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My group has 3 front liners, a half orc barbarian, dwarf fighter and unknown race rogue. We also have 2 backliners, a wizard and a healing cleric. We are looking to have 1 member of the party to be the intimidator.

Which skill feats are must-haves?

I'd go with the Rogue. They get skill feats at each level, not every second level, as well as getting more opportunities to boost their skills to expert and master. The Rogue can be a great Intimidator without sacrificing the chance to take another interesting skill feat. Also, taking the Scoundrel's Feint means that the Rogue can use its high CHA in combat.

Any and all of the Intimidation feats are great, especially Quick Intimidation. For class feats, I'd take "You're Next" and "Battle Assessment" in early levels (the latter to determine if a target has a high or low Will Save).

Ya I'd agree. Rogues make the best intimidation specialists. In the Doomsday Dawn playtest my main/reoccurring character is a dex build rogue and even without charisma being my primary stat I've excelled at it, just keep your proficiency maxed, grab the skill feats, (I'd say all of them are worth it and you will still have plenty of feats for other skills) grab a demon mask when it becomes available and with just the class feats "you're next" and dread striker you are also a complete terror in combat as well as out of combat.

One skill feat that I feel is absolutely essential is intimidating glare. The intimidate actions are by default auditory and lingual. that single 1st level feat gets rid of those tags for the demoralize action.

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In addition to the above, Intimidating Prowess is great if you have the Str, and Battle Cry is fun.

And for goodness sake, do NOT pass up Scare to Death if you reach that level! I saw it in action for the first time in my game I GM the other day and it freaking ROCKS.

But yeah, as the above the Rogue is best if they have good Cha, unless the Fighter or Barbarian is pumping Cha. If they are they might be even better since they can make use of Intimidating Prowess.

Also a Fighter or Barbarian might be able to spare the actions more often. Rogue may need to spend actions to hide/sneak/feint/flank so they can get sneak off.

Unless you take Dread Striker on the Rogue as mentioned above, then you can just Demoralize to Sneak Attack true combo. Is awesome.

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