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First off, it's heartening that the increased damage the monster/npc deals is partially tied to the weapon (extra dice) and not just on them, thus making the weapon and its enchantments rather pointless.

Lost Gear, page 23 of the Playtestiary wrote:
Some creatures rely on gear, like armor and weapons. You might need statistics for a creature that doesn’t have its gear. For example, it could get disarmed, an ambush might catch it while it’s out of its armor, or one of its worn magic items could get dispelled(3). If a creature loses its weapon, it needs to use an unarmed attack or draw another weapon(1). In the latter case, find a Strike entry for the creature that most closely matches the substitute, reducing the attack bonus by 2 and using the damage die for the new Strike(2). If the creature needs to make an unarmed attack and doesn’t have one listed, it uses the statistics for a fist (Playtest Rulebook 179). For a creature that has lost its armor, find the armor in its Items entry. Reduce its AC and TAC by the item’s bonuses (Playtest Rulebook 176). If the armor has magical potency, reduce its AC, TAC, and saves by the armor’s potency. For other magic items, the creature doesn’t gain benefits(3).

1) Though that raises the question on if they draw a new weapon will the damage be the same, or how similar? The Babau does 2d8+7 with their nonmagical spear, if they switch to another weapon will it still do 2d8+7? If they get a greatsword will the damage be the same or will it now be 2d12+7?

2) For Strikes, will we have a table for "find a Strike entry for the creature that most closely matches the substitute," or will we have to dive for other monsters?

3) So other than armor do any other worn magic items factor into a creatures stats? If not this needs to be much more explicit than simply tucked into the Lost Gear section, otherwise you'll wind up with Numerous GMs who don't trust the statblock when running APs and Scenarios, "Oh it says their skill/ability is +x, but they have [item] so it should be +xx" which is gonna lead to not fun times.

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