Do Silksworn Occultist require material components for spells?


I believe they don't, but DM is asking since they are considered arcane spells they might.


Why wouldn't they? Silksworn spells are arcane, not psychic, so they use the rules for arcane spells not for psychic spells. Psychic spellcasters not needing to use (non-costly) material components is a property of the rules for psychic magic, not a property of the classes which are by default psychic spellcasters.

A reliquarian occultist will also need to use a divine focus (likely an implement) to cast some spells for which a regular occultist would get to skip the M/DF component (e.g. Deeper Darkness).

They do require them, just like all arcane casters.

My thought was due to Occultist needing items (in silksworns case, clothing) to cast. Also, silksworn only calls out the swap to verbal and somatic from thought and emotion.

Since psychic spellcasters still use material components where these are significant (1+ gp), calling out the change would be hard to phrase without leaving a possible ambiguity. And if there's anything I've learned from reading these forums it's that any hint of a possible ambiguity gets pounced on and seized as holy writ by someone.

Technically they didn't need to mention the verbal and somatic swap, it's just a reminder.

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I only mentioned the components to make it entirely clear, and because the existing example at the time (the reliquarian) did so. Wordcount can be a pretty major factor in these as well, but I'll admit that I didn't think to specify about material components. It was my fourth assignment, and I wasn't yet completely aware of the rigor with which the forum dissects text.

In any case, they need material components just as much as any other arcane spellcaster. The verbal/somatic components text is just a reminder, not an exhaustive list.

Hopefully this helps. ^_^

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