My composite longbow already has 100 ft range so I don't think I need to take far shot. Unless it has an impact on the volley 30 ft range?

Would you take favored enemy over scouts warning?

Thanks for the great reply!

This character is a heavy archer build. No animal companions. Longbow/Composite Longbow. He's a dwarf with a dwarven waraxe as a backup.

I took the hunted shot as the 1st level feat. Seems like the easy choice, super good.

I'm looking at feats for level 2, 4 and 6 and can't decide.

For level 4 feat, I'm looking at scout's warning (+1 perception checks/ survival checks for initiative). Does this give ONLY your allies the +1 bonus or do you also get this +1 bonus?

How good is favored enemy? You already have hunt prey so I guess you save on 1 action IF it's the right category of enemy.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Great, you've convinced me!

Thanks for the responses.

I kind of like Str/Dex at 16 cause at level 5 i'll be able to pump it up to 18 for +2 dmg and +4 attack.

Damn, half str rounded down is pretty brutal.

I'm helping a friend create a dwarf ranger with a composite longbow.

Should I make his Str or Dex to 18 ? (and the other 14) or make them both 16?

Does Str give the composite longbow a +4 to dmg AND +4 to attack rolls?
Or does it use dmg rolls for STR and dex for attack rolls?

With wisdom coming in as 3rd highest stat.

Any recommendations stat wise or otherwise?

I don't see any spell that does this. Will I have to cast my spells before I turn into an animal form? Any way to cast while wild shaped?

Am I wrong in thinking, once im level 3, I should take animal form spell twice so I can transform and be useful in 2 fights instead of 1? And then what do you do? Shoot arrows from afar?

I think the 1D8 + 8 healing is only for the 2 action, single target healing.

At level 3, does the heal spell heal 2d8 and 2d8 + 16 for the 2 action version?

Can you keep heightening this above 3rd level?

If I use 1 action I heal a range touched creature 1d8 HP.

If I use 2 actions I heal a creature within 30ft 1d8 + 8 HP?

If I use 3 actions I heal all creatures within 30 ft emanation 1d8 HP and damage all undead 1d8 HP?

Is that how the heal spell works?

I can use wild morph for 1d6 damage but that seems useless. I can just use a melee weapon that does more damage OR a ranged weapon that does more damage.

When you have used your spells up for wild shaping, what do you recommend is the best weapon(s) to use for melee and range? Also at level one since you can't wild shape yet unless you use wild morph but that only does 1d6 damage.

At level 3 do you recommend to take 2 spell slots of 'animal form' so I can became a bear (or whatever) for 2 fights? Is there any way to transform into another wild shape for a 3rd fight somehow?

The class says it gets wild morph focus spell for free and the wild shape feat for free (but there's also a wild shape focus spell which is same name but different which I don't quite understand).

I'm not sure how these focus points work, I know I get 1 focus point at level 1. I can use wild morph to use wild claws for 1d6 dmg.

Do I get my focus point back after 10 mins if I use refocus? So I can use focus spells multiple times a day?

When do I gain additional focus points for the druid?

When can I use higher level focus spells?

I'm confused in the focus spell section.

Thanks for the response.

Does being trained in armor give armor any bonuses to AC? Does it give a +2 to AC?

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